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! Looking for Wiki Help?

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Regardless, you can contact me via:

The player behind †deCarnac.


  • born in the late 70's, thus older than Pacman
  • spends my time in the flesh world with mechanical engineering, mechatronics and energy systems


Things I do here

Micro- and macro-cleanups of articles, particulary the core (non-roleplay) game concepts. If I have edited your page it was most likely to fix a changed template or re-arrange a category it was in. Tends to hang around here and wikify and add to this and that while waiting for †deCarnac's AP to recharge. I've created some templates, and am always on the lookout for another good non-copyrighted image to crop, resize, compress and use.

Playing style

Roger de Carnac
Blood-sucking — with a smile!

Apart from the desanguination of humans and travelling in time, †deCarnac is pretty similar to deCarnacT·C. My own limited roleplaying doesn't mean I disapprove of it. I grew up with the pen-and-paper kinds. I believe gaming spirit tends to carry over between character and player, so I like it best when the atmosphere is friendly, light, cooperative and regularily tongue-in-cheek (in the Buffy kind of way).

And that is one of the reasons why I love A View in the Dark.

Thoughts on in-character conflicts

One thing I have noticed is how an in-character conflict is a very intimate act. If not based on mutual player consent, it becomes a hurtful violation that inevitably cross over into a player conflict. Lets take an example from fiction and put it into a roleplaying context:

In Lord of the Rings, Legolas and Gimli keep making fun of each other with various racial remarks. Deep down however, they are the best of friends and never cross the line to insults. Apparently the two eventually left for the Undying Lands together, making it a bromance of epic proportions.

When this kind of bickering happened during our teenage roleplaying sessions (and it did), it sometimes was agreed upon and generated situations funny for everyone. At several notable occasions however, it wasn't consentual. The player of the insulted character then felt belittled and effectively (if not verbally) demanded satisfaction. This inevitably led to rapid escalation of the in-character conflict. Since most fantasy RPGs are all about murder-robbery and all characters without exception violent, heavily-armed thugs, bloodshed followed. Had it been LoTR, it would have went a bit like this:

  1. Legolas makes a pun at Gimli's short stature.
  2. Gimli calls Legolas a sissy.
  3. Legolas yanks Gimli's beard.
  4. Gimli chops off Legolas' legs with his axe.
  5. Legolas shoots Gimli in the chest with his bow.
  6. Both die from blood loss.
  7. New characters are created (now with even thinner, less-effort descriptions) and the adventure re-started by a disillusioned gamemaster.

Note that this was in a cooperative fantasy RPG, where in-fighting was considered against the norm. Sometimes, when the gamemaster disallowed further in-game retribution, the conflict instead turned into a pro-wrestling-style fight where players threw each other across the room or got body-slammed into a nearby sofa. I guess that was friendly compared to how ugly an online forum dispute can turn out today.

And that is why I don't do in-character conflicts. :-)

Latest info, et cetera

Finally released the revamped 2013 map version as deCarnac's Bloodmap. --deCarnacT·C 10:19, 20 June 2013 (CEST)

Inspired by A View in the Dark, I'm working on a "guildspotting" project (to narrow down the exact move times). Ready - almost. --deCarnacT·C 21:51, 13 May 2012 (CEST)

Fun with statistics: This wiki currently has 2,496 articles, of which 747 (29.9%) are character pages. 535 (71.6%) of those are character stubs.

Looking forward to:

  • Adding to, improving and linking the articles about the city itself.
  • Sorting and categorizing everything history-related.

Got a geeky website.

Dna 1.jpgHybrid
Judging by the fur, Johan is a Hybrid of nerd and werewolf
Homemadeputer.pngHome Made Computer
Johan has built a computer.
EvilTwin.jpgEvil Twin
Johan has a goatee.
Johan likes to garden.
SistersOfMercy.pngSisters of Mercy
Johan wanders by mistake.
MiamiVice small.jpgMIAMI VICE
35 years later, Johan is still undercover.
Beer1.jpgDark Beer
Johan enjoys Dark Beer.
RedBloodCell1.jpgBlood Donor
Johan flirts with the nurses when he donates Blood.
Johan loves to write.
Chromelogo.jpgChrome User
Johan uses Chrome.
Deutsch.jpgGerman Speaker
Johan reads but hardly speaks German.
Johan can't help he is Swedish.
Europe.pngEuropean Union
Johan is European.
EastGothland.pngEast Gothland
Johan is an östgöte.
Birth-wise, Johan is a smålänning.
Ancestry-wise, Johan is a skåning.
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