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Majica is the head of the Wilde bloodline.

Majica is a close personal friend of †Lameth.

Timeline History







- Clan Mooncalf (2004) -

Entering at the tail end of it's rein, my first lessons in how deceptive people can be were learned from the leader of this Clan. †RavenesQue, leader by default after an overthrow of †Mooncalf, quickly saw it's members departing.

- Shadow Court (2005) -

With encouragement from her good friend †Cunnilingus1, she entered Shadow Court despite the bitter taste left there of her former clan. Married quickly to the thieving house's Magistrate †neo71665, she was dismissed from Shadow Court upon refusal to sever from her former Sire †Archangel.

- The Seven Sins (2006) -

Ingeniously conceived, this short lived Clan was destined to fail. Constant bickering, unrealistic shifts of initial conception and unfair balance of gain led to this Clans demise before it could even be started. One would do well to take this idea and cultivate it.

- The Wolf Clan (Mafia Alliance) (2007) -

With strong influence from her former daughter (by marriage to †Angels realm) †saoirse, formerly †puredelight, urged her to join a Clan under the umbrella of the Mafia Alliance. She foretold of the Mafia's impending plans and reminiscent 'join or die' tactic once used by the Capadoceon Dynasty. All Clans and Families, regardless of their size would be affected with the larger being targeted first. Against her better judgment and at her daughters insistence to keep the family safe, reluctantly, she enlisted the aid of an old friend to help her in her dilemma.

†Aphaythea, leader of the Wolf Clan welcomed her warmly into their fold but it soon became evident through personal and close dealings with the Mafia leaders, that the Mafia, and all that it claimed it stood for, were false.

Simentaniously, her son †Seth Lomax was going through a rather nasty divorce with one of the Mafia's 2IC daughter, †Raven Moon. After an order of silence, which was unjustly forced upon the parties involved was broken, the Mafia commenced to zeroing Seth and Raven Moon both, and succeeded. They were not so fortunate though when turning and focusing their attentions to Majica, who had also been included on the ridiculous gag order. Let it also be noted, that it was for their own personal reasons which pertained nothing to do with in City dealings.

With the web of Mafia lies beginning to unravel and the truths finally revealed, one by one, the alliances within the Mafia fold quickly began breaking down in nearly a mass exodus. In one of the City's most publicized battles, and with the aid of a less than a handful of her children, the Mafia Alliance was brought down and bankrupt. Dubbed 'The Farce War,' the spectacle truly lived up to it's moniker.

Forever affected and changed by events of the war, i.e.; childer severed from their Sires upon learning or the truth, some never returning to City, she learned to deal as best she can. She is pleased however, that she came to be bound as childer to †Seyda, whom, she credits greatly to the survival of herself as well as those of her children fighting.

Of course there is a more to be said... a long list of gratitude as well as the follow up of events post Farce War. But that is for another time to be told in a more detailed setting.

Publicized accounting

Mafia Gag Order

Majica Attacked - Take I

Majica Attacked - Take II

Majica Attacked - Take III

Ordo Illuminati withdraws

Statement of defeat from †Laurelgwynn & withdraw from war

Mafia buckles under 5 sided attack led by Majica
Dogs of War (DoA) concedes

Majica wins the War

†Demonic_Diati fades

At present, currently clanless.


Wildetemplate.pngHouse of Wilde
Majica is a Wilde.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Majica is fully powered.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
Majica has never been zeroed.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Majica reads the Bite.
Bwlogo.pngRavenBlack and White
Majica reads the Black and White.
glows in the
Majica owns a cat.
Majica is partner-bound to †Fronk.
Majica stalked the city streets before 2004.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Majica owns Majica's Playground at Willow and 50th.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Majica owns Wilde Sanctuary at Willow and 51st.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Majica owns Wilde Wolfe Estate at Vervain and 50th.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XI: Legendary
Majica has drunk
at least 5,000 pints of blood.
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