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The [[vampire]] '''ElishaDraken''' has drunk 82000± [[blood|pints of blood]].
The [[vampire]] '''ElishaDraken''' has drunk 82000± [[blood|pints of blood]].
[[Power]]s: [[Second-sight]] [[Suction]] [[Surprise]] [[Perception]] [[Celerity|Celerity(3)]] [[Stamina|Stamina(3)]] [[Shadows|Shadows(3)]] [[Thievery|Thievery(3)]] [[Locate|Locate(3)]] [[Telepathy|Telepathy(3)]] [[Charisma|Charisma(3)]]  
[[Power]]s: [[Second-sight]] [[Suction(2)]] [[Surprise]] [[Perception]] [[Celerity|Celerity(3)]] [[Stamina|Stamina(3)]] [[Shadows|Shadows(3)]] [[Thievery|Thievery(3)]] [[Locate|Locate(3)]] [[Telepathy|Telepathy(3)]] [[Charisma|Charisma(3)]]  
[[Relationship|Partner-bound]] with [[†Advante]].
[[Relationship|Partner-bound]] with [[†Advante]].

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Other Information

  • Former Sires: †Sororiel - 1 Year : Master vampire - 2 years : †Chiru - 2 years - Master Vampire 2 Years - †Nightwalker 2 and a half years.
  • Current Sire: Master Vampire.

Lineage Hsitory: Elisha was a master vampire for 2 years between her first sire and her second sire. She was then a Master vampire for 1 year and 10 months before taking her 3rd Sire †Nightwalker. †Nightwalker and Elisha have always felt she should have been his from the start of her life in the city. Nightwalker is not only Elisha's sire but her true father. (Sired to him for over 2 years.) Sadly Nightwalker left the city and cut his tie to Elisha to set her free to find a new path. Nightwalker Sleeps and severs Elisha. Nightwalker was awoken by Elisha, his long slumber came to an end at her device. Once awake he and Elisha went to the halls to rekindle their sire/chylde bond. Things went strangely wrong and on the 16th of March 2014 Nightwalker sired to Elisha as her chylde.

Interesting Facts

December 22nd 2012 - The barman says "I've heard some bloodsucker named ElishaDraken is one of the richest in town." (Via Barman rumour.)


ElishaDraken's Sanguine Ankh


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Elisha is fully powered.
This vampire is bound to
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
Elisha Draken has been bound to Jared Dominic for 12 years.
Elisha owns a cat.
Elisha Draken loves to write.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Elisha Draken loves to read.
Freemason.jpgCity Architect
ElishaDraken has changed RavenBlack City.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Elisha owns The Sanguine Ankh at Nightingale and 59th.
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