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--AdaMaS 21:03, 30 March 2019 (CET)

CharacterMarionette.jpg Player-written
Adamas - The Beast



The vampire AdaMaS has drunk 16127 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction(2) Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Mandolin
AdaMaS is sire to 3 other vampire, including: †renovate, †Trinket, and †Elbee
AdaMaS is a master vampire, with no sire.

Hellfire Club - Willow & 75th [1]

Amidst a cluster of similar structures, this brownstone building lacks any distinguishing factors aside from the mass of green ivy that has long since over-grown. To the rest of the world, this address is just a home like any other. To the vampires who are granted entry, it is one of the premier elite clubs of the city. This establishment, owned and operated by AdaMaS and Mandolin, exists as an elysium for the kindred who wish to escape from the watered-down modern society and enjoy the social interactions of their own kind as they were intended to. The front door remains open to those vampires who would wish to gain entrance, where a young man, by the name of Marus, will handle their membership requests. Perhaps you wish to enter?

Residing within the inner-most sanctums of the club, also exists the home of the Mahorela bloodline. The manor dwelling in the depths of the location is accessible only through a series of obscure riddles and secret entrances known by the bloodline.


AdaMaS Mahorela

Mortal Life

The Turning


Ravenblack City

Clan History


AdaMaS ─♥─ †Mandolin
│─ †renovate
│─ †Elbee
│─ †Trinket





  • October - Arrives in RavenBlack city, pulled by the black blood by †Kevan


  •  ?? - Joins the Villa of Blood
  •  ?? - Promoted to Blood Knight and inducted into the Towers of Blood
  •  ?? - Severs from †Kevan and takes †XXXshadowXXX as a sire
  •  ?? - Leaves the Towers of Blood and enters the Church of Blood Sanctuary
  • December 28 - Sires †Lady bondage


  • February 14 - AdaMaS proposes to †Carpathia after a successful hunt of Motley with the Church of Blood
  •  ?? - AdaMaS and †Carpathia leave the Church of Blood and join The Ferrymen under the Order of the Scythe
  •  ?? - Promoted to Strategos of the Order of the Scythe, as †WanderingFool becomes Lord of the Ferrymen in Lucius' absence
  •  ?? - Is "gifted' with the Book of Souls by †WanderingFool, thus beginning his descent into madness much like his brother
  • April 19 - †evilive gives his scythe to †WanderingFool, then bestowing it to AdaMaS
  •  ?? - Uses black magic to bind himself as a childe of †Lucius
  • July - Leaves the Ferrymen and rejoins the Church of Blood
  • July - Severs from †Lucius as his sire, and severs all of his childer
  • September - Re-sires †renovate


  • October 13 - AdaMaS and †Nemesis are wed. The ceremony officiated by her sire, Heimdag.
  • October - Eats the pages of the Book of Souls in an attempt to absorb its power
  • October - Is drained of his tainted blood ceremoniously by †EvilBill


  •  ?? - Joins the Splinters of Dusk



  • March 18 - AdaMaS and †Drakhaon are bound secretly in the night, after winning a stricken agreement to marry him if he could best her in a duel


  • November 7 - Wakes from sleep
  • November 10 - Gives his scythe over to †ophelia, relinquishing ties to his past.
  • November 12 - AdaMaS and †Drakhaon sever
  • November 22 - Establishes the Hellfire Club



AdaMaS is a master vampire.
Throne Vampbox.jpgThe Sovereign
AdaMaS is the Sovereign of the Mahorela.
Founders.jpgCity Founder
AdaMaS stalked the city streets before there were any.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
AdaMaS owns Hellfire Club at Willow and 75th.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
AdaMaS is fully powered.
AdaMaS is a Warrior.
AdaMaS has Attacked 100 or more other Vampires.
Bt.pngBattle Tested
Dude has experienced a live fight.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
AdaMaS has never been zeroed.
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