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The vampire King Lestat (Born November 7th, 1760, turned 1780) has resided in RavenBlack City since 2003, and has had many accomplishments since his arrival, to note the de Lioncourt family line, and the 2011 duel championship. To date, L'inconnu has disbanded, and he is focusing on his family, and his relationship with his wife, Lyric.



King Lestat de Lioncourt
King Lestat
Born: 1760
Birthplace: France
Sire: †Sartori
Partner: †Lyric
Clan: None
Title: Duel Champion
Lestat can Fly.
Telekinesis.jpgSpoon Bender
Lestat is a Telekinetic.
Lestat is a Pyrokinetic.

Combat History

Lestat is a Warrior.

Lestat is a fighter by nature. It's in his blood, and he is not easily swayed into silence easily. Narcissistic and egotistical, he would rather die taking someone down a few notches, than remain silent in the face of lies, insults or attacks.

Clan Life

King Lestat joined his first clan in 2005, Clan Seraphim, under the advisement of friend †Rose Bliven. There, within a month of joining he met his mentor, †Murrz Ramirez. There he became friends with many, and he remains loyal to them as they do to him. Quickly, he showed promise in his fighting skills, and quickly became his sire's favorite.

In 2006, King Lestat was thrust into his first war with just 8k and a moderate level of weapons to his name. Obviously, being his first war, and going against such enemies as Capadocians, Ferrymen, and HoH, King Lestat was zeroed deep into the fighting. This war, is when he became addicted to live fighting, and first got his taste of such at the hands of Sartori, the best duelist of the time.

Shortly after such battle, and subsequent torpor, King Lestat attempted to help the leaders of the clan remove then Regent †Avigon from power, before a coup was staged, thrusting King Lestat and his family from Seraphim forever. Shortly after, the doors to Seraphim were closed, and no one has ever looked back.

Once out of Seraphim, King Lestat helped his family build a new home, "Out of the Ashes", and Scions of the Phoenix was born. King Lestat felt at home in this new building, and after about six months, received a promotion to 2iC.

On May 2008, King Lestat was smote by Lord †RavenBlack for disobeying his tenets. But he was released from punishment a month later, and let his presence known by hitting a small group of the D'dary family, whom his clan was at war with, for the lulz.

During the month of which King Lestat was smote, he retook vampire form under his sire as a Saint. Saint Lestat was a more godly and pious vampire, and King Lestat still holds the fear of RavenBlack in his heart to this day.

King Lestat left his clan in September, quoting stress of leadership and aggravation at inactivity as reasons for his leaving.

Shortly after leaving Scions of the Phoenix, Lestat found himself sired under †Sartori until his sire was jailed. Still, though, Lestat stuck with the D'dary family, under †Andre D'dary.

A month after siring to †Andre, Lestat severed, starting L'inconnu with †Lyric and †Andre Louvain. L'inconnu disbanded in February 2010.

Briefly, at the end of 2010 and following into 2011, Lestat fought for the D'dary under the Capadocian Legacy banner. It was a Hell of a good time for him, and he was glad he joined up, if only for the battles, and for the fact that this is when Sartori re-sired him.

King Lestat and his partner, Lyric.


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Lestat is fully powered.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XIV: Blood Royal
Lestat has drunk
at least 25,000 pints of blood.
Coins.jpgCoin Hoarder
Lestat is one of the
richest vampires in the city.


  • Bound to Lyric on January 10th. Marrying her is his most prized accomplishment.


  • Most Impressive Zeroing/Best Kill 2010 (RB&W)


  • Duel Champion


  • Duel Champion


  • In the war of Roy & D'dary vs the Alliance of Eskimo Brothers, Lestat used 60 holy waters in one live fight on September 8th.


  • On June 25th, it was rumoured that Lestat was one of the richest vampires in town.


Lestat is partner-bound to Lyric.
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
Lestat has been bound to Lyric for 5 years.

King Lestat has had three sires, in order: †Murrz Ramirez, †Sartori, and †Andre. He is currently sired under Sartori.

King Lestat has been with a number of partners; last but not least, †Lyric. If he could tell you how happy he is with her, he'd have to add words to the dictionary. He is completely in love with her, and reminded of this every time she smiles at him with her powerful green eyes. There is no other, for him. Recently they hit the fabled three year mark, and show no sign of slowing down.

King Lestat started the de Lioncourt line.

Currently, those with the de Lioncourt name include:

King Lestat, Lyric, †EmpressLizard, †Orgasmerilla, †dr_x_online, †Jaida, †Sapphira, †Mylene, †Nahm.

Le Paradis Caché

As of 2013, Lestat has returned to the D'dary line, and alongside them engaged the de Buillion in warfare in the Winter of 2012/2013. This war brought Sartori back to the fold, and the entire group back together.

Later that year, he dueled his sire, Sartori in two rounds, besting him 13-6 and 13-11.

Le Paradis Caché

Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Lestat owns King Lestat's Le Paradis Caché at Cobalt and 90th.

Lestat's home is located at Cobalt & 90th. A slice of paradise he shares with the woman of his dreams and no one else. Their own solitary haven from the rest of the world. Visitors are not widely known to be accepted, though some do still appear from time to time. The general rule is if you are not family, then it had best be an emergency worth crossing the waters in a row boat for, rather than calling first.

People's Thoughts on Lestat

The student has overtaken the teacher. --†Sartori

I have no qualms admitting I do not wish to live fight Lestat. He is the best in the city. --†black_dragonet

Contact Details

If absolutely neccessary, King Lestat's cellphone Send me an IM is public knowledge.

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