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Drella D'dary

The vampire Drella has drunk 30000+ pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Andre.
Drella is sire to 6 other vampires, including: Eyezac (3656 pints), Ezra (3077 pints), Liander (1855 pints), Liz Summers (1061 pints), Sitrence (436 pints), Dahlia- (80 pints)
Drella's lineage runs as follows: Sheyrena (265), Sartori (0) and the master vampire evilive_inc (12211).


February '09 - Drella meets †Toki and †-Tatyn-.
February '09 - †Louvain sires Drella.
April '09 - Drella joins L'inconnu.
April '09 - L'inconnu wars with Hells Angels. Drella takes her first zeroing. Kill shot by †Vulgarvamp.
April '09 - Drella binds to †EmpressLizard.
Semptember '09 - Dumont Family, Clan Tal'mahe'Ra, and Clan Unity (AKA the Patchwork Alliance) officially declare War on Clan L'inconnu.
Semptember '09 - Drella is zero'd in war for the second time. Kill shot by †PureSunshine.
November '09 - Drella takes over Chair position in L'inconnu after †Louvain steps down.
January '10 - Rena/Elvenbane sires †Louvain
January '10 - Drella sires †LadyMonroe
February '10 - Drella severs †EmpressLizard
February '10 - Drella zeroed by Splinters of Dusk
March '10 - Drella zeroed by Splinters of Dusk ..again.
March '10 - A week later, Drella zeroed by Descending Angels
All contracts presumably taken out by the same gutless wonder.
August '10 - Drella and †Toki bind during the D'dary families graping of the Descending Angels. Much fun was had by all.
October '10 - Drella severs †LadyMonroe.
November '10- Toki severs Drella.
November '10- Louvain severs Drella upon request. She is then sired by Tifereth.
February '11 - Drella severs Tifereth and is sired once more by Louvain.
December '12 - Drella sires -Tatyn-.
December '12/January '13 - The D'dary awaken to war with the de Boullion line, aka, The Chicken Broth, aka The Thrall Wars.
January'13 - Drella, Moons-Shadow, and Vermathrax-rex give Gypsy three stakes to the chest.
January'13 - Drella is officially inducted into the House of D'dary.
March '13 - Drella sires Jay.
September - November '13 - D'dary allies with The Republic and Yggdrasil (RoY) to fuck up †Liski and her loyal followers known fondly as Fairymont. Liski and Co. lose. They lose hard.
October '13 - Drella binds to †Andre.
January '14 - Drella severs -Tatyn- per Tatyn's request. They remain close, but Tatyn needed more than the city could offer.
Summer '15 - Drella heads up a kerfuffle between D'dary and Republic of Ravenblack. This battle is fought and won within less than a week ending in RoR's surrender and a zeroing of their leadership.
2015 - Drella sires †Eyezac, †Sitrence, and † Seyda
January '16 - Drella severs †Seyda as her childe and †Louvain as her sire.
March '16 - Drella sires Liz Summers, Ezra, and Dahlia-.
March '16 - Drella and Louvain rejoin the lineage by blood under Sheyrena.
April '16 - Drella sires Liander.

Basic Info

Vampire Name: Drella

Occupation: Second in command of the House of D'dary.

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Race: Caucasian

Birthplace: Englewood, Colorado

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Special Powers: All RavenBlack Powers.

Partner bound: †Andre

Past partner bounds: EmpressLizard, Toki

Y!M: demodrella

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