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†LaurentiusThis page is marked as to be maintained by Jaqueline only!


City stats

Laurentius has drunk varying pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Jaqueline.
Laurentius is sire to one other vampire, including: †Vitalia.
Laurentius is a master vampire, with no sire.


Hair :: Often seen long and usually a raven black colour, tied back into a neat ponytail.

Eyes :: The right is a bright piercing blue -much like a clear sea- whilst the left is a dull white without an Iris or Pupil.

Height :: 6'3" about.

Build :: Lean yet well toned, athletic looking.

Tattoos/scars/piercings :: A large scar running from his left shoulder to his right rump cheek and a tribal tattoo across his right arm, upper right side back and right side pectoral. A 'J' tattoo on his lower abdomen.

Personal and Familial Ties

The der Toten Line & House of Bartolomaeus

Brief History

Old History Laurentius was the forth son of a wealthy noble named Razgor Bartolomaeus, he was raised and taught to be a gentleman, his father often being stern and teaching him to fend for himself, like he did with the rest of his brothers. His mother; Vellinthia Jestermine often smothered him and showed a little too much affection than she should have, most of her time was diverted to Laurentius' younger, sickly sister whom he had a special bond with.

At the age of sixteen, he found out he was cursed with Necromantic magic, hearing the voices of the dead and having the ability to see them. His mother and father arranged to have him sent to The Greater Guild of Necromantic Lore at the age of seventeen, though his father was extremely vexed by his son's nature. The day Laurentius was to leave for the guild, his father attempted to kill him with a sword, cutting a large slice down his son's back, failing in his attempt to kill his son, Razgor had nothing more to do with him. After then Laurentius never saw any of his parents or siblings again, seen as they died two years later of a disease.

He died at the age of fifty six, slaughtered wrongly by someone who thought him evil for his morbid practises. He later returned to the unlife as a Somni*.

More recent history: Laurentius arrived in RavenBlack by complete accident, having narrowly escaped the clutches of a being beyond realms. Forced to take a body, he possessed a lycan and came across the tavern which he made his home. After meeting the Shan's Laurentius was killed and switched bodies yet again, having taken a preference to the lycan nature, he tricked the owner of his current body into trading his soul for a pebble, leaving the body free for Laurentius to steal. He became infected with the 'pire disease soon after.

Now he is living a slow and rather easy life with Jaqueline, having regained his original body, with very little enemies apart from the narrow minded 'pires that can not accept difference among their community, and of course the Hunters.

Time Line


  • Laurentius arrived in RavenBlack
  • After leaving his lover, he started a secret affair with Jaqueline, both leaving their current lovers for one another.


  • †Jaqueline turned and sired †Dionisys, February 23, 2011
  • Laurentius proposed to [[†Jaqueline, June 20, 2011
  • Laurentius and †Jaqueline got bound and wed, July 05, 2011




  • The Somni are a self-created 'race' that the player of Laurentius has been developing for years. In Laurentius' original realm, magic existed and it was very medieval like, every ten thousand years or so, a person dies and retains consciousness, becoming his soul, which is often referred too as a 'cloud' because of their cloud-like appearance. They are near invincible but are ethereal, meaning they can not touch anything when in their true form, but have the ability to possess bodies at will; which they can change to their liking. In short; Laurentius can not be destroyed, only killed.

Other Info

Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Laurentius is fully powered.
Laurentius is partner-bound to Jaqueline.
Laurentius has several tattoos.
Lycanvampire.jpgHybrid Lycan
Laurentius is part Lycan.
Dna 1.jpgHybrid
Laurentius is a Hybrid of Lycan and Somni
Crownroyal.jpgWhiskey Drinker
Laurentius drinks Whiskey.
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