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|{{Property Owner|Inu|Ailios Asylum|Amethyst and 36th}}
|{{No Torpor|Inu}}
|{{No Torpor|Inu}}

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Inu Ailios




The vampire Inu has drunk 2110 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Location: Amethyst and 36th
Inu is sire to 5 other vampires, including: †Frozen Nova, †Caden, †Scotlyn_Cuan, †Godric, and †Edan.
Inu is a second-generation vampire, sired by: †Annabelle.
Inu's close siblings include: Antique, Fia, Swordwraith, Naughty Fairy, dandelion, ladypeacek, Lily, xxfairenoughxx and Loki_Devlin.

Throne Vampbox.jpgThe Sovereign
Inu is the Sovereign of the Ailios Family.


"City IG Name" : Inu (OOC changed from InuYasha late 2006)

Family Name: Inu Ailios

Mortal Name: Catherine Nouet


Previous: Priestess of Lies and Intricacies, Serafini Princess, Horsemaiden of Truth

Current: Ailios Matriarch, Dandelion Princess

Mortal Life

  Catherine Nouet was born February 25th, 1689.

  She was the daughter of a merchant in the Auvergne province of France, who moved into a rural town to work as a servant to the powerful DuBois family. Catherine single-handedly raised the Dubois' only child, Violette, and longed to have children of her own. Eventually, the decline of the family's power and aristocracy drove Stefan DuBois to alcoholism which lead to the abuse of his wife, and child as well as Catherine. DuBois decided to ship his daughter, Catherine's only companion, to a boarding school in Paris. Driven to extremes, Catherine kidnapped Violette in order to save her life, but was caught by the DuBois and sentenced to death. Winning over the prison guards with her charm, Catherine was set free and told to run, which she did. She arrived in Paris in 1710 at the age of 22, having nothing and knowing no one.

  One night whilst trying to find food and shelter, Catherine was cornered by a powerful vampire, drained, and left to die - or so she thought. As far as Catherine presently knows she fought off her maker and struggled to survive. Her mind was altered by a powerful being to erase the history she shared with her true maker, which will be coming to light shortly. Forgetting her past, she strove forward to hone her new abilities and learn the realm of the vampire. Her only semblance of the time before was her nickname, Inu, which is what the young Violette had called her since she couldn't yet pronounce Catherine Nouet.

  From 1709 onward Catherine was a rogue vampire who lived in solitude. She used her charms and learned thieving skills to gain a decent wealth throughout the centuries. As time went on and women were welcomed into universities, Catherine began to work through a plethora of university degrees, a dozen in total, spanning all of the disciplines. When she felt her education was complete she began to travel and yearn for the company of other vampires, which she found when she stumbled upon the City of RavenBlack in October, 2004 - starting a new chapter of her life and taking on the nickname Violette gave her, becoming thence known as Inu.

City Life


Personal life


Sires: †Count Tuna (April 10th, 2005 - December 3rd 2005), †Annabelle (March 2006 - May 2008, June 2008 - November 2010, August 2017-present), †CT Serafini (a.k.a. Count Tuna, November 2010 - November 2, 2013), †Tifereth (November 2013-April 2017)

Previous partners: †xfairenoughx, †MORPHYUS, †Promethius, †King Lestat, †Lameth, †Liander

Current partner: N/A

Previous childer: †Deylin, †Trig, †Dahlia-, †Nikki-Doll, †-Judas, †MasterVamp, †Saressa, †Sereno, †Tohru-Chan, †Amberlin

Clan Life

The Ferrymen (Order of the Sword/Magister Hypaspist/Keeper of the Corridor, 2005-01 ~ 2006-01, 2010/08 - 2011/12)

Scions of the Phoenix (Mind/Flame of the Phoenix Mentor, Beastie, 2006-01 ~ 2007-01)

House of Heorot (Warrior Princess, Sword Thane, 2007-01 ~ 2007-01)

Scions of the Phoenix (Warrior/Mentor, 2007-01 ~ 2008-01)

The Conclave of Lith Da'yor (Priestess of Skiaska, 2010-07 - 2010-11)



Inu stalked the city streets before 2007.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Inu is fully powered.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Inu owns Ailios Asylum at Amethyst and 36th.
Torpor.jpgScrew Torpor
Inu says "HELL NO" to torpor.
Inu is a Warrior.

Out of Character

  • Inu is available on Trillian at: caithom
  • Writer: Candace, located in Calgary, Alberta, CA (available for alternate contact on Skype: NewfieScotian, or by e-mail at thomcan@gmail.com)
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