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Laurelgwynn Merch Gruffydd

.::|~Fy nghalon fach ddu yn curo yn unig ar gyfer Rienhardt. Ef yw fy ffordd, ei fod yn fy enaid, ef yw hanfod iawn i mi.~|::.

Laurelgwynn Today

Halloween of 2003 Laurelgwynn enters the city.

The vampire Laurelgwynn

She has drunk 8512 pints of blood.

Rank: Legendary

Partner-bound with †Rienhardt

Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

Family Stats: Sire to 3 other vampires, including: †Hermione, †Veregas Frost, †Swizzz

You are a master vampire, with no sire.
.::|~We Gladly Feast On Those Who Would Subdue Us~|::.




• Capadocian Dojo2

• Capadocian University



• Warrior of The Knights of Alamut Clan Capadocious

• Teacher of Capadocian Dojo 2

• Head Mistress of Angels Pass Academy

• Head Mistress of the Gates of Hell Academy DOA

• 2IC of Clan Demons Outlaws and Angels AKA DOA

• Head of House of Demonic Onyx Assasins Clan DOA

• Clan Mistress of House of Gruffydd

• Warrior of Hell's Angels

• Warrior of Clan DOA

• Leader of Clan DOA

• Head of The Knights of Alamut House The Legacy

• Warrior for The Legacy

• Mistress of The Caste of Salubri


• July 31 2004 By †Ivelios for Capadocian Right of Passage

• December 18th 2010 by †black_dragonet result of YGG/RoR Legacy Conflict

Past Sires

†Demonic_Diati - Sired November 2004 - Released January 2009 - Re-sired August 6th 2010 - Re-severed December 3rd 2010

†Vulgarvamp - Sired January 2009 - Released April 2010

†Capadocious - Sired November 2010 - Released February 2011

Past Partner Bound

†The Dread Lord - Bound February 2007 - Severd January 2008

†neo71665 - Bound May 2009 - Severed October 2009

Past Childers


†Brandi Stewart

†Moon Shadow

Quote Laurelgwynn Unlives by

We Gladly Feast On Those Who Would Subdue Us

Come Over Here And Kiss My Glorious Irish Ass

Vital Statistics


Name: Laurelgwynn Merch Gruffydd

Nick names: Laurel, Rienhardt's Only, Daddy's Favorite, Splash

Partner: †Rienhardt

Childers: †Veragas Frost, †Swizzz and †Hermione

Clan: The Legacy

Year Born: August 3rd 1784

Age turned: 19

Year Turned: August 3rd 1803

Actual Age: 226

Birth place: Rhuddlin, Flintshire County, Country of Wales

Race: Vampire

Ethnicity: Celtic

Languages Spoken: Welsh, Gaelic and English

Drink: Yes

Smoke: No

Orientation: Straight

Maratial Status: Bound to †Rienhardt

Likes: Honesty, Honor, War, Smith and Wesson .44 Magnums, Swords, Family, Harley's and Jameson Whiskey

Dislikes: Liars, Cheats, Dishonor, Emo Children, Pussy's, Bitch Beer, Assholes on Bullet Bikes

Height: 6 foot even

Body Type: Athletic and Curvaceous

Hair: Black hair

Eye color: Bright blue with black flecks throughout, will turn white hot when angered or excited

Clothing: (Hunting and Fighting) Will almost always be found in a pair of well fitting well worn jeans, her black or blue tank top or when the weather turns cold, her black hoodie or a long leather coat.

Shoes: Black leather Harley Davidson biker boots Or a pair of Orange Converse.

Social Occasions: Vintage Couture with a thin strand of diamonds around her neck

Piercings: Both ears and her bellybutton.

Tattoo's: A small Green Welsh Dragon tattooed on her left shoulder, a blue Irish Fairy on her front right hip, intricate ancient Celtic knotting around her left ankle and a red Irish Rose Chain around her right ankle.

Scars: A small moon shaped scar above her left eyebrow.

Weapons: Always carry's a small stock of HW, GS and Scrolls. Two matching daggers with ivory handles tucked safely away within there sheaths on the sides of her hips. Strapped to her back in its sheath is the Katana her first sire, †Demonic_Diati presented to her before falling into a state of permanent shadows. Tucked firmly in the back waist of her jeans is her Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum with modified HW point cartridges. (Do you feel lucky? Well, Do ya...Punk?)

Summary: Laurel is fun loving and likes to be the life of the party but if you fuck with her family she will turn very nasty. She is a very loyal Vampyress and loves her family above all things.

Laurelgwynn waiting to pounce on her Rienhardt

Brief History Overview: I was born in the year 1784 to a farmer and his wife in the small village of Rhuddlin, in the County of Flintshire in the Country of Wales.

In the year 1803, on the night of my 19th Birthday, a Vampire by the name of Christian Blackmere changed me against my will into what I am today. I hadn’t been turned more than ten minutes when I quickly dispatched my maker to the hell he so rightly deserved to be in. It was from that point I knew what I was. I left the family I loved to make my way in the new and dark world I had been forced into.

Soon after my hasty departure, I made my way through Wales and into England. I found myself on a ferry at Hollyhead crossing into Ireland. I lived there for over 50 years, I was happy there but then the persecution came. The community of Galway County figured out what I was and I had to leave. I made my way back to England and I was soon in London. It didn’t take long before the Vampiric underground found me living in London’s East End. I had been feeding off of the homeless or the odd dog or cat. They immediately recognized me for what I was and they soon brought me before the Elders. I then discovered that my unwanted Sire, Christian Blackmere, was a rouge Pire kicked out of The Underground for bringing needless attention to the Vampiric population of London. They took me in with open arms and I lived with them until the year 2003.

It was during this year around the time of Samhain that I met a Vampiress by the name of †Miranda Dawn who was living in a city by the name of RavenBlack. This city was populated and ran by the Vampiric kindred. She invited me to come along and leaving the safety of the London Underground I followed her.

This city was much different than what I was use to and I soon became disheartened and I fell into shadows.

A few months later I emerged from my shadowy rest and met a Vampire by the name of †Machine. He was very kind to me and took me to The Capadocian Castle and there introduced me to what was to become my new family.

In The Capadocian Clan, I was trained to be the Vampyress I am today by †Willhelm,†mrbrutus aka Brutus and my first sire †Demonic_Diati. With the help of wonderful instructors such as †IcePrincess and †Kilian, I was trained and ready to become a full blood Capadocian warrior. I was then moved to The Knights of Alamut House within the Capadocian Clan. There I met my former sire †Vulgarvamp. All of these wonderful men and women, these wonderful warriors taught me that there was still loyalty and love of family. I would give my last drop of blood for them. They have made me who I am today. The Vampryess Laurelgwynn Merch Gruffydd.

A short history. The End and Begining of Laurelgwynn as penned by the Vampiress herself

Laurelgwynn's Legendary Blue eyes

It was the turn of the century, 1803 to be exact. Laurelgwynn Merch Gruffydd was the 18 year old daughter of a hot blooded Welshman, Joseph Ap Gruffydd. He was a loving father but terribly strict. Poor Laurelgwynn was not allowed to do much of anything. Her social outings consisted mainly of going to church on Sunday mornings, doing the families shopping with her mother twice a month and helping her younger brother John bring in the cows from the pasture every evening. She was a pretty girl with long black hair and striking blue eyes and she was tall as were most of the Gruffydd clan. Her father realized just what a striking girl she was and protected her fiercely from the boys of the small village of Rhuddlan, which was in the county of Flintshire in the Welsh mountainside. Even tho she was of an age to marry, no man was good enough for Joseph Ap Gruffydd’s daughter. He had on a number of occasions ran a few of the boys off with his pitch fork screaming at them at the top of his voice to leave his little girl alone. What was to become of poor Laurelgwynn? Was she destined to become a spinster, taking care of her mother and father in there old age? She desperately wanted to escape, make her own life and her own family, but she saw no way out. She felt trapped and isolated with nothing in life to look forward too.

As her 19th birthday approached, Laurelgwynn felt more sad and desperate than ever. Girls that she had known as a child were getting married and starting families of there own. Then something strange happened, A stranger came to the small village. This may not sound like a strange event, but Laurelgwynn lived in a small village in the Welsh mountains and strangers were an oddity. One evening, 3 days from Laurelgwynns 19th birthday, her younger brother John took ill and Laurelgwynn had to bring the cows in from the pasture by herself, and this task was taking much longer than usual. As she had gotten the last cow into the barn for the night, the last rays of the sun were disappearing behind the tall peaks of the mountains that surrounded her home. As the dusk deepened around her she decided to head back. She skirted the upper pasture to take her time going home.

The smell of night air and the cool breeze in her hair almost felt like freedom. She had passed close to the dirt lane that separated her fathers land from that of their neighbors, The Bellwynns. In the deep purple of the night she noticed a tall figure walking down the lane towards her. She knew she should of hurried along and got herself home, but she slowed her pace, trying to discern who the figure was. It was a man, she knew that for sure for he was wearing trousers. He came closer and closer, she slowed her pace even more, her father would be furious if he knew she was late on account of her curiosity. Finally he came into view, He was tall, dark and most decidedly handsome. His dark hair swept neatly over his brow and he was dressed in a way that made her believe that he was very wealthy. He carried a walking stick with a cut crystal knob at the top. As he came closer he saw Laurelgwynn leaning over the short wooden fence that lined the lane. He approached her and she made to back away, she suddenly realized that she was somewhat frightened of this stranger. Almost as if he read her mind he spoke. "Please, Don’t be frightened miss. I mean no harm. I am new to this place and I seem to be lost." He smiled a little and showed a bit of glinting white teeth. Yes, he was very handsome. His pale face shined in the now rising moon. But his eyes, they were the strangest eyes she had ever seen. They were beautiful, but fierce. They were a blue that shined almost white in the moonlight. She couldn’t stop looking into those eyes, they held her captive. Slowly he bowed and said, "Please forgive me, I havn't properly introduced myself." He raised to his full height, "My name is Christian. Christian Blackmere" He placed his hand on top of hers. There was no warmth in his hand. It was completely ice cold. As his icy chill ran through her body a fear she had never felt before stabbed at her heart. Without a word she pulled her hand away, stumbled backwards and fell over. "Miss, please, are you alright?" he said with almost a hint of amusement in his concerned voice. Again, without a word she stood up and ran as fast as she could go. She tore across the pasture not heeding his words, "Miss, please come back." She didn’t look back until she reached her own front porch. With incredible fear, she looked quickly over her shoulder and saw nothing. She hastened inside. Her mother looked up as she entered the kitchen and had never seen such a look of fear in her daughters eyes. When she asked what had happened, Laurelgwynn could not speak. She just stood there shaking violently, tears welling up in her eyes. Without another word, her mother took her around her shoulders and led her up to her room. She laid Laurelgwynn down on her bed. She unlaced her boots and covered her up with a heavy quilt. She pulled up a chair by the bedside and took Laurelgwynn’s hand in her’s. The warmth of her mothers hand stole through her, her heart settled and her breathing slowed. She looked up into her mothers eyes and saw the familiar warm green glow. She then felt very, very tired as if she had just run a very long race. Closing her eyes, she whispered very quietly, "Thank you mummy, I love you." She drifted off to sleep.


She was allowed to sleep late the next morning. When she went down to her breakfast she found that all her father had been told was that she had taken ill the evening before. Finding the answer acceptable. He went off to work in his fields. She sat down at the table and ate some of her breakfast. All her mother said was "Good morning dear." and gave her a warm smile. She said nothing of last evenings events. Laurelgwynn was grateful for that.

After her breakfast was done and the dishes washed, her mother told her they were going into town that afternoon. They were going to pick out a new dress for her since it was her birthday the next day. By 3 o’clock that afternoon her father had pulled around to the front of the house with the horse and carriage.

45 minutes later they had turned onto the main street of Ruddlan and found a spot for the carriage next to the dress shop. Joseph took John to the feed shop while Laurelgwynn and her mother looked at dresses in the shop’s window. Another 45 minutes later they walked out of the dress shop with a neatly wrapped package containing one new pretty light blue dress with gloves and a hat to match. Laurelgwynn was feeling so exhilarated over wearing her new dress to church the next morning, she had completely forgotten last nights ordeal until she spotted a familiar shape striding down the side of the lane. Her mind was on the pretty blue pinafore sitting in her lap that she hadn’t noticed that it was well past dusk. A faint light shone from around the tree tops casting a strange purple and orange glow all around. "Who in the devil could that be?" she heard her father ask no one in particular. Her heart leapt into her throat. She knew exactly who it was. She thought hard, "Dear God, please don’t let my father stop, please don’t let him stop." Her mother spoke "Please Joseph, lets not stop, we have to get home, its dark and I just don’t like the look of him." Her father replied, "Yes Lilith, well leave him be. I don’t care much for the look of him either." Joseph whipped the back of the horses rump, encouraging him to quicken up his pace. As they passed him by she caught his gaze again, she could not break it. It was so intense she thought her head would burst. A slight smile crossed his face. He bowed a little bow, turned and continued walking down the lane. The gaze was broken, Laurelgwynn turned back around in her seat and hid her eyes in her hands the rest of the way home, not speaking another word that night.

Laurelgwynn awoke the morning of her 19th birthday with a pale pink and golden light streaming through her bedroom window.. There was a sadness deep in her heart. She had a dreadful feeling this would be the last sunrise she would see. She stayed at her window and watched the glory of the gold touch the tops of the Welsh mountains she loved. She knew she must appreciate the natural colors of the sun and sky, for she knew deep down in her heart, that shed never appreciate these colors in the natural daylight again

Picture Taken by Rienhardt

She felt weak and drained. She was pale and there were dark shadows under her eyes. Her hair hung limp around her face. As she brushed her hair back she winced in pain as she brushed over a tender spot just under her left ear. She pulled her hair back and noticed a small bruise and what looked like a puncture mark. She decided to leave her hair down that morning. She put on her new blue pinafore and went downstairs. The family soon left to Sunday morning church. For no reason she felt a horrible sense of dread about going. Shed never minded going before. In fact she had secretly enjoyed it and looked forward to it every Sunday. It was one of the only times she was allowed to go into the village. But today was different. She did not want to step foot into that church.She did not voice this concern. Her father would make her go despite her objections.

The family carriage pulled up to the familiar white building with the bell on the top of the steeple. Something about this familiar site did not sit well with Laurelgwynn. She broke out in a cold sweat as she stepped thru the doorway of the church. Her heart raced and her breathing quickened. Her mouth and her teeth ached and there was a horrible buzzing in her ears that made her head hurt. The bright morning light was stinging and making her eyes water. She sat at the end of the pew near the doorway, She felt very restless and confined. She wanted to run, but she knew she couldn’t.

It seemed that the sermon went on for hours. She thought the Vicar would never stop talking. The strange thing was, that as the sermon bore on, her hearing became more and more attuned. Not only could she hear the Vicar droning on in his monotone voice, but she could also hear the small whispers of the other members of the congregation, a dog barking 2 streets away, the sounds of the birds outside and the buzzing of the small insects flitting around inside and out.

She had felt a rush of relief as she climbed back into the carriage. She thought that the horrible little man would never shut up. Never in her life had she ever thought anything like that, but these thoughts had plagued her since she walked into that church. It should have disturbed her, but deep down she took a dark joy in thinking that it would be nice to shut the Vicar up herself. Maybe a slit in the throat, or cutting out his tongue. Her blue eyes flashed with a white light at this thought. She was no longer sad or panicked, but she had a touch of blood lust. She didn’t know this at the time, nor would she have known how she even came about attaining this lust. But it was there non the less.

They arrived home that afternoon. Her mother prepared her birthday dinner and they all sat down to roast beef and her favorites puddings. Though her head stopped aching and her ears stopped buzzing, her eyes continued to sting and water. The evening sun bothered her as much as it did in that morning. After there dinner was over and the sun was setting behind the mountains, her father sent her to the barn to get milk for the next morning. Laurelgwynn obeyed without a word. But in her mind she wanted to make her father stop bossing her around and stop treating her like a child. The blood lust returned. She had an image of her father sitting in his chair with his dinner fork jutting out of his right eye. She shook her head and with a small smile she gathered up the milk pale and her stool and walked out to the barn.

Laurelgwynn waiting on Rienhardt

Night had fallen and the stars twinkled out from the inky blackness. The world was still. There was no breeze and the night seemed strangely quiet. Her senses were unusually sharp. The stars were cutting through the night sky like tiny little diamonds. Her sense of smell had become very acute. The newly cut hay in the neighboring field was so pungent it was making her dizzy. She reached the barn door and pushed it open. She walked into the barn and reaching for the shelf by the door took down a lantern. As she took off the glass she realized she didn’t need the light. She saw everything perfectly. As she set the lamp back on the shelf, she felt a cool breeze against the back of her neck. Startled, she dropped the metal bucket and wooden stool. She felt death behind her. Slowly she turned around to face it. There he was. Black hair, pale skin and glowing white/blue eyes.

Christian Blackmer stood in front of her, smiling wickedly. Without a word, he reached out and grabbed her by her hair. Pulling her in to him and holding her so tightly he was crushing the breath out of her, he whispered into her ear, "Say goodbye Darling." With that, he sunk his growing fangs into her neck.

Everything went black and silent. Christian let her fall to the ground. He bent over her and put a icy finger to the weak pulse in her neck. Waiting till her pulse was almost non-existent, He sliced open a vein on his own wrist and held it over her open mouth.

Coming out from the darkness she felt a metallic and burning liquid trickling down her throat, her stomach seized and clenched. Her muscles screamed in agony then all went dark and silent once more. Her soul fell away from the natural world. She moved beyond time and eternity. Then she awoke.

Laurelgwynn newly turned

She felt empty. Ice ran through her veins. She knew what she was. She knew what Christian had done to her. She looked up into his empty eyes, hate filling her emptiness. "Why?" she whispered? "Because I could." he replied in a matter of fact manner. Hate and anger filled her very being. She turned her head away from Christian, and in the doorway of the barn there stood her brother. Horror in his eyes and disbelief on his face. Christian noticing him too, looked visibly shaken, then suddenly amused. Pointing a finger at John, he said "Come here boy." John fought, but in the end Christians command was too strong and under his influence, John began to slowly move forward towards the two. Christian stood up, leaving Laurelgwynn on the barn floor. Still pointing his finger at John he walked towards him. Laughing to himself, Christian said to no one in particular, "What a nice surprise, A slave bitch and a full meal, all in one night." Just as he did before, he took John by the back of his hair and pulled him in close. He felt his fangs grow, and made to bite John’s neck., but the next thing that happened took him by complete surprise.

Christian had almost forgotten about Laurelgwynn laying in the corner behind him. The seconds that went by as Christian had taunted and manipulated John had seemed like an eternity to her. In that small eternity, she felt her hatred grow to a complete being. Anger soon joined it. Justified rage soon over took both emotions completely. With a new strength she pushed herself off the floor and ran to Christians side. Pushing her brother away from Christian deadly embrace, she grabbed the top of Christians head and bent it backwards. He let out a howl of rage, but it was too late. She had plunged her newly grown fangs into his neck. She drank deeply. He struggled to remove himself from her grip but with every gulp of his blood she took she became stronger and stronger. He became weaker and weaker. Finally Laurelgwynn had her fill, and Christian was dead. She let go of his lifeless body and with a sickening thud he hit the floor.

Laurelgwynn had a great satisfaction in her now. She didn’t feel so empty. Looking at her brother and seeing the fear and sickness in his eyes, She told him "Run, run away from me." she panted "Ill kill you, ill kill you all and I don’t want to do that, RUN!!!!!!!!" John tore out of the barn and up towards the house. Laurelgwynn in turn left the barn, but she didn’t run. She didn’t need to. She quietly slipped into the small wood behind the barn and disappeared from the small village of Rhuddlan and the county of Flintshire for ever. John never spoke again. He took to his grave what had really happened that terrible night in the barn on the night of Laurelgwynn’s 19th birthday.



Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Laurelgwynn is fully powered.
Laurelgwynn honors torpor.
This vampire is bound to
Laurelgwynn stalked the city streets before 2004.
Group.jpgClanned Vampire
This vampire is a member of The Caste Of Salubri
Laurelgwynn has Attacked 100 or more other Vampires.
Laurelgwynn is a Warrior.
Voodoo.jpgVoodoo User
Laurelgwynn uses voodoo.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Laurelgwynn reads the Bite.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Laurelgwynn reads the Black and White.
Burton-twins60x60.pngThis user
glows in the
BloodDrop.jpgRank XIV: Blood Royal
Laurelgwynn has drunk
at least 25,000 pints of blood.
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
†Laurelgwynn has been bound to †Rienhardt for 4+ years.
Vampembrace400.jpgPlays with Humans
Laurelgwynn loves to play with food.
Laurelgwynn enjoys the blood of virgins.
Goldcrown.jpgClan Leader
Laurelgwynn leads a clan.
Laurelgwynn is a master vampire.
Laurelgwynn loves to write.

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