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Wiki Information

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Administration Services

Discussion | Sysop List | Guidelines | Policies (Discussion) | Promotions

Sysop Demotions | Re-Evaluations | Job Queue | Deletions | Speedy Deletions | Undeletions

Move Requests | Vandal Banning | Vandal Data | Protections | Demotions

Welcome to the the central Administration page. From here you can reach any of the Administration Services that keep the wiki running smoothly. Also, you can find more general information on the role of the Administration Team within this wiki, as well as the current list of System Operators.

A page for sysop to sysop communication.

Administration Information

A page listing all users with sysop or higher privileges. Some users on this list might not be active.
A document showing clear guidelines for sysop conduct.
A place for users to discuss and propose new policies or rule changes regarding the running of the wiki.
A place for trusted users interested in doing more for the wiki can request sysop status.
A place for sysops and bureaucrats to request demotion.
A place where sysops are re-evaluated every 6 months.
A list of all regular jobs that need to be kept on top of.

Page Maintenance Requests

Please use this page to request a page deletion.
Please use this page to discuss deletion scheduling.
Please use this page to request a speedy page deletion.
Please use this page to request the undeletion of a page.
Please use this page to request a page move.

Vandalism and Edit War Services

Please use this page to notify sysops of vandalism in progress.
Please use this page to keep track of who has been warned or banned, how many times, and when.
Please use this page to request the protection of a page currently in the middle of an edit war.

Administration Complaint Services

Please use this page to notify the administration team of sysop misconduct.
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