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This character article is written by the player


The Basics

Name: Jada

Mortal Name: Iana

Birthday: December 15, year 400 A.D.

Height: Approximately 5’2”

Weight: Approximately 100 lbs.

Place of Mortal Birth: 5th Century Britain

Sire: †Vermathrax-rex

Companion: †Moirai della Spada

Former Companion(s): †Marco, †Rodargo, †blackdragon and †Jacomo Varis

Childer: †Erebos

Former Childer: †Xedanis Sykonra and †Quinn Darcy

Appearance: Pale and lithe, graceful - a dancer’s body. Dark brown (almost black), waist-length hair. Deep blue eyes that change to a flinty grey when hunting or fighting.

Attire: Favors leather, denim and more modern clothing in general. In war, she dons her battle leathers of old and paints herself in the manner of her ancient mortal people.

Tattoos/Scars/Marks: A small blue crescent moon tattooed horizontally upon her forehead, just below her hairline - the mark of the Goddess - which she mostly keeps covered up to blend more easily. More recently acquired is a series of three circular designs that tell the story of her life, running vertically down her spine. These newer tattoos were inked by the vampire †Hessian. Pressed between the tattoos are three brands burned into her skin by the god Set. The only other mark adorning her flesh is a small, light line above her right hip, caused by a hunter’s poisoned bolt and removed with a hot blade by the vampire †Damien Crow, causing a permanent scar that not even her vampiric blood could heal.

Temperament: The first thing one should know about Jada is that she has a terrible temper - quick, fiery and unforgiving. Her rage does not come out to play too often, but most find her quite terrifying when it is let loose. Many a bloody trail has been left in the wake of one of her mood swings. Her Malkavian blood manifests itself as feral, wild and paranoid tendencies, causing her to trust very few in her unlife.

A consummate warrioress, Jada lives for battle and conflict and is constantly preparing for it. A peaceful City leads to madness, depression and boredom. She has been zeroed and sent to torpor four times - something she looks forward to as she gains the most insight into her own tormented head while there.

Jealous, possessive and bitingly sarcastic, Jada can be a heinous bitch when something gets her back up - something as simple as a dirty look can cause her acid tongue to dance around and dig up trouble if she is in the right mood.

Headstrong, stubborn as hell, tough as nails, bloodthirsty and filled with rage, the last vestiges of humanity have slipped away from her in the past few years, hardening her outlook on unlife, keeping her safe from vulnerability. She no longer believes in such a thing as romantic love, but instead places value in trust, respect and a healthy amount of lust. Hedonistic - very self-centered and seeks her own pleasure in everything. Dances on the line of the Masquerade, constantly tempting fate.

Cursed with the “gift” of the empath, Jada can easily pick up on the feelings and emotions of others, though she rarely feels empathy for them, or sympathy for that matter. However, these outside feelings and emotions can easily wreak havoc upon her own if she is not careful to block them.

On the flip side, Jada is fiercely loyal, caring and protective of those she loves. She usually keeps to herself and loathes being the center of attention. She is quiet and reserved around vampires she does not know well, but amongst her family and close friends, she is quite different - relaxed, playful and impish.

Also in strange contrast to her destructive and bloodthirsty nature, Jada is a skilled healer and well-versed in all forms of magic - a throwback to her mortal days as a priestess in service to the Dark Goddess.

Brief History

Jada was born Iana, a child of Druids, during the tail-end of the Roman occupation of Britannia, and raised to be a priestess in service to the Goddess. Before being sent away to the High Priestess' care, she met and fell in love with a half-Roman soldier named Gareth – it was this relationship and the resulting events that eventually led to her turning at the approximate age of 25.

After watching her mortal children grow to adulthood, she wandered the Earth in search of adventure and knowledge, finally arriving in RavenBlack City, circa November 2002. She wandered within the City for quite some time, avoiding others like her and the places they frequented, until finally accepting an invite to a clan - Clan Capadocious to be exact - sometime in late 2004. She left to join her sisters with the clan Empty Spiral when it broke free from the Caps, then wandered alone for some time before joining the Republic of RavenBlack. After nearly two years serving as their Ducere of War and Defense, due to personal reasons, she decided to take her leave of the clan and joined L'inconnu. L'inconnu imploded around February 2010 and closed its doors, seemingly for good. Jada joined Sons of Sin as their co-leader in March 2010 but left in May of the same year, and has ties to several other groups, including the Temple of Set and Descending Angels.

Even though she's become more social and interested in her surroundings, she still likes to maintain her privacy and fly under the radar. Some might even call her antisocial, but truly, she cannot be bothered with the mundane drama the City all too frequently sees.

City Timeline


November - Arrived in the City (OOC Note: original sire's name cannot be recalled, but he was deleted soon after]
December - Wandered




November - December - Joined Clan Capadocious, Capadocian Silhouettes (Sector 1)


January - Moved to Wrath of the Crimson Curse, Clan Capadocious
February - Promoted to 2IC of WotCC
March - May - Temporary House Leader
May - July 8th - made Headmistress of the Capadocian Dojo
July 8th - left Clan Capadocious
July 15th - joined her sisters in their newly formed clan, Empty Spiral, led by †Gruvigrl


January 26 - Jada and †Marco of Die Nachthexen are partner-bound.
July 18 - Jada sires the mortal †Xedanis Sykonra
December - Jada purchases Haven Gardens


January 1 - Jada leaves Empty Spiral to wander the City and see where unlife takes her and †Marco
mid-January - War between Alliance of Fire (The Inner Circle, Yggdrasil, Empty Spiral) and House of Heorot/Clan Capadocious/Church of Blood/DOA begins.
March 2 - Jada is zeroed for the first time in her time in RavenBlack at the hands of †CBK.
March 27 - Jada strikes †AQelDroma and †desmb3 to announce she has re-entered the war.
March 27 - Jada is zeroed again, this time to be at Marco's side as he, too, falls.
April - September - This time is spent wandering on her own.
October 1 - Jada joins Republic of RavenBlack as Tribune of War
November - Jada is promoted to Ducere of War and Defense


January 3 - After nearly a year of silence, Jada severs †Marco.
February 5 - Jada and †Rodargo are partner-bound.
August 4 - Jada severs Rodargo.
August 10 - Jada is sired by †Vermathrax-rex.


January 1 - Jada and †blackdragon are partner-bound.
April 15 - Jada leaves Republic of RavenBlack.
April 19 - Jada and blackdragon sever.
April 26 - After befriending the vampire †Louvain, Jada joins L'inconnu.
October 1 - A skirmish between L'inconnu and the Patchwork Alliance (alliance between Dumont, Tal'mahe'Ra, Unity and Invictus) begins.
October 6 - Jada is zeroed by †Jacomo Varis. At her request, the two duel with the understanding that Jacomo will take the kill shot. The war ends on this day, as well.
November 30 - Jada sires the mortal †Quinn Darcy.
December 31 - Jada and Jacomo Varis are partner-bound.


January 23 - Jada founds the Temple of Set with †Moirai and †kaio999.
February - L'inconnu closes its doors.
February 10 - Jada joins Descending Angels.
March 23 - Jada goes into co-leadership with †Jacomo Varis for Sons of Sin.
May - Jada leaves Sons of Sin.
August 1 - Jacomo Varis severs Jada, only to rebind to her within hours.
August 4 - Jada commences attacks on †Kurayami Itami as a result of Itami's insolence, lies and his hand in the severance between Jacomo Varis and Jada.
August 4 - Jacomo Varis severs Jada again, along with his entire bloodline.
August 6 - Jada hammers out the terms of a duel against Kurayami Itami with †CT Serafini and †Vermathrax-rex
August 8 - Kurayami Itami goes into deep shadow, purportedly to avoid fulfilling the terms of the duel.
August 14 - Jada grows impatient and, since she is awake and ready for a fight, she joins her fellow assassins in the fulfillment of a contract against †Kaotic.
August 15 - Jada comes under fire from the D'dary as a result of her attack on Kaotic.
August 16 - September 9 - Jada falls back into deep slumber, resulting from an on-going state of semi-torpor that pulls her under of it's own whim, usually with little warning.
September 10 - Jada severs †Xedanis at his request. While at the Hall of Severance, she also severs †Quinn Darcy, who has not risen from shadows in many months.
October 3 - Jada and †Moirai are partner-bound.
November 18 - Jada sires the mortal Demetri Darkblood, who takes the name †Erebos.


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Jada is fully powered.
Jada honors torpor.
Jada stalked the city streets before 2004.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Jada reads the Bite.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Jada reads the Black and White.
Group.jpgClanned Vampire
This vampire is a member of Descending Angels
This vampire is bound to
Jada is a Warrior.

(***OOC Note: Jada could qualify as a Founder, except that she lurked/was not roleplayed at that time.)

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