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The vampire Fenrir_Lycan has drunk 13086 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Kaotic.
Fenrir_Lycan is sire to 6 other vampires, including: †-Cherry-, †Keva_Lycan, †Tripp, †Nicolas, †Kaelani, †Jace
Fenrir_Lycan is a second-generation vampire, sired by †Veeta.

Fenrir_Lycan has no siblings.

BloodDrop.jpgRank XII: Supreme Vampire
Fenrir_Lycan has drunk
at least 10,000 pints of blood.
Fenrir_Lycan is partner-bound to †Kaotic.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Fenrir_Lycan is fully powered.
Goldcrown.jpgClan Leader
Fenrir_Lycan leads a clan.



Fenrir Lycan della Rocco

IGN Fenrir_Lycan


Fenrir_Lycan's lineage runs as follows: †Boomerangele, and the master vampire †The Sun.


Fenrir_Lycan is partner-bound with †-Risika-


Fenrir_Lycan is sire to one othervampire, including Panda (501)


Fenrir_Lycan has taken blood-oaths to two very close friends of his, †Daly, and †Koz.


Fenrir is currently involved in the creation of Tal'mahe'Ra as it's leader. He has been a member of the clans Demons, Outlaws, and Angels; Scions of the Phoenix; Sypheronias; Ordo Illuminati; Azrael's Knights; and the gang Midnights


Fenrir's cell (y!m) is Kenneth_Daly_2010 and is listed as public knowledge.

Physical Description

Body Type: 6' 2", broad, and very muscular.

Eyes: Normally hazel, but if he's angered they're a deep shade of midnight blue.

Complexion: Creamy white.

Hair: Naturally brown.

Tattoos: He has a red Ace of Spades on the inside of his left forearm, a four-leaf clover taking up his upper right arm, and a large tribal design starting on his neck and moving down over part of his upper left arm and shoulder-blade.

Voice: Deep and rough.

Clothing: Usually a pair of khaki cargo pants and a polo. If he's hunting or headed for a battle he'll be shirtless, showing off his muscular torso, and the man'll be wearing a pair of cargo khaki shorts that stop just below his knees. He's what the humans would call preppy, for the most part. His pockets are almost always bulging with weapons, scrolls, and the usual three packs of cigarettes that he always carries on his person.

Vehicles: He drives a black on silver Bugatti Veyron, a white Hyperbusa with blue stripes on a mainly black body. Silver Japanese lettering is on the front of the bike, over one of the blue stripes. And, when he's in a cruising mood, he just breaks out the convertible Bentley Continental.


Before being turned:

Fenrir was born in Ireland in 1890, with the name of Connor della Rocco. His family history made him 1/4 Lycan, and had the Berserker gene flowing through his blood as well, though it was unknown to him until adolescence. His mother died during his birth and his father was an abusive drunk. The only thing he learned from his father was a skill at repairing things made of wood. Most of Connor's time as a child was spent in the woods with his mother's best friend's daughter, Florence. Connor was very fond of Florence growing up, and as he started to reach adolescence he began to wish to be more than just friends with her. The two of them met at a bridge they'd built over the creek in the nearby forest some three years before each day. One day when Connor was 15, he went to meet Florence. Connor saw her there with another boy, and the two of them were kissing. Connor went into a blind rage at the sight and he slaughtered them both using his bare hands and Berserker strength. The boy passed out from the pure rage, then woke up covered in blood and entrails from the two he'd killed. Connor began puking, and noticed chunks of flesh and a bloody color to his vomit, then realized that he must have been eating them as well. He rushed home, cleaned up as well as he could, and left. The only things he took were a bag of clothing and all of his father's money, which was a considerable amount due to his father owning a large farm on the outskirts of the town, along with having a carpentry business on the side. Connor went to France and made himself useful in a coal mine for a few years, until the start of the Second World War. He enlisted right away and retreated to England with the rest of the troops. While in England, though, he was attacked by a vampire and the vampire decided to Embrace him. After he'd been Embraced, he went into that blind rage for the second time in his life and tore the pyre's head off with his bare hands. He knew what had happened, because of all the legends in the area that a vampire was plaguing the area, and he defected from the French army to hide for a while in London.

After Turning:

Connor killed a few innocent people while in London when the hunger became too much to bear, but he tried to avoid people as much as possible. After about 5 years, he left London and headed for the United States, because people were getting suspicious of the disappearances that were becoming more and more frequent in London. He started off by taking what money he still had from his job in the coal mines and from his military pay and bought a small woodworking shop where he repaired furniture. A few years later, he had to sell the shop and move, and he repeated this process every few years, heading from city to city. Eventually he made his way to San Diego and ran into a small group of others like him. One of the vampires he met there could smell that he wasn’t a pure vampire, and that he was part Lycan. A few of those that he met didn’t like that fact and tried to kill him, but he out-fought them and eventually killed all but one. The final one knew that he’d met his match and managed to escape while his comrades were being torn apart.

After the fight Connor adopted the name Fenrir, which was the wolf son of the trickster god Loki, of Norse mythology. Since he was originally from the Nordic area, he had studied the Norse gods well in grade school. He knew Fenrir was almost entirely unstoppable, and that nearly all the gods feared him. “Why shouldn't I have a name that strikes fear into the hearts of even the gods?” was his thought as he realized that one of his enemies had run off. It was 1952, and the Irishman began to work out constantly and increase his physical strength while building his size. After a few years, he moved again, this time to Chicago. The man just kept moving from city to city until he ended up in the edge of RavenBlack City in October of 2007.

Unlife in The City:

Shortly after coming to the city, Fenrir met †Soledad. Soledad became his first sire after he acquired a few powers, and shortly after that he joined the (now defunct) clan of Demons, Outlaws, and Angels. The clan was ruined less than two months after he joined it, a result of the clan leader, †Demonic_Diati, having been brought to zero in a war against the infamous †Majica before having gone dead and buried. DD had been the sire of †Moon_Shadow, who happened to be Fenrir’s grandsire. Moon was also sire to †scratch, who became one of Fenrir’s closest friends among members of the family. Soon after the death of DD and the ruin of DOA, Fenrir went to the Scions of the Phoenix, but left after only a week, having decided that the clan wasn’t for him. He tried Sypheronias, and also decided that this clan wasn’t for him, but not before having been severed by †Soledad and sired instead by his long-time friend †Daly. He had also begun to grow very close to †Brandi Stewart, sharing a relationship with her and binding to her. †Daly and Fenrir made one incredibly memorable trip to Ireland, which involved illicit substances and more than a few innocent bystanders being slaughtered with an array of weapons ranging from Desert Eagles to a broken Guinness bottle. Not long after, though, Fenrir severed from Brandi due to personal stress caused by her not liking his life-style. He had Daly sever him soon after that, as well, for personal reasons (along with a falling out between the humans Kenny and Aaron). After that, Fenrir was lost in Shadows for a while to re-evaluate where he was going with his unlife, then came back and became sired by †JokerofLust. After a few months and gaining many more powers, Fenrir joined Azrael's Knights. About a month after joining AK, Fenrir asked Joker to sever him so he could go in his own direction and learn things from experience, and Joker complied. Fenrir was lost in shadows from the beginning of September, 2008 to December 19th, 2008. Shortly after his return, he sired †Kat_Lycan and †Alsa, and around the same time began to date †Mute. Fenrir severed Alsa not long ago, at her request, though they still remain close friends. In January of 2009, Fenrir joined The Midnights, and joined the Joker branch, which he became the Don of in early March. On March 28th, he agreed to split the title of Don with †Liander Myst and work with him to create stronger and more fun pranks to be played. He created Tal'mahe'Ra on April 8th, 2009 and Fenrir left the Midnights on Easter Sunday (April 12) of 2009.


October '07 – Came to RBC

December '07 – Sired by †Soledad; joined DOA

January '08 – Left DOA; joined/left Scions of the Phoenix; joined Sypheronias

February '08 – Severed from †Soledad, sired by †Daly, left Sypheronias

May '08 – Severed from †Daly

June '08 – Sired by †JokerofLust

August '08 – Severed by †JokerofLust

September 2008 to December 19, 2008 – Lost in Shadow

December 22, 2008 - Sired †Kat_Lycan

January 12, 2009 - Began dating †Mute

January 21, 2009 - Helped to zero †Guillem in a joint strike force for †Koz.

January 26, 2009 - Joined the Midnights. Fenrir takes his first torpor, thanks to the efforts of a zeroing by Hells Angels.

March 13, 2009 - Became Don of the Jokers, a branch of the Midnights.

April 8, 2009 - Created Tal'mahe'Ra

April 12, 2009 - Left the Midnights

Zeroing assists


The Human behind Fenrir

Fenrir's human is Kenny, from NW Ohio. He's fairly known among the chats from his days as a chat 'pyre and the thrall name, _Vlad_.

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