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†Jacomo Varis
├─ †Alibi
├─ †Jocelyn
│ └─ †Keru
│ └─ †Raph Vander
│ └─ †Rayne-Tahlya
│ └─ †Tangent
├─ †midnightflyerl
├─ †Eternalia
│ └─ †Satan
│ └─ †Hells Knight
├─ †Jaded Soul
│ └─ †Sato
├─ †Leo
│ └─ †Kemisi
│ └─ †Ichigo
│ └─ †Moriko
│ └─ †Caius
├─ †Credence
├─ †Osanna
├─ †Wyeth
├─ †Nero OReilly
├─ †Lenore
├─ †Jael
└─ †Tarin

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The vampire Jacomo Varis has drunk 81430 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3)

Location: Raven and 96th

Jacomo Varis is sire to 12 other vampires, including: †Alibi (82628 pints), †midnightflyerl (26860 pints), †Eternalia (26016 pints), †Leo (24360 pints), †Jaded Soul (20715 pints), †Credence (11390 pints), †Wyeth (8376 pints), †Osanna (8231 pints), †Nero OReilly (6863 pints), †Tarin (5763 pints) †Lenore (4162) †Jael (1682 pints)

Jacomo's lineage runs as follows: †Tifereth (9286), †Sheyrena (14198), †Sartori (6780) and the master vampire †evilive_inc (12219)

Jacomo's cellphone Send me an IM is public knowledge.



Final chrest.png

The †Varis family Crest

Head of the line
†Jacomo Varis
Second in command



Arrives in RavenBlack City September 19th 2004

Jacomo enters the city under the name Lord Fang.

Tutored by the Vampire †Aarkan

Meets Dark Venom.


Name change from Lord Fang

Gains Shadows and Thievery.


Meets his then best friend †Ikunnaprinsess and is invited to 'MoonValley'

Is zeroed by Victor formally known as VAMP

April - Severs †RavenBlack

Fully Powered


May - Joined Vampyren Coterie Scion as Head Teacher

August - Sires †Floura

August - Sires †Blackthorn

September - Severs †Blackthorn

September - Sires †Eternalia

October - Sired into the D'dary line under †Ace

Is bound to †Floura

October - Sires †Moodlady

Warred against The Lomax Line

Warred against Scions of The Phoenix

October - Sires †Jaded Soul

October - Sires †Astryd

November - Sires †Deathsadvent

November - Sires †TheEnchanter

December - Sires †Nesmuth

December - Sires †Reaper Man

January - Sires †vampuro


February - Hits made against †BladeOfRayne for treason

February - Severs †Moodlady

March - Zeroed †Nesmuth for treason and disloyalty

March - Severs †Nesmuth

June - Leaves the D'dary line

August - †Jacomo Varis founded the Clan Sons of Sin

September - Attacks against Kamyra begin.

September - †Kamyra falls into Shadows never to return.

Severs †Floura

October - zeros †LordOfSuccubi

Is bound to Ikunnaprinsess

Severs Ikunnaprinsess

December 19 - Dead and Buried.


February 14 2009 Returns to the city and re-sired by Ace to help form the Dumont line.

April - zeros †ahmarhett

May - Scythian zeroed [First Dumont Family kill.] Killshot by †Jacomo Varis

October - Warred against Clan L'inconnu begins (allied with Tal'mahe'Ra, Unity, Invictus)

October - †Tifereth zeroed (L'inconnu) - Killshot by †Jacomo Varis

October - †King Lestat, †Lyric zeroed (L'inconnu)

October - †Edan, †-Tatyn- zeroed (L'inconnu), Liander zeroed (Invictus)

October - †Raph Vander, †Drella, †Toki zeroed (L'inconnu)

October - †Kiara zeroed (L'inconnu)

October - †Jada zeroed (L'inconnu) - Killshot by †Jacomo Varis

October - War Ends.

October – †Fathome zeroed by the Dumont line.

November - Sons of Sin open its doors to the public.

December – Attacks on †rageday begin.

December 31 - Partner-bound with †Jada


January - †Inu_Kun zeroed - Killshot by †Jacomo Varis

August - severed †Jada and his bloodline only to fall into deep sleep.


February - Awakens.

February - Engaged.

March - Does the majority of damage to †Guillem for stray holy water.

May 18 - Bound to †CT Serafini

September - Falls into deep sleep once more.


Disbands Sons of Sin


January - Awakens

May 07 - Severs †CT Serafini at his request.

Is bound to his good friend †midnightflyerl

May - Sires †Sandra Davis

Sires †Viper

Sires †Eden M

Sires †Gypsy

Sires †Osanna

Rebuilds Sons of Sin

November - Sires †Lenore

December - Severs his sire of six years †Ace


Celebrates Ten Years in the city.

Joins friends at †TheFlirtyAngel

July - Friends with †Magwayen

Friends with †Moriko

Friends with †Leo

Has tea with †Tifereth

Sires †Credence

August 1st has a beer and a catch up with †Draconis Novek

Sires †Jael

Sires †Wyeth

Sires †Kaelani

August 18th - †Damacus zeroed - Killshot by †Jacomo Varis

22nd Sires †Nero OReilly

Sires †Leo

August 30th - Sired by †Tifereth

September 14 - Gives †Magwayen a Crystal Music Box.

September 16 - Sires †Tarin

October 20 - Sires †midnightflyerl

†Tarin goes DnB

†Kaelani severs.


January 3 - Engaged to †Magwayen

January 3 - You gave †Magwayen one Platinum Puzzle Ring.

January 25 - †Magwayen takes over 5000 pints of blood from Jacomo.

February 7 - You gave †Magwayen one Diamond Succubus Earrings.

February 8 - †Magwayen gave you one Pewter Celtic Cross.

February 13 [Friday the 13th] - †Cyro zeroed by Jacomo - You drove a Wooden Stake into Cyro's heart! You give Cyro one Black Orchid.

March 8 - Sires his long time friend †Jocelyn

March 9 - Sires †Thyme

March 16 - You give †Magwayen 12 Perfect Red Roses

April 10 - You give †Magwayen 3 Perfect Roses

May 31 - †Magwayen gave you 3 Perfect Red Roses. †Magwayen gave you 2 Perfect Black Orchids.

June 4 - Saw †Nesmuth and †DustedBlood for the first time in years. Felt indifferent.

Sep 10 - Kill shot on †Katrana Envy


Jan - Helps †D'dary zero †Ikunnaprinsess

Jan - Helps †D'dary zero †Valens

Feb - Gave †Magwayen 1 Perfect Red Rose

Feb - Gives zero fucks anymore.

Feb - Helps †D'dary zero †Ryukotsusei


March 20 - Sires †Julia

March 21 - †Magwayen severs.

Hearing the news of his sire's death, Jacomo chooses to sleep.


Feb - Wakes up

Feb - Meets †Dea di Luna

Feb - Re-sires †Leo

March - Joins the Auctions. Makes a million

April - Re-sires †Thyme

September - †Julia severs.

September - Sires †Narcisssa.

October - Re-Sires †Jael

20 December - You give †Dea di Luna 100 Perfect Red Roses.


1 January - You give †Dea di Luna 100 Perfect Red Roses.

10 January - You give Dea di Luna one Diamond Succubus Earrings.


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Jacomo Varis is fully powered.
Jacomo Varis honors torpor.
This user owns a dog.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Jacomo Varis loves to read.
Jacomo Varis instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
Jacomo Varis owns tigers.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XV: Blood Daemon
Jacomo Varis has drunk
at least 40,000 pints of blood.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Jacomo Varis reads the Bite.
Jacomo Varis stalked the city streets before 2007.
Shadowweave.jpgShadow Weaver
Jacomo Varis is a
Weaver of Shadows.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
Jacomo Varis has never been zeroed.
Jacomo Varis is a Warrior.
Coins.jpgCoin Collecting
Jacomo Varis likes to collect coins.
Jacomo Varis has several tattoos.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Jacomo Varis reads the Black and White.
Jacomo Varis loves sharp objects.
Vampembrace400.jpgPlays with Humans
Jacomo Varis loves to play with food.
This vampire is bound to
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Jacomo Varis owns Jacomo Varis' Shadow Manor at Raven and 96th.
Jacomo Varis has a piercing.

Clan Life

2008 - 2013: The leader of Sons of Sin.

January-07-2009 - Sons of Sin zero †Inu_Kun

2011 - Sons of Sin disbands only a few dedicated members remain.

2012 - †Kiss leaves the Clan.

2013 - †Lenore joins Sons of Sin.

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