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Kraken and 27th
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Knotweed and 27th
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Sanctuary Hotel
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Knotweed and 28th
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Sanctuary Hotel is a lair. It is an extended lair that resembles a pub.



Kraken and 27th


A stout and sturdy building reminiscent of an Elizabethan mansion stretches into the night sky, lights glistening in the windows, with the constant sound of camaraderies, music, and fun times rumbling into the street from within. This is Port Luna, specifically the beautiful and cherished Sanctuary Hotel, home of KRKN Port Luna Live and Port Luna Exports, and cherished neutral gathering ground for all the creatures of the night that call this city home.

The foyer is grandiose and replete with the requisite grand staircase demanded by buildings of its kind; to one side stands the reception and to the other the entrance to the Tavern that gave the Sanctuary its name, along with the following menu directly from Port Luna Distillery, with the addendum "all mixers free of charge."

Order something?


Drinks to buy for coins:

  • Double Shot of MoonSilver (800 coins)
  • Double shot of Liquid Death (700 coins)
  • Double shot of Se7en (600 coins)
  • Double shot of Devil Juice (500 coins)
  • Double shot of Port Luna Spiced Rum (400 coins)
  • Pint of Port Luna Lager (300 coins)
  • Glass of Luna Rose Wine (200 coins)
  • Single shot of Port Luna Special Reserve Rum (100 coins)

Instead of a barman, a waitress serves the drinks. For example:

After bringing your order, the waitress says "I read this great book the other day."


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Created (when?) (found in-game 12 March 2018).

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