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†LiskiThis page is marked as to be maintained by Liski only!


History as Human: Unknown

History as Vampire (abbreviated):

Liski was turned and left in Ravenblack City feeling her original sire only a few days after he abandoned her. Growing from her hatred of his weakness she was found and trained by the Church of Blood to be a ruthless warrior known as Angels. Taking delight in blood and chaos she was part of the Capadocious clan and then the Shadow Court. When the Church fell the first time her clan family moved to the Clan Valhalla where she a spy and intelligence gatherer under †reach. She became companion bound to a fellow warrior †jimmymac before he vanished from the City. When torpor came over her she was lost to shadows for several years before coming back and joining the Clan Tanith by her then husband's side. When he entered Torpor she followed him into darkness once more until being called back by one of the Tanith recruits †Lord Azrael. He convinced her to take up her sword again and become a Ferryman. During her time there she became close to several members, one by the name of †Occamrazor in particular who she bound as blood sister. She took on †Draugluin as her sire becoming a member of the Hatti family, but sadly after 9 months her unhappiness under his demanding rule forced her to request a severance. Finding love for the third time she was able to bind to †Lannair Cuan and find peace once more as a Cuan. Eventually she decided to once more take on a sire, binding into the Macallum line under †whatdidyousay. Upon the severance of her husband, she took up her own name, de Vangeline and the family grew stronger.

The Vampire Liski


Liski stands 5' 8" and prefers wearing pants and a simple shirt or corset so that she can move easily. Her naturally dark brown hair was cut as a reminder by the Scythe Magister so instead of fixing it she kept the short bob and dyed it black. Liski has perfect pale skin and bright blue eyes which lighten or darken depending on her mood. Get her angry enough and they will grow a haunting white. On occasion you may notice silver flecks or a ring of silver in her eyes which glows. She has a tattoo beside her left eye of Odin from her days as a Valkyrie as well as a tattoo along her arm that moves over her heart, given to her by her husband Lannair. She has a three scars on her palm that serve as a reminder of past lessons. Instead of wedding bands, both Liski and Lannair have matching bands upon their ring fingers. The tattoo along her arm and on her finger were removed from her skin after the severance.


She can be very serious upon a first meeting, but most often than not she is playful and mischievious. Empathic to those around her she tends to sway around others emotions and on occasion feeding upon them. A trained warrior she loves violence and would die to protect those she loves. Loyal and loving she is intelligent, sarcastic and patient. After an adventure with her former sister, †Ellie, Liski sometimes seems unlike herself. She absolutely detests ignorance, stupidity, laziness and excuses.


Besides the usual charisma, stamina, etc.. Liski can travel through the shadows to wherever the shadows fall. She has only to know where she needs to go to find it through them. After binding to her former sire she is now in part Fae and has advanced movement and strength as well as being able to walk around in daylight without fear; a trait that is passed to her lineage (in moderation). After a rough night of madness her clan sister †Lisastrata taught her to control fire and shape it for attacks. She has other hidden powers that she demonstrates sparingly.


(any help on dates or events would be appreciated as most of my files were lost))

Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Liski is fully powered.
Founders.jpgCity Founder
Liski stalked the city streets before there were any.
Goldcrown.jpgClan Leader
Liski leads a clan.
FerrySymbol.pngThe Ferrymen
Liski is a member of Ferrymen.
Nwlogo.pngThe NightWatch
Liski is an Ambassador with the NightWatch
Poison apple.jpgHigher Learning
Liski is a Teacher.
Reporter.pngExtra! Extra!
Liski reports for
The Tulip.
Reporter.pngExtra! Extra!
Liski reports for
Reporter.pngExtra! Extra!
Liski reports for
Throne Vampbox.jpgThe Sovereign
Liski is the Sovereign of the
de Vangeline Line
Dumont-crest-2 copy.pngDumont Pride
Liski is a Dumont.
Liski honors torpor.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XV: Blood Daemon
Liski has drunk
at least 40,000 pints of blood.
Liski is a Warrior.
Liski instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
Liski likes to duel.
Shadowweave.jpgShadow Weaver
Liski is a
Weaver of Shadows.
Liski is a Pyrokinetic.
Liski strolls in sunlight.
Eye.pngMoody Eyes
Liski's eyes change color from Blue to Silver or White.
Liski has several tattoos.
Vampembrace400.jpgPlays with Humans
Liski loves to play with food.
Liski instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
The Creatures Avatar.jpgCreatures
Liski keeps exotic creatures.
Horseman.jpgSavants of the Veil
Liski is the Horsemaiden of Destruction.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Liski owns The Ixora Estate at
Lead and 48th.
Shop Owner logo.jpgShop Owner
Liski owns The Ixora Estate at
Lead and 48th.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Liski owns The Demon's Heart at
Lonely and 78th.
Shop Owner logo.jpgShop Owner
Liski owns Liski's Shadow Phial at
Gloom and 99th.
Freemason.jpgCity Architect
Liski has changed RavenBlack City.
Coins.jpgCoin Hoarder
Liski is one of the
richest vampires in the city.
Coins.jpgCoin Collecting
Liski likes to collect coins.
Liski loves to dance.
Liski loves sharp objects.
Willow Ent.jpgEnt Master
Liski is a Master of an Ent
Golem.jpgGolem Master
Liski is the Master of
a Golem
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Liski reads the Bite.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Liski reads the Black and White.
Bitey.jpgBitey Award Winner 2011
Liski won Best Clan Leader.


  • Liski enters the City


→ The same day she is promoted to Archangel
→ The Church begins attacks, taking 80k+ bp -- dropping RB to below 10k before turning to other targets
  • Jun 10 - Liski is promoted to Angel of Death (the highest ranked attackers of the CoB)
  • July 6 - Joins Valhalla after the CoB disbands
  • Aug 5 - †jimmymac proposes to Liski in the Halls of Capadocious
  •  ??? - jimmymac and Liski become companions until he leaves the City


  • Feb 2 - Liski is removed from Valhalla due to inactivity (schooling)
  • Feb 3 - Liski goes into deep shadows
  •  ??? - †Prince Norman and Liski bind
  • Jun 13 - Liski is removed from Children of Nyx for an ooc argument with †blackdragon
  • Jun 14 - Liski and Prince Norman open the Clan Tanith
  • June - Prince Norman leaves the City, followed by Liski's returning to deep shadows.


  • Jul 28 - Liski returns from shadows and joins the Ferrymen
  • Dec 9 - Takes †Draugluin as her sire.


  • Apr 26 - †amster21 is zeroed by Liski during the HA/Ferry War
  • May 7 - Liski is promoted to Scythe Navigatus
  • May 18 - †Azrael42 is zeroed by Liski
  • May 19 - †Quisha is zeroed by Liski
  • May 23 - Liski severs Prince Norman
  • Jun 1 - Sires †SaintAmara
  • July - Liski Blood-binds to †Lannair Cuan. Their union forms blood filled cross pendants.
  • Aug 12 - Turns and sires †Aural duex
  • Aug 24 - Liski is promoted to Scythe Magister
  • Aug 25 - †Ace forces Lannair to bind with †-Risika-. This is the first of many betrayals.
  • Sept 28 - Lannair is able to sever -Risika- after numerous complaints to Ace.
→ Liski and Lannair return to dating, still blood-bound companions.


  • Jan 24 - Liski is nominated for a Bitey Awards: Best Couple (with Lannair)
  • Feb 5 - Aids in the zeroing of †Landric for attacking her son
  • Feb 22 - Turns and sires †MrGrim
  • Feb 25 - Liski is promoted to Arbiter of the Ferrymen
  • Apr 13 - Liski and Lannair celebrate 6 months by purchasing The Ixora Estate
→ The Perfect Ixora Cluster is added to the house which is sold among other flowers.


  • Jan 11 - Turns and sires †Marlo
  • Jan 24 - Liski is nominated two Bitey Awards: Best Couple (with Lannair) and Valedictorian
  • Mar 23 - Along with family, Liski aids †Damacus when D'dary members interfere in a personal matter between
    Dama, †Malone, †Tifereth and †Reyna, which results in a crushing live battle victory.
→ Negotiations follow with Tifereth and Reyna reluctantly agreeing to the family's demands.
  • Apr 3 - Attends the vigil for Conrad (†WanderingFool's player). Those in attendance are HW'd by †Damari.
  • Apr 4 - Returns HW on Damari
  • Apr 4 - Sires †Spun_Shadows
  • Apr 7 - Sires †kidz
  • May - Liski is promoted to Intelligence Leadership with †Liander, Drill Instructor and Mentor for the Dumonts
  • May 20 - MrGrim slips into shadows and disappears from the City
  • Jun 22 - Begins attacks on †Gilitine[1] for attacking Occam
  • Oct 12 - Begins attacks on †Bello Corvo for attacking the Ferrymen student †dreamlady. (He is zeroed Nov 2)
  • Oct 13 - Rumors spread through the taverns about Liski and Lannair.[2]
  • Oct 30 - †blackdragon randomly attacks Liski. Ignoring it as something playful she sends a message but nothing more.
  • Nov 2 - blackdragon attacks again and after discussion he states he will zero her out of anger over her involvement when
    he attacked a Ferrymen student (gargamel) months previous.
  • Nov 3 - blackdragon is made a target for Cuans to zero or until he apologizes and back off. He is often in shadows.
  • Aids in attacks on †RavynneNitewnd and †Shaarinya for hitting her grandchilde †Azeara
  • Nov 16 - Ravynne is zeroed after making a deal with Liski and Damacus.
  • Nov 20 - Sires †Chaz
  • Dec 16 - Sires †Aldred
  • Dec 28 - Shaar is zeroed with killshot taken by Azeara. The conflict comes to a close with Shaar refusing to take torpor.
  • Dec 29 - blackdragon approaches Liski who apologizes. Out of past love and affection for her brother she agrees to conclude their conflict.


  • Jan 10 - Sires †Hells Gate
  • Jan 24 - Liski is nominated for four Bitey Awards: Best Clan Leader, Best Couple (with Lannair), St(ess) Ravenblack and Sire of the Year.
Wins Best Clan Leader.
  • Feb 6 - Rumors spread through the taverns that Liski is one of the richest in town.[3]
  • Feb 6 - Liski officially takes the position of Stygian of the Ferrymen
  • Feb 24 - Begins attacks on †Doggy Saliva for attacking †virgo_shelly. He is zeroed by Virgo the next day.
  • Mar 1 - Aids in zeroing †Liander for attacking †Damacus.
  • Apr 2 - Lannair severs Liski.
  • Apr 8 - Calling a meeting of the two lineages, everyone agrees to remain one family.
  • Apr 10 - Lannair goes back on the family agreement and separates the two lines indefinitely.
  • Apr 22 - Sires †Hinterspring and †Aideen (formerly Seiki)
  • May 12 - Sires †Lord Azrael
  • Jun 25 - Begins blind scrolling blackdragon for attacking †Gypsy Gate (Jun 6)
  • Jul 11 - blackdragon is put at zeroed after being blind scrolled to 4 pints
  • Jul 22 - Attacks begin on the Secret Society for a contract on †Maridius - Clan and Family
→ During this time †Malkavian and Liski meet up and become fast friends. Romance blossoms shortly after.
  • Aug 15 - After numerous zeroings of SS members, Mari moves and the contractor cancels the contract.
→ Mari begins taking killshots on SS to finalize the confrontation.
  • Aug 26 - Amara confronts Liski about her feelings for Malkavian. She promises to stop seeing him or talking to him completely for Amara's sake.
  • Sept 18 - Seeing Liski's pain, Amara allows Liski and Malkavian to reunite and date.
  • Sept 25 - Liski Blood-binds to Malkavian. Their union forms two ruby daggers made of their blood.
  • Dec 19 - Turns and sires †Mango
  • Dec 19 - Malkavian leaves Liski without warning or reason. He acts as if they are strangers and begins dating his childe Clara.
  • Dec 28 - Sires †Jadeleath
  • Dec 29 - Turns and sires †Irina as punishment to the Hunter that murdered MrGrim [RP]


→ The family begins attacks on Booster.
→ Dragos agress to one retaliation hit by Bane and steps out of the conflict. Bane decides not to take it.
→ Ebony is absolved and left to Damacus for discipline
  • Jul 2 - †Jake Morton severs the biter childe †eiluj who retaliates with an attack (GSs) the following day. The family begins attacks.
  • Jul 12 - With the target unmoving and blood low, Liski and Aural begin scrolling. eiluj moves and is staked by Liski.
  • Jun 8 - Sires †Maridius
  • Jun 10 - Booster finally emerges out of shadows (waiting for most to be asleep) after weeks of cowardice.
→ Hits are made until she displaces and asks †Vex to take her killshot.
  • Aug 16 - †ophelia holy waters Liski which is ignored.
  • Aug 17 - Liski is attacked by members of RoR and Yggsdrasil. (16 total) Immediately after she falls into shadows (Pre-scheduled OOC Vacation for 3 weeks)
→ Liski says: If they make me wait 3 months, I’ll make them wait 3 weeks.
  • WAR OF 2013 - Information to come


  • Jan 6 - †GrimreaperMoon is attacked by her former family for severing. This broke the oath she swore upon joining their family. Liski instructs her to uphold her word and take the hits.
  • Jan 8 - †Shadow Tiger is attacked by †Trust after he removes his Battlecloak and returns to it to avoid retaliation. The reason being she staked his ‘brother’ (clone) for harassment. Battlecloaked allies begin attacks.
  • Jan 9 - †Liander demands payment from Liski on coins he believes are owed for assisting in the war. He gives her 24hrs or threatens to take it out in blood. Liski refuses, stating he joined of his own desire. Nothing comes of the threat.
  • Jan 18 - Trust remains in shadows and scrolling begins.
  • Jan 20 - Trust is brought to 8 pints and considered zeroed.


→ The barman says "I heard a poem about a couple recently, how did it go... She was a beauty and he was the beast, they fell in love, their caring never ceased, he cared for her like no other, her shattered heart he pieced together, the story of a beauty and her beast."
→ The barman says "I heard a man played a song in the pouring rain for his soulmate. "I have died every day waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more." It's wonderful to see two people so in love."
→ The barman says "I overheard a man earlier playing a song on his guitar for his wife. "I love you too much, to live without you loving me back, I love you too much, heaven's my witness and this is a fact." It sounds like she means everything to him."
  • Aug 18 - Ferrymen zero †smlcspike after numerous threats and harassment of members (both IC and OOC).
  • Nov 7 - Sires †Dragonbane


  • Mar 11 - The Alliance initiates war on d'dary (Who dub themselves the Axis)
  • Apr 1 - †ophelia gives Lucius' and her Scythes to Liski to broker peace between Liski and herself. They are returned to the Ferrymen Halls for the Historical Archives to rest beside the extinguished Lamps.
  • Apr 12 - The City goes black. When it returns, Liski is torn from the City and her bonds broken. She disappears. Several other members of the Community also are removed without explanation.
  • Apr 27 - Liski and †Drayden share the zeroing of †Anders.
  • Apr 27 - Axis create and begin spreading a disgusting OOC rumor about the player of Liski. A rumor created by Shi no Tenchi's player about murder of her infant. Players are disgusted by their desperate tactic.
  • Apr 30 - To mirror the words of Drella: "they lose. They lose hard." After getting upset by being treated exactly as they treated others, The Axis zero themselves in what is perceived by the City as an act of extreme cowardice. The Alliance observes 2 weeks before declaring the war at an official end.
  • May 28 - A vigil is held at The Ixora Estate for the player of kidz who passes away May 24th
  • Jun 15 - †Nicademus13, a thrall of †Ephiny (d'dary), scrolls the Ixora during the vigil and is attacked by several members of the lineage.
  • Jun 16 - Nicademus13 takes on a Battlecloak after being attacked.
  • Jun 27 - Sires †Tarchetti


  • Apr 8 - Liski's Shadow Phial is built as a gift for their anniversary from Hells Gate.


  • Jan 1 - Liski is nominated for two 2017 RavenBlack City Awards: Best "Faction Leader", "Lessons Learned - Best Teacher". Ferrymen are up for "Best Faction"
Wins Best Teacher and Best Faction Leader.


  • Jan 19 - Liski is nominated for several Squiddy awards: Heart of Gold, Machiavellian, Sire of the Year, Most Mesmerizing Eyes, Ambassador, Golden Fingers, Best Artist (OOC), Best Banner (OOC).
Wins Most Mesmerizing Eyes, Golden Fingers, and Sire of the Year.


└─ Liski
├─ †Abel
├─ †AkujinNakaru
├─ †Aural duex
├─ †Chaz
├─ †Daly
├─ †Dragonbane
├─ †Hells Gate
├─ †Irina
├─ †Jadeleath
├─ †kidz
├─ †Lord Azrael
├─ †Malacai
├─ †Mango
├─ †Maridius
├─ †Mira Delacour
├─ †nmide
├─ †Placebo
├─ †Psycho Cliff
├─ †Saaron
├─ †Sadi
├─ †Sixxdawg
├─ †Skye
├─ †Suspencer
├─ †Talos Ayden
├─ †Tarchetti
└─ †William Cole

Roleplayed Items/Pets

  • Tungsten Daggers - A set of six, small black tungsten daggers she wears under her clothing.
  • Scythe (Ragnarök) - The weapon given to her upon becoming a Scythe Master. A sleek scythe made of pure silver, hand etched (by Liski) with Norse runes. It's edge is ever sharp and ready to defend her family.
  • The Ferrymen Lamp - The clans greatest treasure. It guides the lost.
  • Diamond Spork - A razor-edged grapefruit spork given to her by Syzygy
  • Orichalcum Ring - Given to her for Christmas 2015. The ring-wearer may recall The Chalice from The Dreaming by speaking a chosen phrase. A gift appropriate for the Ferrymen Stygian.
  • Scythe (Atonement) - Formerly the Scythe belonging to darkwolf, but returned to Liski by Damacus. She carries it, sheathed and reduced in size at all times as a reminder.

  • The Guins - Six very large emperor penguins that she raised from chicks, some of which belong to different family members.
==.Jimmy is her own personal Guin that sometimes works in her clan.
  • Binx - A caracal kitten given to Liski by Suspencer
  • Hunter - A pitbull pup given to Liski by Derzempes
  • Brutus - A lycan pup given to Liski by Derzempes

City Items/Pets


Liski is the owner of The Ixora Estate [CITY]
Liski is the owner of Liski's Shadow Phial [CITY]
Liski owns the keys to the Church of Blood's Gardens. [FORUM]
A Tree House built for her by †Suspencer [RP ONLY]

Liski is the owner of The Demon's Heart Tavern [CITY & FORUM]

Other Information

  • Head of the de Vangeline Family & Bloodline
  • Matriarch of the Cuan Family - [DEAD]
  • Part of the Macallum Family & Bloodline
  • Part of the Dumont Family - [DEAD]
  • Part of the Ryker Family - [DEAD]

  1. This vampire no longer exists.
  2. Bar Rumour [1]
  3. Bar Rumour [2]
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