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(General Information)
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{{TreeLine|M}} [[†Aralyn]]
{{TreeLine|M}} [[†Aralyn]]
{{TreeLine|  T-}} [[†Descartes]]
{{TreeLine|  T-}} [[†Descartes]]
{{TreeLine|  L-}} [[†Kaelani]]
{{TreeLine|  L-}} [[†Nuria]] - [Previously Kaelani]

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General Information

├─ †Descartes
└─ †Nuria - [Previously Kaelani]

Family Head: Aralyn
Status: ACTIVE
Inception: December 22nd, 2016 [Original use of the name by family members.]
LINEAGE CHANGE: December 8th, 2017
What Happened: Aziza let Aralyn keep the name after experiencing a dissociative fugue during which she severed Aralyn.



DEC 8 - Aralyn assumes control of the Caedis name.

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