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Of Romanian decent, Lyric has skin a gentle tan hue, with obsidian locks and emerald green eyes. Although always known for the shade, and look of her eyes, she has lost their natural colour and now carries dichromatic eyes of Kelly, and cerulean. The vampire stands at a modest five foot seven inches. While her body is lithe and well toned, she is voluptuous with soft, full curves. A woman of taste and class, it is rare to find her not 'dressed'. She comes from a time when one dressed their very best and was always well kept, regardless of the day's (or night's) activities.

Mortal Life

Lyric was born in 1525 Romania. Her birth name, lost to history.

In 1526, Lyric's parents sent her and a trusted Nurse out of their home country for safety during a violent and troubled time. War was ravaging the land and her Mother and Father feared for the life of their only child. Their precious and most loved daughter. The girl child and Nurse eventually found themselves in England. Shortly after their arrival, the Nurse abandoned the child in an orphanage, St. Jerome's. She had fallen in love with a sailor that had accompanied the pair on their voyage. Disappearing with the small fortune Lyric's parents had entrusted her with to care for them both until the wars were over, she nor the money were ever heard from again.

After living a simple but good life in the care of the St. Jerome's Orphanage, each day passing more quietly than the last, Lyric's life changed drastically. September 16, 1540 not long after her fifteenth birthday a tall, statuesque woman arrived at St. Jerome's. The woman had a kind face and warm eyes. There was nothing spectacular about her nor out of the ordinary save for that which she was in search of. By all accounts, she seemed no different than any other woman of the age. This woman, introduced herself as The Widow Smithe. She explained that she had recently suffered the loss of both her Husband and only child and that more than anything, she missed the sounds of laughter in her home. Mrs. Smithe expressed interest in adopting a young girl, close to the age of womanhood, to help heal the loss of her own daughter. By this time, Lyric had avoided adoption many times, opting to stay at the one place she knew and felt safe. But, with her age increasing, the Sisters of St. Jerome believed it time she move on and convinced her to accept the adoption. If only they had known.

The truth, it turned out, was darker than any would have ever guessed. Mrs. Smithe, as things became clear, was nothing more than a Madame, a woman of ill repute in service of a Vampire running a brothel in order to gather prey and fledglings to himself, slowly building himself an empire. Lyric was immediately put to work as the house maid and coven feeding cup in times of lean. The pains and humiliations she suffered at the hands of her vampiric superiors were immeasurable. They each went out of their way to make certain she was aware of how low she was in their eyes. Yet she handled it all in stride, saying nothing and carrying herself with a dignity and grace they had never seen before. It endeared the girl to them. It would decide her fate.

Turning and Beyond

Turned on her 24th birthday her master decided she would be more useful to him as a working woman. Put to the streets to lure men to their demise, those who sought her attentions met with grisly fates. Those who survived her own hungers, were relinquished of their money and valuables, and kept as food for her coven. She was a woman of skill, and of grace. Her targets never escaped, never had a chance, never saw it coming. Lyric's self respect and dignity, coupled with her preference for her prey to be ripe with fear never left room for any transactions of a sexual nature to take place. Despite the façade of her apparent position. Such actions, she believed and still to this day does, are beneath her.

In 1888 she ran afoul of the White Chapel killer. Meant to have been one of the many victims, she found herself on the receiving end of his scalpel, mid-dissection. Taking her attacker by surprise, she used the situation to her advantage. After disposing of his body, she came across, unfortunately for her, the young Mary Kelley. Using the woman's corpse as a decoy to fake her own demise, Lyric used the opportunity to escape from under her coven's control.

1888 - Present Lyric drifted through life and time, never settling down until she came across RavenBlack City in September of 2005, where she makes her home today.

Personal Life

Lyric lives a quiet life, preferring to avoid the limelight and attention of the greater part of the city's populace.


As in every life, partners come, and partners go. Lyric, in her time within the city, has had three; †xxsacrificexx, †Alpha Dragon and †King Lestat.


Lyric has taken a small number of sires in her time, each one bringing to her life something new.

†Majin, †MiaRaeLyn, †evilive_inc, †Damacus


Clan Life

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