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Homemadeputer.pngHome Made Computer
deCarnac has built a computer.
deCarnac likes to garden.
deCarnac loves Rock and Roll.
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
deCarnac has been bound to miss right - hand - for seven years.
Beer1.jpgDark Beer
deCarnac enjoys Dark Beer.
RedBloodCell1.jpgBlood Donor
deCarnac flirts with the nurses when he donates Blood.
deCarnac can't help he is Swedish.
Deutsch.jpgGerman Speaker
deCarnac reads but hardly speaks German.
deCarnac loves to write.
Firefox.pngFirefox User
deCarnac uses Firefox.

The balding player behind †deCarnac.


Basic Facts

  • First introduced to Vampires! sometime in 2004 or 2005.
  • Was a lurker in the Lost in Shadows community.
  • Creator of deCarnac's Map for Vampires!
  • Game hiatus 2006—2012, recreated †deCarnac in February 2012.
  • Lover of structure, admirer of creativity.

Guilty of

Almost compulsory tweaker of articles, particulary likes to get his hands on the "hard" (non-roleplay) game concepts.

Vampire deCarnac's Map (2012)

The new version benefits from the integrated support for SVG in HTML5, and should work in most browsers without any add-ons.

It maintains the basic visual concept of the original, having three views:

  • an overwiew of the entire city (200 x 200)
  • a view of a "district" (50 x 50)
  • a zoomed-in view (7 x 7)

The map basically displays all fixed buildings in the city — banks, pubs, stations, lairs etc. It also displays the moving guilds and shops, if that information has been properly updated in the map's data base (see below).


The map lets you select two waypoints — the first is assumed to be your present location, the second your intended goal. The following information is presented:

  • Number of Action Points (AP) needed to walk the entire distance
  • Number of AP needed to travel the distance if using transit, and which stations to use
  • Number of AP needed to walk to the nearest bank (new feature)

You can click one of the above three buttons, and get a visual travel guide on the optimal paths possible (new feature).

The map has a Search dialogue, where you can type in the name of a building and zoom to its location.

The map keeps track of time and the scheduled movement of guilds and shops. It now displays two tiny clocks, indicating how long each of them will stay (new feature).

All building information in the map now comes out of an included text file data base. With some simple copy-paste operations using any text editor program, the latest data from A View in the Dark can be shown on the map (new feature).


The map is presently being alpha-tested daily, but is to be released here soonish.

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