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├─ Josephine ─♥─ †Pulse
│ └─ †Shadow-Girl
├─ †Carpathia
├─ †Eslyn
├─ †Whitefang
├─ †nitenurse
├─ †shadowsshade
├─ †Delphine
├─ †Liz Summers
├─ †Majica
├─ †AnnaMolly
└─ †Kiki

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The vampire Josephine has drunk 23963 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Pulse.
Josephine is sire to one other vampire, including: †Shadow-Girl
Josephine is a second-generation vampire, sired by †Seyda.

Josephine's close siblings include: †Carpathia, †Eslyn, †Whitefang, †nitenurse, †shadowsshade, †Delphine, †Liz Summers, †Majica, †AnnaMolly and †Kiki.



A picture poised for her partner bound- 2011

                                     A loving heart is the truest wisdom. - Charles Dickens

  • Full Titular Name: Josephine Cartigan
  • Prior Family names: Josephine Boone, Josephine Lomax, Josephine Toujours, Josephine St.John,and Josephine Dumont.
  • Nicknames: Josie, Jo, Beauty, Shadow-bug

Mortal Life

Born March 26th, 2009 Josephine Billups in Rural Northern California she enjoyed a very modern upbringing. Her parents were high school sweethearts who happened to make a mistake in their birth control plans. Doing the right thing to the constrictive moral upbringing of both her mother's stringent Catholic heritage and her Father's Baptist the ill suited couple married.

By the age of five she knew who her parents were referring to when they argued and described 'That child' as their greatest mistake. When they divorced when she was ten Josephine was allowed a little respite. Her mother went to work full time and her Abuelo took care of her after school. It was for a short time and within two years her mother had re-married.

Her teen years were rough but no different than any other. She went through the usual teenage angst and excelled in school work ever striving to be perfect enough to win the approval of her emotionally distant biological parents. By the end of High School she had won several scholarships and was looking forward to going to college with the ambitions to be a pediatrician.

College came with its own set of heartbreaks. First, in finding that her college sweetheart and fiance was cheating on her- and secondly finding out the world she lived was nothing but a pretty lie. Her turning came at a pinnacle of suffering for her young life. After working late she walked in on Erick, her fiance, and her best friend in the middle of a rather anatomically correct biology lesson.

In the shock and hurt of it Josephine fled into the night; not caring it was late at night and not noticing that she was being followed. Caught unaware as she sobbed out her pain the vampire hunter found her. Josephine had no clue her friend and best customer at the diner she worked was a vampire. †AbagailBoone had gained some notice and Josephine found herself as bait for her vampiric friend.

Her mortal death was brutal and in many ways shaped her view on her unlife. The helplessness and violence she had as last memories taunted her, along with the terrors as the hunter found new ways to make a dying woman scream. It was desperation to save a friend that led †AbagailBoone to sire Josephine into the world of the undead.


  • Sired as a member of the House of Lomax Josephine fell under their care January of 2008- the exact date of her turning remains unremembered. Under †Seth Lomax she learned the basics of powers and watching her family fall as a young fledgling in the Valentine's day massacre. She remained with the Lomax family until she bound Lord Oblivion (†Pulse) in April 2008.
  • In January 2009 Seyda sired Josephine after a brief failed siring with Mr.Brutus. Being a member of the St. John family was a bitter sweet time with good and bad times mingled. As a fully powered vampire Josephine kept mostly to herself and out of conflicts. Under Seyda's encouragement she briefly joined Ygg before a botched suicide attempt that had her underground until mid 2010.
  • Recently Josephine and her small bloodline (consisting of her one childe and three grandchilder) left the St. John bloodline to join the Dumont Line under †Ace. An arrangement she and her childer have enjoyed greatly thus far.

History in Brief

2006 -2007

  • June -Josephine is sired by †AbagailBoone
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  • July 2007 Introduced to the Lomax Family from the Boone branch


  • February 14, the entire Lomax line succumbs to torpor in the Valentine's Day Massacre. Only the youngest of the childer were left out of the battle.
  • Early March, met Pulse in the chats after briefly entering public light with her heartfelt article on a news publication.
  • March 27th finished gaining all her powers and reached status as an adult vampire.
  • April 28th- partner bound with Pulse (the Lord Oblivion)after eloping against her sire's wishes. Was also accepted that same day as a member of Hells Angels Clan
  • July severed from †AbagailBoone
  • July sired under Mr.Brutus
  • sired JulianMoore ,Edan, Nepheriel and †Belthezzar as her childer.
  • Lord Oblivion is attacked by the Lomaxes beginning what would be the Second Lomax Massacre.
  • severs from MrBrutus
  • severs JulianMoore and Edan
  • December is severed by †Pulse


  • January sires under †Seyda
  • Pulse severs Josephine
  • briefly binds to †Stareagle before severing in friendship
  • binds briefly to Pulse
  • Severs †Pulse on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

2010 - 2013

  • April- attempts to die; briefly going into that deep hibernation state (Dead & Buried)
  • Sept- rose from the grave with severe memory loss
  • Sires †Belthezzar
  • July 27 2012 - Josephine severs †Seyda.
  • August 3 2012 - Josephine is sired by †Ace.
  • March 15 2013 - Josephine severs Ace.
  • March 15 2013 - Belthezzar severs Josephine as sire.


†Josephine is partner-bound to †Pulse.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Josephine is fully powered.
Josephine honors torpor.
Josephine has been resurrected from the grave.
Josephine owns a cat.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Josephine reads the Bite.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Josephine loves to read.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
Josephine has never been zeroed.

Diary Entries

Josephine Dumont
  • October 2009

Sometimes I think there is something inherently wrong with me, as if in my making I was skewed somehow. I can see the political currents, even dance in their tune, yet demand and expect the same honesty and open loyalty that I give from others who would offer it. It is something I adore in my sire and closest sisters, they are frank and honest with me. It is a trait I need, in my belief to survive with sanity over the coming centuries.

  • October 9, 2008

Have you ever felt as if the pieces of your life were drifting ever apart? That those essential parts of your being were sheering away, breaking off and leaving you to rest in the ever deepening darkness? My world both expands and shrinks in reality's ever constant ways of the universe. I sit here watching and feeling the bond with my childer fading, the pull of my sire distancing and even my ties to my husband seem to fade.

Does he love me still, or is it his unflinching honor that holds him to me? If offered the chance of freedom would he leave me eagerly or would he remain beside? Why now of all times do I question his love? No matter the trial I have known it was there and now; now I feel the chill of ill omen upon me, breathing along my nape and my husband is ever distant. What business draws him away? Is it a flaw in my inner being, disgust for a weakness I cannot control that pushes him and my sons further from me?

Alas, these are questions that will go unanswered; for I lack the courage to ask.

  • July 2006

The girl sighed, stretched against the couch, unseeing of how the change affected her. She was more sensual by nature, sexy for her innocence. "They held my funeral today..Just another vampire/ lycanthrope related death in the city… But I am not dead, they didn’t even look for me..." It hurt, knowing that everyone had simply picked up and moved on as if her loss was nothing to them. Slith slid his arms around her, letting her rest her cheek against his chest.

"I know little sister, but we are family now…You are a Boone and further back you are a Lomax…Soon you will meet them and they will love you…" He reassured her, smoothing her hair.

Text taken from blog posts

Out of Character

  • Josephine is contactable on her Y!M: josephine.stjohn Send me an IM
  • Roleplay-participation possible on: Ravenblack Bite, and RBC (Chat Rooms)
  • Writer: Samantha; located in Vancouver, Washington USA
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