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The vampire Edan (Born January 19, 1987; turned August 13, 2008) came to RavenBlack City in
early August in hopes to find and reunite with his sister Saikeria, but plans changed when
he was bitten by a vampire.

Edan Nicola Danti


City Life

Street Name: Edan
Full Name: Edan Nicola Danti Ailios
Highest Blood Rank: Supreme Vampire
Powers: Fully Powered
Abilities:Telekinesis; mind control of both animals and humans; Can manipulate and control flame;
              levitation; feeds off emotional energies
Past Affiliations: The Ferrymen of Ravenblack[2]; L'inconnu; Adaire bloodline;
Current Affiliations: Ailios bloodline; D'dary
Class: Warrior


Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Usually overgrown covering his ears
Eyes Color: Brown but have a darker hue when bloodlusted or angered
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Body Type: Athletic

Nationality: Italian/American
Visual Age: 20
Turning Date: 15th August 2008


Former Sires

†RemipunX [Oct. 2, 2008 - Oct. 15, 2008]
     Contacted Edan after he was zeroed by a few members of Republic of Ravenblack and offered to be his sire.
     Unknowing of her, and quite oblivious to the politics of the city he took her up on the offer
     and became her childe as of the October 2, 2008. However in three weeks time he was convinced the binding
     with Remi was bad idea and severed her.

†Annabelle [Oct. 21, 2009 - Dec. 16, 2011]
     Anna, among several others, helped aid in Edan's revelation on his recent binding with †RemipunX, and in a short
     time her and Edan had become close thus turning into an offer to sever and bind as sire and childe. Annabelle paid
     for the severance under the condition to be reimbursed.

Current Sire

†Inu [April 20, 2012]
     Edan believed they had the closet relationship out of all †Annabelle's childer, and claimed Inu as his mentor.
     Through-out Annabelle's first hiatus Inu took Edan under her wing and showed him the ways according to her.
     During their sire's second hiatus she severed, but remained very close to her siblings. On April 20, 2012 Inu threw
     a binding offer to which he happily accepted.

Edan Danti


†abi+Ross [May 27, 2009 - Current]
     Edan felt a connection to this vampiress. His ultimate goal was to be bound to Abigail as her sire.
     In three weeks time the two built a relationship as friends, and on May 27, 2009 they went to the halls
     and imprinted their relationship as sire and childe.

†Devany [April 24, 2009 - Current]
     This vampiress is Edan's little orphan. If one to ask Edan to describe their relationship he would
     explain it like this: "She's a pistol, and I often want to strangle her, but I couldn't give her up."
     - Currently on hiatus without any return date

Former Partners

†Kiara [Oct. 7, 2009 - Nov. 29. 2009]
     The two entered a partnership, on October 7, 2009, during a war and as far as Edan was concerned the partnership was
     business, but that only lasted a few weeks as their relationship developed. It failed to burn loud enough and Edan asked for
     a severance.

†Deylin [Dec. 24, 2009 - July 14, 2010]
     After severing †Kiara Edan began to experiment with his sexuality with the push of a close friend, Deylin.
     On the Christmas Eve of 2009 the two made their relationship public and official as PartnerBound.
                                                                            The partnership almost lasted six months to the date.

Current Partners

†xXChameleonXx [July 08, 2014]
     †Ikunnaprinsess, Sung Mei's sire and very good friend of Edan, introduced to two of them in the taverns once night
     and one could describe it as love at first sight. Mei has stuck by him even though he feels she deserve better!
     Sung Mei is truly the love of his existence, Edan's other half. She is definitely that which completes him.

Edan, The Human

A boy, Edan, was born, in the winter of 1987 to the happy couple of Nathan and Hollie Ashe and their year old daughter, his only siblings, Saikeria Hayden. He was only a year younger than Saikeria, even though they had their sibling rivalry, the girl looked out for her brother; as did he when he was older. As he got older, he noticed that their relationships had drifted from what it used to be, she did her thing, dancing and other such and he did his own; video games. He also noticed, he was sure no one else did, that his parents had the habit of paying more attention to Saikeria than they did to him, this had the tendency to anger Edan.

While Saikeria got the support, he was the one who left in the dark, the one that needed to get things done for himself, by himself. Surprisingly, he didn't hate his sister for this but rather resented their parents. Through his early teenage years, Edan was hardly ever seen at the family home. People often told him that he was in the wrong family, that they didn't see any of his family in him.

After graduating from high school, a year after he should have, Edan didn't have the grades to attend college but had the skills to get a job rebuilding computers with a friend of his from high school. The man still lived at home, mainly because he was too lazy to get out on his own. Even with Saikeria in college and out of the house, Nathan nor Hollie paid much attention to him; other than the occasional chore or favor from him. But for the most part, Edan still spent most of his hours in his room on his computer if he wasn't at work. He was there to watch is mother suffer through breast cancer and then nearly a year later watch his father, too, pass. Though, like his sister, Edan was long gone.

A few years had passed since he'd seen his sister, he started to wonder what and how she was doing. Shortly after his father died, he dropped the business, Edan decided he would go find her or at least try. After several months of searching, bar and pub hopping, he finally found out she was a vampire, it alarmed and intrigued all at the same time. He wasn't going to allow that to stop him from finding her. Once he heard she was residing in a city called RavenBlack; he set off.

Early City History

After his turning, Edan continued the search for his sister again, he began asking around to the bar owners and tenders asking questions and showing pictures. But to his dismay, he got the same response almost every time. They had seen her but told him they knew not where she was now. Frustrated and determined, he sat down at his laptop and started a mass wide web search for her. Finding her only took a couple of hours thanks to MySpace.

A reunion of the two was cut short thanks to an attack by a vampire clan who called themselves Republic of RavenBlack. Edan was confused as to why the attack launched but could do little about it then. Later he found out the attacked was brought on by their suspicions of him being a vampire they referred to as †Spensor Haze. He was zeroed, then and another time shortly after by †Damari and a few others, for not observing torpor.


Positives Traits

 ° Loyal
 ° Honest
 ° Quiet
 ° Productive
 ° Active
 ° Protective
 ° Opinionated

Negative Traits

 ° Blunt
 ° When he does speak, he speaks passionate
   which tends to get him in trouble
 ° Can be overprotective


 ° War
 ° Blood
 ° Violence
 ° Loyalty
 ° The Hunt
 ° Speaking his mind
 ° Enjoys simply watching humans


 ° Blood lovers
 ° Neutral Vampires
 ° Emotional vampires
 ° Mixed or Hybrid creatures
 ° Others who can't shut their mouth
 ° Vampires who complain about losing blood

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