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CharacterSilhouette monochrome.png Character Portrayal
BloodDrop.jpgRank XIV: Blood Royal
Chiru has drunk
at least 25,000 pints of blood.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Chiru is fully powered.


Formerly partner-bound with †Nightwalker.

Her Character Sheet

Blood Oath Father: †WhiteLighter
Sire-in-Laws: †Damari and †Hessian; formally it was †Pandrora and †CBK.

Blood Oath Siblings: †ElishaDraken, †Deaths Shadows, †nolovejustlust, and †Aneres.
Brother-in-Law: †Malkavian
Childer though Nightwalker: †Reese_Neko and †ElishaDraken (blood oath sisters)

Other Quick Facts
Formal Sires In Order: †RavenBlack, †Skye Wolf, and †WhiteLighter
Has been active within the city for 6+ Years
Lives within the Moonlight Gardens which is owned by †Na formally known as †Anjana.
Muse used: Mana

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