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In Game Statistics

Human History

I was born in the Highlands of glorious Scotland. I had the typical highland boyhood with wrestling and fighting and the overall making of a man. My Father began teaching me how to wield a sword on my seventh birthday. I have practiced every day ever since, it brings me a sense of peace and calm to train with a blade. In 1710 I was forced to leave Scotland after killing three British Soldiers whom had broken into my home and threatened my Mother.

That night I left the only home I’d ever known and boarded a boat to begin a life at sea. I learned quickly and worked hard to rise in rank. I became the 3rd mate on a merchant ship at the age of 20, then later that year (1717) the merchant ship I worked on was boarded and captured by Pirates. I battled with the pirates trying to protect the goods we’d been hired to transport and killed many of their crew. Eventually I was overwhelmed after killing the Quartermaster of the Pirate crew. The Pirate Captain had noted my ferocity during the battle and attempted to recruit me. At first I declined but the shrewd Captain offered me a deal. He said he would spare the lives of the remainder of my crew and give me a spot as an officer among his crew if I joined him. With the life of the people I had bled for at stake I had little choice.

I served aboard that pirate ship and eventually took on the rank of Quartermaster myself until the Captains death in battle (1720). In that timed I learned more about sailing and battle tactics than I had ever known and grew to love the life of a pirate. For the next four years I led that crew as Captain of the ship. In that time we had many escapades, to many to tell here but seek me out later and I might tell you some pirate stories from my life. I renamed the ship Sword of Fortune in honor of the greatest pirate of the time Bartholomew Roberts. Sadly I did not get to meet him before his death on February 10 1722. It was a sad day for pirates everywhere. It symbolized the end of an era. We knew if they could get Roberts then they could get any of us. Still we fought on trying to carve out a piece of the world to call our own. We continued taking ships and struggling against the governments of the world yet all good things must come to an end.

On March 12 1724 my crew and I were forced into an inlet on the northern coast of Africa by a furious storm. I set up a night watch in shifts but it was near impossible to see trough the hurricane. I awoke that morning to the sound of alarm as the rain lifted. My crew and I were cornered in an inlet by three Warships of the British royal navy. I considered the situation and realized we had no chance of escape and walked into my cabin. I put on my finest clothing and stepped out in my best crimson velvet coat, black damask breeches, black damask shirt, and my best leather boots. I stood upon the deck with my sword drawn and two pistols strapped upon me, I rallied my men and we prepared to fight a battle we knew we could not win.

None of them asked for quarter and not a single one of them said we should surrender. In all my time having led men before that point and led creatures afterwards I have never been more proud. We went forth, not as lambs to the slaughter but as warriors one and all to fight for our freedom amongst the sea. It made my highland blood sing. We battled for hours or for seconds, in the heat of combat it is impossible to know. Either way we sunk one of the British ships with our cannons and marooned the other against the inlet by ramming it. Through this we lost many men from grapeshot canons and gunfire from the rammed ship and the Sword of Fortune was damaged beyond all repair. In this, our darkest hour, we devised a desperate plan.

With our final vain hope we boarded the one remaining ship, the plot was to capture the ship and escape on it. We knew with the few we had remaining that victory was nearly impossible and that death was upon us. Yet, we pushed forward with no more than 10 men against an entire British royal navy crew. We boarded and began fighting. I found the captain of the ship and engaged him in blade to blade combat. After furious swordplay I stabbed him through the heart and it is at that moment of victory I felt bullets pierce my back. I spun around and found the remaining crew members of the navy ship in firing formation aimed at me and the last of my men dead. I pulled my sword from the captain’s body with a furious roar and charged them. They fired one last bettered aimed volley at my body. The force of the cascading bullets knocked me over the railing of the ship and into my beloved sea and that is where I died.

Pre-RavenBlack Vampire History

My next fully conscious memory is awaking upon a beach in southern Spain just as I am now. My Scottish Basked Hilted Broad Sword was fully polished and my clothing looked as if it had been freshly washed. I could not find any of the bullet holes in my clothing or scars from my death. It seemed all the scars from various incidents over my life had been erased. I also felt a strange power and energy in my body. I wandered into town and was quickly found by a beautiful Spanish woman with long dark hair and piercing green eyes. I could feel her strange power much like my own new strength.

I soon found out her name was Leandra. She was fascinated by my tales and quickly came to tell me I was a vampire just as she was. Her confusion over my apparent turning was obvious and she wanted to take me back to her sire to explain it and see if he could figure it out. I was enthralled by her beauty and grace as well as confused by my new predicament. The pain over the loss of my crew was still fresh and I wanted to lose myself in this next adventure so I agreed to go with her to meet her family in Madrid.

As we traveled we exchanged stories and grew closer. By the time we reached the city our deep caring and growing love for each other was obvious. Once there I met her sire, a smaller man with a powerful presence named Darío, We spoke for days on my mortal life and who I had been, was, and wanted to be. I found his wisdom inspiring and still hold a great respect for the man and he came to a liking of me. He felt another warrior would be a good addition to his family and offered me a place there. I considered it long but came to the final decision my heart could not yet allow me the peace of this family while my other lay un-avenged. I told Darío that I could not yet join his family but I would return in time after I had paid my debt to my men. He simply nodded in understanding and gave me enough money to seek my retribution.

I spent the next twelve years hunting down and killing ever last surviving member of the ships that had killed my crew and I. Once they were all dead I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me and returned to Madrid with a clear mind. Much of it seemed as if I had never left. I was quickly adopted into the family and taught much. Within the year Leandra and I were married.

We spent the next 40 years in Madrid with her family but I longed for the hills of my home land. In 1776 Leandra and I decided it was time we struck out on our own. We made our own home in the hills I loved in my boyhood and had missed everyday ever since. I searched for any sign of my family or descendants but could find nothing. Still Leandra and I lived in great happiness for the next 100 years. We traveled much of the world together using our home in Scotland as a home base.

Things continued well until we received a letter from Darío. His urgent message stated that he feared hunters had discovered their home. In a panicked fury I headed for Madrid. Leandra stayed behind in our home, she had never been a warrior. I got to Madrid as fast as I could but I was too late. I found their home burning and as I stalked through it I found all of the family burned to ash. I was filled with a dark uncontrollable fury and in that rage I stalked Madrid killing ever vampire hunter I could find for days on end.

Once I’d killed all I could find I returned to the home. I began to collect all the ashes I could for the family sorrow in my heart. Suddenly I heard a whimper from under the floors and jumped up to draw my sword. I stalked to where I had heard the noise and jerked open a trapdoor I had not known about. In it I found Leandra’s youngest sister, a girl who looked no more than 16 and was just over 130. She was terrified and crying as I scooped her up into my arms with a jar full of ashes. I returned to Scotland with them. When I told Leandra what had happened she was heartbroken.

She no longer wanted to travel and she only mourned. Part of her died that day. I did everything I could to lift her spirits but nothing seemed to help. She seemed to only slip deeper into depression as I cared for her and her sister. Leandra blamed us being in Scotland and my not being there to help on the death of her family. With that she did not want to return to our home and we traveled around the world more, trying to find fun places we had never been that might help them heal and not remind the girls of their pain. Over time Leandra’s sister began to heal and got better… Leandra did not.

It broke my heart to see her in such pain and I devoted myself fully to trying to find anything to lift her back mood. We spent the next 27 years in this manner. After much deliberation and little success I made the risky decision of bringing my small family overseas to the United States. We arrived in the city of New Orleans late in 1903.

In this new environment Leandra began to show some improvement and slowly our lives began to return to the happy state they had once held. It was during this time that I acquired my love for swing dancing and music. We continued for 25 years like this. Then late one night hunters caught Leandra’s sister and I on our way home and forced us into an old abandoned building. They had shot the young girl and I could not leave the house to face the hunters without putting her at risk. The hunters set fire to the house we’d taken refuge in and I later found out a mutual acquaintance of Leandra and I’s had seen the event and rushed back to tell her we were dead. Yet, as I sit here writing this now that is obviously not what happened.

I emerged from the fire burned and badly hurt yet still very much alive. The same could not be said for Leandra’s sister. I flew into a rage and spent the remainder of the night chasing down the group of hunters who had killed the young woman whom had become like a sister to me. After sating my rage with their blood I hauled myself back to the new home Leandra and I had made in New Orleans. I could smell fresh burnings in the air and flew into a panic.

I rushed inside the house to find a fresh funeral pyre having just gone out in our back yard. I saw the burnt ashes and tried to fool myself that it was not as it seemed. I stormed through the house looking for Leandra. I found naught but a note detailing what she had been told. The note said she had taken her own life to come join me. I was distraught but my own honor would not allow me to take my life. Consumed by pain I burnt our house to the ground after collecting Leandra’s ashes and left those shores planning to never return.

I searched the world to find a place with nothing familiar where I could rest in peace from the world. I found a small uninhabited island called Uotsuri-Jima off the coast of Japan. The place and terrain held no memories for me and I tried to find peace in my solitude. For many years the pain did not lessen, but slowly as time dragged on I began to find solace as I had known I would. Still I had no desire to leave my island despite the nagging feeling there was more to be done and the deep seated knowledge that my wanderings were not yet done. I persisted alone on my island for 75 years until late in 2002 a young vampire hunter decided to try and make a name for himself by coming to my island.

It seemed the other mainland hunters of Japan had decided as long as I kept to myself on my island they would not risk their lives by coming after me, but Kurayami Itami felt he had something to prove. He was 16 when he first came to my island and tried to kill me. I defeated him, but spared his life. He was the first vampire hunter I ever let live. To this day the only reasoning I can give is that I felt potential in him, a touch of more to come. I sent him from my island with harsh words but he returned three years later chasing another vampire whom had fled to my island. I despised the cowardice of the fleeing vampire and the fact he was on my island, so I helped Itami kill him. We bonded over this killing and he began to visit my island regularly for training and talks. He was the first person I grew close to since Leandra's death.

Then late in 2007 Itami returned to my island a freshly turned vampire. He spent the next two year trying to lure me from my island to this city of vampires where he had made his home. I resisted but deep in my heart I knew my work was not yet done. I spent that year coming to final terms with Leandra's death and my guilt over it. Once I felt I was ready I took Itami up on his offer and left my Island for the first time in nearly a century. I came to RavenBlack and started my life anew.

RavenBlack Timeline


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Lannair is fully powered.
Dumont-crest-2 copy.pngDumont Pride
Lannair is a Dumont.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
Lannair has never been zeroed.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Lannair reads the Bite.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Lannair reads the Black and White.
Stache.pngRockin' the Stache
Lannair has a moustache.
  • January 21st- Enters City and immediately began working on powers
  • Febuary – Meets †Foxx in the Taverns
  • March 13th – Sired by Foxx
  • May 8th – Severed from Foxx
  • May 9th – Sired by †Ace/Joins the Dumont Family
  • May 15th – Becomes Fully powered
  • May 20th – Sires †AnnaMolly
  • July 21st – Aids in Dumont Zeroing of †shadow stalker
  • August – Becomes one of the Section Heads of the Dumonts
  • August 13 – Zero’s †Liander
  • August 19th – Sires †Damacus
  • August 22nd – Takes over Leadership of Clan Unity
  • August 25th – Binds to †-Risika-
  • September 12th - Brings Unity into an alliance with Dumont Family and Clan Tal'mahe'Ra
  • September 24th – Sires Itami
  • September 27th – Sires †Hunin
  • September 28th – Severs -Risika-
  • September 30st – Begins fighting with members of Clan L'inconnu
  • September 30st – Aids in Zeroing of †Tifereth
  • October 1st – Alliance officially declares war on Clan L'inconnu
  • October 1st – Aids in Zeroing of †King Lestat and †Lyric
  • October 2nd – Aids in Zeroing of †Edan and †-Tatyn-
  • October 3rd – Aids in Zeroing of †Irk and †Raph Vander
  • October 4th – Aids in Zeroing of †Toki and †Drella
  • October 5th – Aids in Zeroing †Jada and †Kiara
  • October 5th – L’inconnu officially surrenders. I accept surrender on behalf of Unity
  • October 13th – Binds to †Liski
  • October 30th – Aids in Zeroing †Fathome
  • December 6th – Sires †Elysia
  • December 7th – Begins attacks on †rageday with the Dumont Family, taking nearly 20k before he begins hiding in shadows.
  • December 25th – Sires †Blane Cargoyle


  • Febuary – Brings Unity into alliance with Sons of Sin and PoE along with former alliances
  • February 5th – Leads the Zeroing of †Landric with Unity and assorted friends and family.
  • February 19th – Steps down as Leader of Unity and leaves the Clan
  • February 24th – Sires †Benji_Kaipo
  • February 24th – Enters the Ferrymen School

Other Information

  • Part of the Dumont Family Bloodline
  • Patriarch of the Cuan Family Bloodline
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