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'''FEB 02''' - Aziza attacks [[†Brienne]] with DGS.
'''FEB 02''' - Aziza attacks [[†Brienne]] with DGS.
'''FEB 20''' - Aziza, alone, begins attacks on [[†Roxy]].
'''FEB 20''' - Aziza, alone, begins attacks on [[†Roxy]].
'''FEB 22''' - Fueri begins and ends attacks on Roxy, bringing her to zero. [[†Fen Reiss|Fen]] gets the stake.</poem><references/>
'''FEB 22''' - Fueri begins and ends attacks on Roxy, bringing her to zero. [[†Fen Reiss|Fen]] gets the stake.
'''MAR 06''' - Raskoph vs. Fueri Blood Contest begins.
'''MAR 13''' - Raskoph vs. Fueri Blood Contest ends. Winners Raskoph: [[†Zephrine|Zephrine]] - 1st, Aziza - 2nd, [[†Vincent Steele|Vince]] - 3rd. Winners Fueri: [[†Siobhan|Siobhan]] - 1st, [[†Travis-|Travis]] - 2nd, [[†Fen Reiss|Fen]] - 3rd. Top 3: Zephrine, Aziza, and Siobhan.
'''MAR 27''' - Aziza discovered [[†Blane Cargoyle]] has severed out without a word. Aziza wishes her well, anyway.
'''MAR 28''' - Aziza sires [[†Clarrissa|Clarri]] and severs [[†Esben]].
'''APR 01''' - Aziza and [[†Arnav Rishi|Arnav]] are both sired into the Fueri lineage under Gir. [[†Azara]] requests severance based on this; Aziza lets her go. Azara's bitter.
'''APR 11''' - Aziza sees ex-childe [[†Micale Levay]], they don't talk long; it doesn't go well.</poem><references/>
[[Category: Families]]
[[Category: Families]]

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General Information

†Aziza Laredo
├─ †Akuma Synclair ─♥─ †Tezcacoatl
│─ †Azara
│ ├─ †Alain
│ └─ †Dreguar
│─ †Blane Cargoyle
│ ├─ †AliceInChains
│ └─ †PeterNarokerly
│─ †Esben
│─ †Katelyn ─♥─ †Vincent Steele
│ ├─ †Oormi
│ └─ †Ry
│─ †Larmica
│ └─ †Gizmo
│─ †Lupus Major
│─ †Rasha
│─ †Raziah ─♥─ †Yurina
│ ├─ †Qing Yuan
│ └─ †Xiuhcoatl
│ ├─ †Devon Lukas
│ │─ †Shepherd
│ └─ †Wesley Flynn
│─ †Stein
└─ †Vandevil ─♥─ †Zephrine

Family Head: Aziza Laredo
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Lineage Incarnations: Zohartze-Laredo - May 24, 2010 | Ivelitsch-Laredo - Mar. 14, 2016 | Caedis - Dec. 22, 2016
RASKOPH INCEPTION: December 9th, 2017
What Happened: Aziza experienced a dissociative fugue during which she severed Aralyn. Afterwards, her family helped her rebuild and rename.



MAY 12 - Aziza holy waters †Damacus as an engagement gift for her then-fiance, Rave.
MAY 17 - Aziza is zeroed for the first time by a combination of the Dumonts, Auvreanae, and Ferrymen.
MAY 24 - Aziza and Rave bind as partners.

JUL 18 - †XXXshadowXXX holy waters Aziza , but she is ordered not to retaliate.

DEC 19 - Aziza holy waters †Tyliana as a warning.


JAN 07 - Aziza, Rave, & †Leigh re-zero †Brom Narum for being a manipulative bastard.
JAN 10 - Aziza and Rave zero †ZaneThrax.
JAN 12 - †Jauk is displeased with Rave's name and holy waters Aziza so that Rave "could continue her zombie ways." Aziza laughs at her, so Jauk attacks Aziza's then under-powered childe, †Kilana.
JAN 15 - Kilana is scrolled by Jauk to 3 pints.
JAN 16 - †Aralyn is scrolled by Jauk to 5 pints. Jauk is zeroed for her attacks on Aziza's then underpowered childer.

FEB 20 - †xxsacrificexx holy waters †Kiora over a stabbing in the tavern.
FEB 21 - Aziza participates in attacks on xxsacrificexx to serve as a warning to stay away from the Lateralus/Lautari lines.
FEB 22 - Warning attacks put on hold.
FEb 26 - Conflict with xxsacrificexx is over.

MAR 03 - Rave holy waters †Vamane for tearing Akuma apart upon her return from the ground.
MAR 05 - Retaliation on Rave begins, and ends. (For her Holy Watering of Vamane.)
MAR 08 - Attacks on †Shaarinya, †Nghthawk, and †RavynneNitewnd begin.
MAR ?? - Attacks cease and the conflict is resolved with other means.

APR ?? - Aziza sires Akuma.

MAY 27 - Aziza & Rave participate in the attacks on †TraceCoven.

JUN 07 - Aziza is scrolled by †stone969 for biting them. Annoyed by this, she begins attacks on him and invites the family to join in. A few do.

JUL 03 - Aziza & Co. attack †TETSU (now †Tetsu) for fun.

SEP 03 - Rave holy waters †D A N K blood (now †Dank) for stabbing †Lilandra after she asked him not to.
SEP 18 - Aziza heads the attacks on †Lilly for being mouthy and butting in where she shouldn't have where †Ryou (now †Lilith) was concerned.
SEP 28 - Rasha attacks †Eyezac & †King Rudie for accusing her of using her family as a sheild.
SEP 29 - Rasha is scrolled to zero with help from Eyezac's friends and family. Rasha received no assistance, thus proving her point.


JAN 01 - Aziza begins attacks on †charles vlad. A couple members help and he is zeroed the same day.

FEB 01 - Rave attacks ex-childe †Gryphon Marx for attemping to force himself onto †Lilandra.
FEB 03 - Aziza zeros Akria for being disrespectful.

MAR 12 - After several attempts to try and help charles vlad, Aziza gets fed up. By going over her head and talking to †Malkavian after she told him not to - because she knew what would happen - charles vlad sealed his second zeroing. Attacks begin.
MAR 26 - Aziza takes the kill shot on charles vlad (finally) and he is told to keep away from her and her family or it'll happen again.

SEP 19 - Aziza heads the Lateralus attacks on †Jauk for a second time for unprovoked attacks upon Rave (Aziza's wife). Jauk stops moving and stays in shadows for months before finally moving again, but she doesn't attack the family again.

OCT 29 - Rose informs Aziza Laredo of being burned with a garlic spray for the first time ever. Rose sends them a telepathic message asking why. The offender, †ArmmagoN, has 25k+ blood and little powers, including no telepathy, so Aziza goes to them in the city and asks why. A few minutes later, ArmaggoN answers by holy watering Aziza instead of using words. Aziza hits him back and the family attacks on ArmaggoN begin.

NOV 04 - charles vlad approaches Aziza. Aziza zeros him. She hopes he'll finally get the message.
NOV 08 - Aralyn takes the killshot on ArmaggoN in defense of - and as vengeance for - Rose.
NOV 09 - Aziza and Rave are severed from the Lateralus line at their request.

DEC 04 - †Dank is burned by †lurehead for robbing 69 coins.
DEC 07 - Aziza holy waters †Lord Marquis for being annoying and assuming Aziza was his friend.


JAN 02 - Aziza sires under †Liski. Rasha requests a severance. Eventually, Rose does, too. No one else in the family is happy about it, but they remain.
JAN 21 - †Lilith zeros †Abel. Aziza and Lilith celebrate the girl's first kill shot.
JAN 25 - Aziza holy waters †Dank and †Rawnie in celebration of their binding.
JAN 30 - Aziza stakes TheMoonsRage for getting between herself and her childe, Larmica, whom she was attempting to deal with. Aziza holy waters Larmica and Yamitoko.
JAN 31 - Rave (previously RaveZombie) stakes †Layana Komoto for persisting to stick her nose where it doesn't belong. Rave also holy waters Layana's sibling, Jessie_Love, for being mouthy and insulting after being told to butt out of things that weren't her business. Aziza and members of the Lautari line begin attacks on †Demitri Shadow for multiple reasons.

FEB 03 - †ArmaggoN makes a re-appearance and holy waters Aziza Laredo. Retaliation begins.
FEB 04 - Aziza attacks †AlexAyres at a friend's request. She gets two visits in before she is told why.
FEB 05 - At another friend's request, Aziza ceases attacks on AlexAyres.
FEB 07 - Aziza accidentally holy waters OmniBanker13. Leaves a message.
FEB 18 - NightWatch retaliation finally begins on Rave for her attacks on their then-student, Layana Komoto.
FEB 19 - Rave is zeroed by the NightWatch.
FEB 20 - Rave is attacked by Jessie_Love.
FEB 23 - Jessie continues hitting Rave despite †Aida (Jessie's then-sire) ordering her to stop. Aida holy waters Jessie and then severs her the same day. Rave's family joins in on the attacks.
FEB 24 - NightWatch and Lautari attacks begin on Aziza and Aralyn.
FEB 25 - NightWatch attacks cease in lieu of Lautari attacks.

MAR 01 - An unknown individual stakes Aralyn.
MAR 05 - Rave stakes Jessie, ending their scuffle. Aziza is staked by undisclosed person, ending the Lautari scuffle.

JUL 03 - For attacking his then ex-sire - †Jake Morton - †eiluj became the target of retaliation from the Laredo and de Vangeline lines.
JUL 12 - †Liski stakes eiluj for his unprovoked attack on Jake Morton.

NOV 01 - Larmica sires Gizmo.


APR 18 - Aziza and family begin attacks on †Yamitoko for suffering caused to Larmica.
APR 19 - Yamitoko falls into shadows. Scrolling begins.
APR 25 - †Kyonshi holy waters Xiuh. Xiuh doesn't care.

JUN 07 - Yamitoko emerges from shadows, holy water attacks resume. He moves infrequently.
JUN 09 - Yamitoko changes name to †Yami, but this does not protect him from continued attack.
JUN 14 - Aziza stops attacking Yami - an act against her nature and better judgement - at Larmica's constant requests to cease the violence. 9799 pints of damage done, to Aziza's chagrin.

AUG 02 - †ArmaggoN holy waters Aziza Laredo a third time. Retaliation begins.
AUG 17 - Vandevil stakes ArmaggoN.
AUG 26 - Aziza stakes ArmaggoN.
AUG 30 - Aziza scrolls ArmaggoN to zero.

SEP 02 - Aziza stakes ArmaggoN.
SEP 07 - Aziza stakes ArmaggoN. ArmaggoN gets the message and dons a BattleCloak to avoid further zeroings.


JAN 19 - Aziza and a couple family members help with attacks on †Malijirix.
JAN 20 - Aziza stakes †Maureen. People lose their minds.
JAN22 - Malijirix is zeroed; Killshot: †Drella.

FEB 10 - †Riendhardt challenges Aziza to a duel.
FEB 12 - Rienhardt wins duel: 16-2.

MAR 23 - Aziza and Rave's names are added to the Wheel of Freaks.

MAY 13 - Aziza holy waters †Kartik on behalf of †Ryou.
MAY 25 - Aziza re-sires Rasha.

JUN 04 - Aziza sires Vandevil.

JUL 10 - Aziza, after much debating and tears, finally severs the absent Akuma.

SEP 23 - Aziza begins attacks on Ryou.
SEP 27 - Aziza ceases attacks on Ryou for vague reasons.

OCT 14 - Xiuh holy waters †Alise for being a creepy, psycho stalker.

NOV 11 - Aziza severs from †Liski.

DEC 29 - Aziza begins attacks on †Kali.


JAN 09 - †Kali is zeroed.

FEB 28 - Aziza and Aralyn attack †Erica. Aziza Laredo also holy waters †Deylin as a court service.

MAR 13 - Anniversary: 5 Years - Zephrine and Vandevil, Partner-Bound.
MAR 14 - Aziza severs †RaveZohartze as a partner due to a prolonged absence, effectively ending the Zohartze involvement in family affairs. Aziza and Aralyn bind.
MAR 23 - Aziza holds a bite fighting tournament for her family members.
MAR 31 - Xiuhcoatl wins the final bite fight round.

APR 01 - Aziza holds a contest for her family members.
APR 07 - Lupus, Ry, & Qing are the winners of the contest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place respectively.
APR 15 - Aralyn turns Lexi.
APR 29 - Aziza holds a contest for her family members.

MAY 07 - Gabe, Arnav, and Oormi are the winners of the contest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place respectively.

JUN 18 - Flynn is born.

JUL 14 - Aziza begins attacks on Tyson and his sire, Binx with random help from others as they hear about the attacks.
JUL 20 - Aziza & Co. begin shadow-scrolling Binx as both he and his childe cling to deep shadows.
JUL 28 - Roque turns Saito.

AUG 10 - Tyson emerges from shadows and is holy watered. He returns to deep shadows.
AUG 14 - Aziza holds a contest for her family members.
AUG 15 - Morte Rosa stakes Binx. The matter now half-resolved, leaving only Tyson to be dealt with. Aziza sires Stein.
AUG 22 - Lupus, Oormi, and Rasha are the winners of the contest - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.
AUG 31 - Tyson is grenaded. Hours later he resurfaced from shadows and is holy-watered. Binx is re-zeroed; staked by †Fen Reiss. Aziza laughed a long time.

SEP 08 - Roque sires Vie.
SEP 09 - Roque & Hiram Partner-Bind. Hiram sires Carrot and Arturo.
SEP 23 - Aziza sees Tyson has signed up for the dueling tournament and promptly scrolls him while he's still hiding in shadows to make it clear that the tournament won't be able to protect him.
SEP 24 - †-Tessa- attempts to find out why Aziza is attacking Tyson. Aziza tells her the truth: It's none of her business.
SEP 26 - Tyson pops out of shadows in the bank nearest the Halls, Aziza holy waters and displaces him. Tyson then hides in shadows in a transit to avoid being grenaded.
SEP 28 - Tyson pops out of shadows in the transit station. Aziza holy waters and displaces him. Later that day †George, a sibling of Tessa, attempts to find out why Aziza is attacking Tyson. Aziza tells him the truth: It's none of his business -and- warns that anyone else attempting to butt in where they don't belong will not get Aziza's words as a response. Tyson later is found to have dropped out of the dueling tournament due to the attacks.
SEP 30 - Roque joins the attack party for the first time. George, -Tessa-'s sibling, claims that he wants to help get Tyson zeroed. Aziza says he can help by hitting Tyson and to otherwise butt out.

OCT 01 - Halloween 2016 family event begins.
OCT 03 - Vie, Roque's childe, joins the family in the attacks. Aziza responds to Azara's classified on Ab Antiquo.
OCT 06 - Binx re-joins the fight, attacking Roque.
OCT 07 - Roque and Vie go live with Binx and Tyson. Roque is zeroed for the first time, leaving Aziza very proud. Later that night, Binx is zeroed, for the 3rd time since this all started, by Azara. Aziza sires Azara.
OCT 09 - Roque and Hiram zero Tyson, ending the conflict. Roque sires Daniela.
OCT 25 - Zephrine severs Silver.
OCT 31 - Halloween 2016 family event ends. Halloween party. Gabe and Hiram are winners of the events.

NOV 14 - Aziza holds a contest for her family. Ry announces December event for the family, proposed by Larmica.
NOV 20 - Aziza severs Gabe.
NOV 21 - Contest ends. Winners are Xiuhcoatl, Arturo, and Saito - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.
NOV 22 - Zephrine severs Amrien and then leaves for an undetermined amount of time.
NOV 25 - Ry severs partner, †Clayton.

DEC 01 - Ry & Larmica's Family Event begins. Aziza & Vex host a dual-family scavenger hunt for the Ivelitsch-Laredo and de Draak families. Xiuhcoatl & Grif officially Partner-Bind. Aralyn sires Descartes.
DEC 03 - Saito sires Teddy.
DEC 07 - Aziza joins attacks on †Morrigan Night on behalf of Birdie and her newly-turned childe, Mantis.
DEC 11 - Aziza sires Kijani.
DEC 13 - Kijani is discovered to be Dead & Buried.
DEC 14 - Aziza severs Kijani.
DEC 22 - Aziza turns Esben. Aziza and Aralyn, after a few months of discussion amongst themselves, re-name the lineage as a whole to Caedis - dropping Ivelitsch and Laredo both.
DEC 24 - Anniversary: 2 Years, Aralyn and Oormi, Sire-Chidle.
DEC 25 - Azara & Birdie Partner-Bind. Anniversary: 2 Years - Aralyn and Qing, Sire-Childe.
DEC 28 - Anniversary: 6 Years - Aziza and Aralyn, Sire-Childe.
DEC 29 - †Scythian attacks Saito. Caedis retaliates. Saito stakes Scythian. †Yami is discovered returned from Dead & Buried. Aziza attacks.
DEC 30 - Caedis family members join Aziza in attacking Yami without being asked. Aziza doesn't stop them.
DEC 31 - ARK Event ends, points and awards are passed out to the participants. Winter Scavenger Hunt ends. Winners: Larmica, Aralyn, Roque for Caedis. Raziah, Yurina, Vex for de Draak. Anniversary: 2 Years - Aralyn and Ry, Sire-Childe.


JAN 01 - Aziza and Vex formally announce Krylo i Kosti and begin plans for more joint family events. Winner of the December 2016 WOTD is announced: Larmica. Anniversary: 2 Years - Aralyn and Arnav, Sire-Childe.
JAN 02 - Daniela sires Emilia.
JAN 03 - Aziza sires Blane.
JAN 04 - Aralyn attacks †ladypeacek after †Yami is sired. ladypeacek retaliates - 1 for 1. Azara stakes Yami.
JAN 05 - ladypeacek attacks Aralyn again. Aralyn responds. Aziza and Larmica join in. Aziza and Larmica also hit †Assassin_Binx because he's being a dumbass again.
JAN 06 - Carrot sires Millie and partner-binds to Saito.
JAN 14 - Aziza hosts a family contest.
JAN 16 - Aziza re-sires Mhairi between bouts of shadow-scrolling ladypeacek.
JAN 19 - Anniversary: 7 Years - Aziza and Larmica, Sire-Childe & 10 Years+ - BFFs.
JAN 21 - Contest ends. Winners are Larmica [First Place], Ry [Second Place], and Oormi [Third Place].

FEB 01 - Winner of the January WOTD is announced: Oormi.
FEB 02 - ladypeacek zeroes herself on a hunter. Aziza considers the matter over and moves on to other projects knowing ladypeacek plans to continue to hit again.
FEB 04 - Aziza announces February's Family Contest.
FEB ?? - Daniela and Arturo partner-bind. Emilia sires Sisilia.
FEB 08 - Aziza announces a secondary contest for the month.
FEB 10 - †Scythian attacks Larmica. Aralyn zeroes him for it.
FEB 15 - Secondary contest ends. Winners are Lupus [First Place], Carrot [Second Place], and Rasha [Third Place].
FEB 17 - Sign Ups for March's Contest begin.
FEB 24 - Anniversary: 4 Years - Aralyn and Zephrine, Sire-Childe.

MAR 01 - Winner of the February WOTD is announced: Larmica.
MAR 03 - Flower Duel Tournament begins.
MAR 05 - Aralyn is thought to be missing.
MAR 10 - De Draak-hosted Krylo i Kosti event opens with sign ups. Aziza leaves to go in search of her wife.
MAR 11 - Anniversary: 1 Year - Aziza and Roque, Sire-Childe. 1 Year - Aziza and Hiram, Sire-Childe.
MAR 13 - Anniversary: 6 Years - Vandevil and Zephrine, Partner-Bound.
MAR 14 - Anniversary: 1 Year - Aziza and Aralyn, Partner-Bound.
MAR 19 - Ry publishes her first interview for Ab Antiquo.
MAR 20 - Krylo i Kosti Tournament Begins.

APR 01 - Winners of the March WOTD are announced: Larmica & Ry.
APR 06 - Kijani returns from D&B. Aziza attacks; Kijani submits.
APR 07 - Aziza stakes Kijani.
APR 11 - Larmica attacks †Derzempes.
APR 12 - Azara wins her first round in the KiK event.
APR 15 - Anniversary: 1 Year - Aralyn and Lexi, Sire-Childe.
APR 16 - Gizmo loses her first round in the KiK event.
APR 18 - Silence returns in Mhairi's body. Aziza has trouble accepting reality.
APR 19 - Azara loses her second round in the KiK event.
APR 25 - Gizmo and Aziza revamp some family games and add monthly events to the calendar.

MAY 01 - Winner of the April WOTD is announced: Larmica.
MAY 07 - Family contest begins.
MAY 14 - Family contest ends. Winners: Azara [First Place], Qing [Second Place], Arnav [Third Place].

JUN 01 - Winner of the May WOTD is announced: Xiuhcoatl.
JUN 07 - Family contest begins.
JUN 13 - Anniversary: 5 Years - Aralyn and Xiuhcoatl, Sire-Childe.
JUN 14 - Family contest ends. Winners: Larmica [First Place], Azara [Second Place], and Xiuhcoatl [Third Place].

JUL 01 - Winner of the June WOTD is announced: Xiuhcoatl. WOTD is then closed until further notice.
JUL 10 - Family contest begins.
JUL 11 - Aziza attacks †Damacus and †TheWhiteOwl. Aralyn hits Damacus later that day.
JUL 12 - †Lannair Cuan joins Team Damacus.
JUL 13 - †Malice joins Team Damacus.
JUL 17 - †Hunin and †Nemesis join Team Damacus. Aziza gets bored and escalates by grenading a shadowed †ophelia. And by accident a shadowed †DezMarie, too. Damacus goes LiS.
JUL 18 - Family contest ends. Winners: Larmica [First Place], Azara [Second Place], and Gizmo [Third Place].
JUL 20 - Aziza, bored of waiting for Damacus to come out of shadows, scrolls his and ophelia's location a couple times.
JUL 21 - †ophelia [finally], †Archontohs, and †xxsacrificexx join Team Damacus.
JUL 23 - Damacus resurfaces.
JUL 24 - Anniversary: 7 Years - Aziza and Lupus Major, Sire-Childe. †Sun joins Team Damacus.
JUL 25 - †Reyna joins Team Damacus. Lannair Cuan stakes Aralyn.
JUL 26 - †Mandolin joins Team Damacus. Archontohs stakes Aziza.
JUL 29 - Aziza turns and sires Katelyn.

AUG 02 - Family contest begins.
AUG 03 - Aralyn severs Lexi Daniels.
AUG 15 - Anniversary: 1 Year - Aziza and Stein, Sire-Childe.
AUG 16 - Family contest ends. Winners: Larmica [First Place], Katelyn [Second Place], Olive [Third Place].

OCT 07 - Anniversary: 1 Year - Aziza and Azara, Sire-Childe.
OCT 28 - Aziza sees †Alise getting smacked around and joins in the fun. Alise and sire, †Psycho Cliff, hide in shadows and at the Graveyard and the HoB over the next couple weeks.

NOV 06 - Aziza sires Raziah.
NOV 12 - Alise is taken to zero; staked by Travis.
NOV 24 - †AlexAyres is brought to zero; final hit by Jenny.
NOV 25 - †Jessie_Love is taken to zero; staked by Stein.
NOV 26 - Members of the lineage [at the time - Caedis] assault the St. John lineage: †Pulse, †Seyda, †ladypeacek, †Josephine, †Aida, †DeathByMe, and Jessie_Love (again). Later, †nitenurse and †Whitefang as they were ones that joined in return fire. St. John strut around as proud babykillers having zeroed underpowered and low-blooded members of Aziza's lineage - †Alain and †Sisilia.
NOV 27 - Aida, †Corda Tacita, and †TysonAlexander take Aziza to zero; staked by Aida.
NOV 28 - One wave of retaliation and then attacks sputter to an end.

DEC 06 - Aziza experiences a dissociative fugue during which she severs Aralyn. Aziza decides to leave the city for an undeterminded amount of time. Vists rarely. Aziza stops feeding.
DEC 07 - Aziza severs Silence at her request.
DEC 08 - Aralyn severs Arnav, Oormi, Qing, Ry, Xiuhcoatl, and Zephrine, then assumes control of the Caedis name.
DEC 09 - Aziza and her lineage renamed themselves - thereby ending Caedis involvement in the future of the family; Aziza moves to Sweden.
DEC 10 - Xiuhcoatl is officially missing.
DEC 21 - Raziah sires Qing back into the family.
DEC 23 - It is reported that Roque and Hiram have both severed themselves from Aziza. She hadn't seen nor spoken to either in months and is devestated, but hopes they find what they need. Aziza drinks alcohol until she blacks out.
DEC 24 - Aziza attempts suicide by sunlight, having stranded herself out in the desert.
DEC 25 - Gir comes to Aziza's rescue and gets her ass inside and gives her blood packs to replenish.
DEC 28 - Aziza returns to Sweden and begins attending AA with Raziah.
DEC 29 - Akuma Synclair returns after six years. Aziza bawls, Akuma bawls. Aziza is honored that Akuma wants to be her childe again. They do the thing.


JAN 05 - Aziza begins seeing a psychiatrist.
JAN 13 - Aziza sends out a memo informing the family of Faint Light's impending demolition.
JAN 19 - Anniversary: 8 Years - Aziza and Larmica, Sire-Childe & 10 Years+ - BFFs.
JAN 22 - Faint Light is officially destroyed.
JAN 25 - Katelyn sires Ry back into the family.

FEB 02 - Aziza attacks †Brienne with DGS.
FEB 20 - Aziza, alone, begins attacks on †Roxy.
FEB 22 - Fueri begins and ends attacks on Roxy, bringing her to zero. Fen gets the stake.

MAR 06 - Raskoph vs. Fueri Blood Contest begins.
MAR 13 - Raskoph vs. Fueri Blood Contest ends. Winners Raskoph: Zephrine - 1st, Aziza - 2nd, Vince - 3rd. Winners Fueri: Siobhan - 1st, Travis - 2nd, Fen - 3rd. Top 3: Zephrine, Aziza, and Siobhan.
MAR 27 - Aziza discovered †Blane Cargoyle has severed out without a word. Aziza wishes her well, anyway.
MAR 28 - Aziza sires Clarri and severs †Esben.

APR 01 - Aziza and Arnav are both sired into the Fueri lineage under Gir. †Azara requests severance based on this; Aziza lets her go. Azara's bitter.
APR 11 - Aziza sees ex-childe †Micale Levay, they don't talk long; it doesn't go well.

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