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{{Blood Rank|Blood Daemon}}
{{Blood Rank|Blood Daemon}}
The [[vampire]] '''smitsmit''' has drunk 57000 [[blood|pints of blood]].
The [[vampire]] '''smitsmit''' has drunk 72000 [[blood|pints of blood]].
[[Power]]s: [[Second-sight]] [[Suction]] [[Surprise]] [[Perception]] [[Celerity|Celerity(3)]] [[Stamina|Stamina(3)]] [[Shadows|Shadows(3)]] [[Thievery|Thievery(3)]] [[Locate|Locate(3)]] [[Telepathy|Telepathy(3)]] [[Charisma|Charisma(3)]]
[[Power]]s: [[Second-sight]] [[Suction]] [[Surprise]] [[Perception]] [[Celerity|Celerity(3)]] [[Stamina|Stamina(3)]] [[Shadows|Shadows(3)]] [[Thievery|Thievery(3)]] [[Locate|Locate(3)]] [[Telepathy|Telepathy(3)]] [[Charisma|Charisma(3)]]
smitsmit is [[sire]] to 2 other [[vampire]]s, including: [[†Darklilly]] (54000 pints) and [[†VelvetKisses]] (35000 pints)
smitsmit is [[sire]] to 2 other [[vampire]]s, including: [[†Darklilly]] (90000 pints) and [[†VelvetKisses]] (35000 pints)
smitsmits lineage runs as follows: [[†Damson]] (97000).
smitsmits lineage runs as follows: [[†Damson]] (97000).

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City Status

Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
smitsmit is fully powered.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XV: Blood Daemon
smitsmit has drunk
at least 40,000 pints of blood.

The vampire smitsmit has drunk 72000 pints of blood.

Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

smitsmit is sire to 2 other vampires, including: †Darklilly (90000 pints) and †VelvetKisses (35000 pints)

smitsmits lineage runs as follows: †Damson (97000). smitsmits siblings include: †Tatianna (9236).



smitsmit (Simon Blair Campbell Alatáriël, professionally, or known as 'Smitty' to his friends) runs the Nightwatch presently and does a pretty god job. He inherited the Nightwatch from †ms_trinket aka Alexa. Having only himself and Alexa as members at that time. smitsmit has since grown the Nightwatch into an organization so large that it now rivals it's peak heyday size, back when it was being run by †Archangel.


Fun Facts



smitsmit - Simon Blair Campbell Alatáriël


smitty, smit, smits - †Damson, mittens - †Batrisha, smitsy, smittens, smee - †Juliana, smitters - †Sins_Evil, transmitters - †Whitefang, smire - †Darklilly, Villain - †Freyja_Sun, Smittycake - †kityfaust (The first two nicknames are the most common and were even common when hewas a human as well)


Apparent Age: 23 Real Age: 67


Eyes: Black. Hair: Dirty Blond. Height: 6 feet tall.


Master in military skills through extensive human training as a British Special Air Service solider. Minor "Magick" skills received from Dresdendoll in RavenBlack city. Medical training from his military days quickly takes over when he spots an injury, sometimes leading him to forget he is helping a fellow vampire.


Carries a 9mm P226 SIG Sauer with him at most times, as well as a standard weapon belt of GS and HW as well as ten wooden stakes. He is also known for carrying a 'less lethal option' of a kool-aid filled squirt pistol while in the city taverns.


Varies - Usually a suit and jacket unless on field duty. Otherwise military gear.


Smitsmit is hard to describe. He is completely neutral when it comes to matters relating to clans or clan wars. He is generally very friendly and approachable to new people, but will quickly form opinions of them either of a positive or negative nature. Although these opinions can change over time. He is very devoted and loyal to those he loves, and will defend them almost to a fault even if they hurt him or others. It is not uncommon for him to be on good terms with multiple individuals who may have hatred towards each other due to clan issues.


After much waiting, smit sired under †Damson Alatáriël on July 27, 2011.

Over the years, smit has sired three childer, and is not necessarily opposed to siring more.

While smitsmit can frequenly be found at the NightWatch Headquarters, His true home is written in stone at Diamond and 50th at the Alatáriël Maenor


smitsmit came to the city in mid november of 2005. At that time he had been a vampire for about 37 years. As a human, he had been a special covert-ops soldier with the British Special Air Service.


smitsmit had been assigned the task of helping a woman named Samantha flee a war torn country. He was under strict orders to only move her at night. While he succeeded in getting her out of the country, their plane was shot down.


While laying there dying, his last memory is hearing Samantha say "You saved me, now I can save you". He felt a pinch at his neck, and then saw her walking away through the burning wreakage. He never saw her again.


smitsmit healed quickly, and wandered alone for many years throughout Thailand and surrounding countries. After coming to RavenBlack City, he briefly joined the League of Shadow Demons, and trained briefly under †doncey but found that clan life was not for him. He spotted the NightWatch Transit Guards in their stations on occasion, and after some research, learned of the Nightwatch. This concept fascinated him, and he quickly applied to join. At that time, the organization was very small and only a few dedicated guardians remained.

smitsmit and the Nightwatch

Nwlogo.pngThe NightWatch
This vampire is a member of the NightWatch

smitsmit was accepted into NightWatch in early 2006. At that time, †Anonymous was commander, and †ms_trinket was captain. Shortly after that point, †Anonymous retired, and smitsmit was promoted to the rank of Captain. Over the next few years he worked to train the NightWatch Transit Guards so that they could have more power and do more to help the city.

In early 2009, smitsmit began to work on rebuilding the NightWatch In an attempt (while perhaps fruitless) to bring the city together. After a long year of work, and many messages to clan members, smitsmit formed the CLA which consisted of both Ambassadors from clans, and Senators who were interested in diplomatic issues. While many consider the CLA as part of the NightWatch,it is actually a separate political entity which is self moderated and is designed as a last resort discussion base for any global city issue.


To date, many clans have joined the CLA to voice their opinion on the actions of the NightWatch or other matters. The NightWatch is strictly designed to protect memorials, Help out stranded passengers at transits (or with directions or Charisma quests) Or to assist those who are in need of help and are not able to receive help from their clan, or are clanless or without a family line. smitsmit introduced a training school within the NightWatch to assist new vampires in gaining powers. No vampire who joins the training school is obligated to stay within the NightWatch.

In June 2009, the NightWatch Headquarters was constructed, giving the NightWatch a permanent home in the city.

In September 2010, smitsmit worked with †Ravenblack to modify both the Graveyard and the NightWatch Headquarters. The NightWatch Headquarters was modified to sell the Memorial Candle and Roses, and the Graveyard was modified to allow the placement of the candles or any Flowers on a tomb for the deceased player of a Vampire. To date, Hundreds of Flowers and Candles have been placed in the Graveyard. While these items are for sale in the NightWatch Headquarters, they are also given out freely by †GraveGuard to those who visit the Graveyard

smitsmit honors torpor.
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