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The Death of Aarkan

As taken from RBC http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/RavenBlacksCity/message/24730

:The Death of Aarkan:

Sat Feb 16, 2008

I watched quietly from afar as many had gathered to retialiate
against my former son Aarkan's previous nights attack upon him.
Understandbly so, they were justified. Aarkan had, afterall, wanted
his death to be brought on. He wanted his final permanant rest.

I waited patiently for my turn. I'd spoken to Aarkan only moments
before. Pleaded with him even to no avail. This was his wish. And so,
in delivering the final scroll that would send him to his rest, I
fell to my knees to gather him in my lap as I whispered while pulling
him close as tears drip from my eyes... "I am so sorry Aarkan..
please.. one day, find forgiveness for me... "

Looking up, I saw Kaio standing over us. Wrapping my arms around
Aarkan tighter, I pleaded... "Please, Kaio. Not this one. Not Aarkan"

And so, not waiting for an answer, I cradled him in my arms while
awaiting a member of his family...

Rest in Peace Aarkan.

~By Majica Wilde

:The Death of Aarkan: Reply 2

Hears Majica ask someone to claim Uncle Aarkans remains and swoops in to collect them and take him to rest beside Aunt Emmie. Thank you Majica for not letting kaio and the others defile his remains...

~By Calisto lomax

:The Death of Aarkan: Reply 3

Kaio looked upon the body his clan was not here, not in fully, it was pointless to end him properly and as Calisto swept in, his eyes only followed, my mind throwing images of her with her own cross.

"Soon enough childe."

He turned to Majica, his eyes expressionless, "Your bleeding heart cannot save what used to be. Do not expect me to spare much else."

He stood and with a flash of his hands across a scroll he departed to await another of his targets.

~By Kaio Wolfe
The Dark Priest

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