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Cricket (born November 12, 1819); a young mortal, thriving in the beginning of a romantic era, this merely two century old vampire has taken permanent residence in RavenBlack City and currently leads one of the cities oldest clans House of Heorot.


Mortal Life

Her story begins in Boston Massachusetts where countless hours spent alone with her imagination; while her mother and father slaved away for little pay. Boston became their permanent residence when she was just a child. Her parents Aldalbert and Carwen Gaenor were simple restoration artists. Defined by the romantic era as young adults, they worked closely with an American architect to rebuild the hometown Churches and other surrounding buildings. Beauty, structure and slight-poverty immersed the families strength deeper into debt. At the age of 18, the young daughter was sent overseas to Europe with a traveling priest and close family friend. Living with the local community church in London, her new family cared for her greatly, offering her college opportunities, teaching discipline and character. Aside from the generous goods one never refuses; she needed something more. Her melancholy mood swings, dark poetic thoughts and raging actions resulted in banishment from the parish.

Away from her biological family for four years; travel was the newest option. Enriched with her families artistic veins she was drawn to composers and poets across the world. Absorbing perceptions of Poe and Beethoven; she wrapped her days with classical music and harsh literary compositions. Turning to less common study's of gothic and vampiric icons it was not long after this young child's beautiful past was corrupted into dreams beyond imagination. Moving further from London's overcrowded city she headed southeast in search something new.

One afternoon, Cricket found herself stepping off a tour bus parked before the iron gates of Dracula's Castle. Those days the bloodline still resided on the property and kept most of the grounds separated from the public. The sun drew passed the trees as evening colors cast a beautiful orange and blue palette across the sky. Wandering slowly behind the tour guided crowd, she slipped between the public ruins and slumped down under an over-sized tree. Relaxed, she removed a journal from her bag and noted the appearance of the stately walls surrounding the area.

An unfamiliar face stopped at her right, sat down beside her and introduced himself as Leopold. Dumbfounded, she did not remember him with the tour but he was most pleasant to talk to. As the evening grew, deeper shades of blue protruded above them while reminiscing on the stories of attacks, impalement tactics and eventual death of Dracula. Wandering the outside walls of the castle and its many decaying stone rooms. You could say they were quite the nocturnal pair.


Awake and Anew

October 1847, one year after the couple met, the autumn moon beamed brightly over the Transylvanian orchard. The couples close friend Friar Mendel spoke from the arched altar covered with deep red roses, jasmine vines and silver as Cricket held the hand of her newly wedded husband 'Leopold' Arkady Tsepesh. Securing their overpowering love with a kiss they dined under the twilight stars before returning to his family's keep.

Sturdy horses pulled them toward a castle with high-ceiling stone walls adorn with artifacts of gold and red. Leopold carried her across the wide threshold as the wooden doors sealed behind them simultaneously. Having been inside only one time before, Cricket's breathing slowed to take everything in. Each heirloom stood perfectly dusted on small wooden tables etched with gold trim as he lead her up the grand staircase and into the west wing. Opening the door, stately white ceilings separated the sage walls and red drapery. Gold accents hung about the dimly lit room fit for a queen. Strolling passed the rather over-sized furniture, the couple focused only on each other for what seemed to be eternity.

Embraced tightly, Leopold sunk he teeth into the nape of her neck. Numbness quickly filled her veins as the night twisted from beautiful to somber right before her eyes. He bit into the soft tissue of his wrist, placed it over her lips and whispered. "I am a most desolate creature, a vampire with mortals soul. My bride, our bond is stronger then most." Overwhelmed, single tears dripped down her burning placid skin, he held her tight nurturing each step of the transformation.

Stirring, slowly, the days had blended seamlessly into nights as she slept upon the black silk and cashmere sheets. The shades had been drawn and sealed tight. Thankful for the darkness, Cricket pulled her fragile frame now strengthened by new bleak and rough flesh up from the bed. Dizzy, she stumbled to the mirror.

The being standing before her starred back with its crisp hazel eyes and pursed lips. Almost unrecognizably beautiful; her caramel brown locks rested upon her cold-blooded flesh reflecting pale pink and blueish tones. No change it seemed, she sighed, except her cheeks were not as rosy, nails not as short or heart as strong. Bringing her thin fingers to her fitted chest, Cricket paused almost immediately as Leopold appeared wrapping his arms around her and grinned. Confused, she muttered. "Vampire, you said or was it all a dream." He kissed the nape of her neck, nodded slightly and began to explain...

         'Leopold' Arkady Tsepesh resided within the castle survived by his great-great-uncle Vlad. He had tried on multiple
         occasions to break the covenant his uncle has placed on the family for generations and failed. He was now a vampire,
         separated for centuries from his beloved wife and son. After his uncle's final days and most relatives had been
         granted final death, he swore to bind the great cement walls of the castle tight til the end of time...

First impression as a vampire

The crescent moon grew, each night as she did. Despite the vast knowledge Cricket held of the species, being such a creature; was completely different. Months after turning, Leopold taught her to hunt. Feasting upon small animals at first until strength allowed her to take down larger game. It was not long after Cricket discovered the savory taste of human blood was much more sweeter and desired then her usual prey.

Very few boundaries held the couple apart, together meddling during the dark skies and resting as the sun rose high above visited cities. Between travels; they hunted. Rome, Vienna and Prague was just a few among their search for a new home before settling within a tiny abandoned cottage along the Danube River. It's little stone walls brought memories of the Tsepesh home. Challenged by her newly given gift, they visited the castle often but Cricket refused to stay. Fearing control was beyond her imagination as many local townsmen and commoner flocked to its mighty gates daily.

Years passed and her human soul that once filled the void remained a memory. Cricket no longer remembered the life she once was born into. Although such memories were barely mentioned and became fuzzy. Like reading a sign squinting to force it in focus but it never would. She had sharper talents now. Hours of trained meditation allowed her to levitate a few feet from the ground and stealthy swift movements made her thin frame agile which improved her hunting techniques. Although Leopold was always at her side, they often split up during hunts to avoid ever being trapped together, some may refer to it as survival.

In 1877, rumor of the Russo-Turkish war lept closer to their village. Cricket and Leopold's few necessities were neatly packed and they slept for one final day within their cottage. One day too long. The walls rumbled as bounds of soldiers plummeted over the river striking everyone in sight. Leopold woke and slipped out of their home quietly as Cricket slept like a lion. No fear overcame him as his instinctive fighting traits kicked in. Thousands of soldiers scaled the land with bayonets and guns; killing everyone standing in their way.

Waking from a long day, the evening sun had rested leaving it's orange and red hues behind. Not long after stepping outside into the bloodshed covered grounds; she found her husband. Weeping over his staked corpse, other villagers bodies floated in the shallow depths of the Danube. The morning sun, rose slowly into the placid midnight blue sky when a familiar voice pulled her emotionless being from the water. Cricket stayed leeched to her husband, unable to shed tears throughout the night. Friar Mendel, securely transported the couple to their families castle and laid proper burial for the dead.

RavenBlack City

Life as a Heorotian


Young Cricket - Portrait painted by her father Aldabert Gaenor

   Mortal Birth: Nov. 12, 1819
   Origin: Boston, MA
   Gender: Female

   Immortal Birth: c. 1847
   Location: Wallachia
   Visual age: 28

   Marriage: 1846
   Departed Husband: 'Leopold' Arkady Tsepesh
   Widowed: c. 1877

   Current Residence: RavenBlack City
   Date Arrived: c. 2004
   Royal Dwelling: House of Heorot
   Bloodline: None
   Partner: not bound


Standing 5foot 6inches tall; her subtly translucent, creamy-white appearance colored by long caramel brown locks and hazel eyes. Evenly proportioned, high cheekbones accentuate the length of her face slimming toward the softness of her lips and small curved chin. Crickets lean hourglass figure, accentuating collar bone and B bosom slims her torso above semi-wide hips; lengthening her legs down to naturally arched feet with berry painted toes. A Celtic right thumb ring decorates her long piano fingered hands and trimmed french-painted nails. Decorated with few silver bracelets her wrists are abnormally small compared to her thin frame one can place their thumb and forefinger around in an overlapping fashion. Although often cold to touch, her cared for skin hides two centuries of life.

Respectful, structured, and fun; her personality is strong and sometimes she can make a shy first impression. One feat she strives to overcome. A dedicated, sincere, vivacious vampire who uses her time wisely. Striving to accomplish her goals in perfect order which results in giving second chances and faltering thirds influencing her responses to be invasive; which can deter some individuals. Cricket holds family and friendships dear, protecting and assisting them without reward in return. Rough at the core; it can take time for her to gain ones trust. She dislikes deceitful actions and believes opinions should not be judged but considered.

Cricket is normally seen in anything but orange and bright colors, unless the occasion truly calls for it. Sporting earth and night tones composed of cotton, silk, lace, leather or cashmere garments. Her wardrobe varies between punk rock/gothic pieces, human business casual items, and dresses. She enjoys showing off her small curves under a slim attire. Most often she can be found hunting in her favorite high legged black boots, purple plaid skirt meeting a few inches above the knee, black lace and cotton shirt flared at the wrists wrapped in a long coat. Like human females, Crickets purse conceals essentials: holy water and a small dagger for emergency purposes, comb, shiny fruit lip gloss, body lotion, a few pens and a notepad.


Cricket is organized in many aspects of her life. As she recalls her human past only because it was documented in one of her many journals. Writing and remembering how she felt through many scenarios over time. Writing is not her strength but she's dabbled in poetry, most were unsuccessful pieces of her once beating heart.

Cricket is intrigued by keeping her multitasking skills sharp. After a long day of clan grooming and organizing paperwork; she can often be found lingering in the gardens behind Heorot with her fingers scoring the dirt nurturing the growing moon flowers and blood cherry bushes or savoring a dry blood gimlet or Merlot at the pub. She enjoys the solitude of a good book, a round of scrabble, and various types of music especially the softness of Beethoven or Tchaikovsky's piano putting her in a most passionate mood.

Surrounding herself with an uplifting vibe of energy, it leaves her thoughts well-rounded and tame. Although politics is not her strength; she will take in different views and choose which fits best for the situation. All affairs aside; Cricket loves a good chase during battles. She's known to swiftly seek and surprise her prey before moving forward to the next victim. She honors torpor and has been zeroed once.


Living with the traditional Heorotian traits; Cricket is truthful to her mate, friends, and clan. This loyal vampiress takes passion in what she's after without settling for less. It might have something to do with her scorpion personality, but you'll just have to meet with her to find out.

She is open-minded, can be aggressive, intensely dedicated, and sometimes a bit shy. Her ideal mate is an active partner at her side, someone not afraid to be adventurous, respectful and fun. 'Friends w/ benefits' is not tolerated no matter how hard one tries. She has vowed to never disrespect a bound pire and expects the same in return.

Cricket has had a few short and extended relationships with pires both outside and inside her clan; although plans did not work to her favor. She looks forward to her daily adventures in the city and meeting her future husband.

Vampire Status

The vampire Cricket has been drinking *incrementing* pints of blood
Blood Rank: Blood Royal
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

Cricket is sire to two other vampire, including: †Lupa_del_noche, †tempest
Cricket is a master vampire, with no sire.

Former Bloodline:
March 2010 to Jan 2011
Cricket's lineage runs as follows: †kaio999, †doncey and the master vampire †Vermathrax-rex.
Cricket's close siblings include: †newbloodlust, †Zachy, †Malacai, †Kerri Xeneri, †Xaxxa, †GargamelGarhet, †Lisastrata, †Kalie Rae, †Drusilla and †Commando.

2006 to 2010
Cricket's lineage runs as follows: †nolovejustlust and the master vampire †AQelDroma.
Cricket's close siblings include: †Nos, †Veronique, †Up2NoGood and †hisloveandlust.

Chronological Events

†Cricket wanders aimlessly around the city, discovering all that is has to offer.
Donates for the powers of Second-sight and Celerity(1),
Purchases Shadows(1) and Thievery(1) from the thieves guild that she stumbled upon.

April 3rd - †Cricket is sworn into the clan House of Heorot, begins training and gains shadows(2) a few days in.
May - Purchases thievery(3)
June - Receives the powers of Perception & Suction
July - Earns Stamina(1-2)
August - Completes the powers of Celerity(2)
September - Receives final level of stamina(3)
October - †Cricket completes all three levels of celerity,charisma(1) and is courted by †Disagod.
November - †Veronique becomes †Cricket mentor and she graduates from the Training Asylum.
December - †Cricket enters †Pandora bloodline by taking a new sire; †Criede and her husband †CBK

January - Leaping toward the Halls of Binding an unforeseen fate pulled †Disagod away. No one heard from him again.
March - †Cricket is promoted to Sword-thane warrior and †Veronique mentors her progress
April 3rd - †Cricket celebrates her 1st anniversary of entering clan House of Heorot.

March - †Cricket loving mentor †Veronique and husband †LuciferRose sires her into the †Aqeldroma bloodline.
April - Heorot's war with ___ ends marking her first combat mistakes and lessons learned.
June - Veronique's human pulls her away from her clan duties and she announces her leave.
September - Leader †AQelDroma and †Pandora mutually decide they can no longer reign over Heorot and announces leave from the clan. House of Heorot takes a drastic turn as many older members slip into shadows and silence spills over the halls. †AQelDroma appointed four new leaders: †CrimsonClover, †Blackdragon, †nolovejustlust, and wife †Tsini
November - Painfully, †Cricket unbinds from Veronique and takes †nolovejustlust as her new sire with wife †Tsini.

April - †Cricket fights along side other Heorotians in a war against members of the TiC. Focusing efforts on †What The,†Fire Hawk and †phineus T fang. The war totaled up to 12 targets.
May - War continues and †Cricket is promoted into the 'Second Circle' house within Heorot.
June 19th - †Cricket was the second to last Heorotian to fall during the war and is zeroed for the first time. Heorot leaders announced resignation of their duties and left the clan.
July 3rd - Two weeks in torpor had passed and †Cricket awoke to an almost empty catacomb; her parents left Heorot.
July 18th - Taking the initiative to lead the small numbered clan. †Cricket called together it's remaining members and after some discussion; takes leadership of Heorot.
August - Process to rebuild House of Heorot begins.
December - †Cricket officially announces House of Heorot re-kindled alliance with Clan Capadocious led by †Archangel and clan Hells Angels led by †mrbrutus.

January - †Cricket receives many negative messages as House of Heorot assists Clan Capadocious and Hells Angels in a fight against †HerGlowingEyes.
April - †Cricket led the clan to assist Hells Angels while under attack from The Ferrymen. The fight was short lived.
July - Real-life got the better of her human and †Cricket unintentionally fell in shadows.
November - Four months later; †Cricket begins to regain self control and enters the home she unwillingly abandoned to start all over again.

February - A new newspaper comes to RBC and †Cricket decides it's time to come out from her shell and be more social.
March - †Cricket was added to NW(nightwatch)ambassador list representing her clan.
May - †Cricket proudly sires Heorot second-circle officer and shield-thane; †Lupa_del_noche
August - SL forums buckle causing Heorots home to undergo immediate renovations. †Cricket publicly announces the clan is temporarily closed until further notice and relinquishes all ties with Heorots allies.

January 1st - †Cricket re-opens HoH
March 7th - †Cricket takes new blood bound sire †kaio999
March 10th - †Cricket proudly sires Heorotian and sword-thane †tempest (formerly known as Takashi)


HoH.gifHouse of Heorot Leader
Cricket is leader of House of Heorot.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Cricket is fully powered.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Cricket reads the Black and White.
Music.pngMusic Lover
Cricket loves to listen to music.
12-17-08blood.jpgBlood Royal
Cricket has reached 25,000 pints of blood.
Cricket honors torpor.
Owlflight.jpgWake Up
Cricket reads the Wake Up.
Cricket likes gargoyles.
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