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Basic Information

He was sired by †Shikon on December 30th 2008 in the presence of †MavericksChild. Currently resides in Ravenblack City, disinterested in city politics, bloodline affairs, or siring. †Geseki remains very private, keeping under the radar as he pursues a career in fashion. His ties to crime syndicates in Seoul, KR continue to be part of his day-to-day.


In January 2011, an unprovoked †tejas_dragon began stalking †Geseki and abusively biting him. Growing tired of the unprompted stalking, †Geseki, per suggestion of his sire, attacked. Alongside †Shikon, †Koz, †Tarin, and †Occamrazor, they zeroed †tejas_dragon by the end of the month.

Out of Character

This character is no longer played on forums.
This character is actively played on Tumblr.

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