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Welcome To The Ravenblack CityWiki

Let's recall what happend that day...

Someone has lured you into a dark alleyway. What were you thinking anyways, to go there? Stupid! STUPID!!

You had to wait for your eyes to adjust that awesome but not helpful darkness, so why be so surprised? that you felt something brush against your unguarded neck (Seems nobody cares to listen to their loved ones anymore these days, about wearing a scarf to not to get sick).

And there was this slight popping noise, of fangs sinking into your veins (You know... THAAAAT noise... everybody knows it).

Then (Of course, and this had to happen...) you were paralysed, while (If you ask me.. I'd say because) the blood was drained from your body.

But as that idiots fangs retracted, you felt a new strength, and a new coldness in your limbs (Yep, there you go... sick!).

(Oh, wait!!!) You have joined the ranks of the undead. Well... That sounds interesting, doesn't it?

But... what now?

If you are asking yourself this question, the Ravenblack CityWiki might be just the right place. You might start with reading First Night in Ravenblack City.

If you already know the whats and hows, then you might join the ranks of those who fill in the blanks of this encyclopedia with just the kind of information you wanna read or have others to read. But don't take this as an invitation to change existing pages to your likeness. You should be willing to follow some guidelines and be aware that this is neutral and OOC space. This isn't a place for clan or edit wars. We had that, we don't like it.

If this sounds fair to you, it will be an honour for me, to invite you, the players(!), to participate in filling the Ravenblack CityWiki with (un)life.

Getting started

Since the beginning on June 16, 2008 it has been a lot written for wiki newbies. Just try one of the links on the navigation on the left side.

Cliff Burton Marco, January 22, 2012

A Whisper in the Dark

Sorry, for that title :)

  • I am encouraging you to make use of the City News.
  • Also, please consider participating in the Wiki Suggestions Page.

--Cliff Burton Marco 20:21, 22 January 2011 (CET)

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