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Miranda Dawn

October 2003 Miranda Dawn enters the city.

The vampire Miranda Dawn's rank is - Blood Deity (140,000 pints +)

Powers: Second-sight Suction (2) Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

Partner-bound with †DarkWarrior {Bound June 13, 2010}

Miranda Dawn is sire 4 other vampires, †Loralae, †hermione, †Parthinia and †gyspygirl

Miranda Dawn is a master vampire, with no sire.

((history to be added here))



Code of Conduct and Teachings

• Respect your sire, lust your partner, have fun with your friends & love your childers. If the respect fades, the lust flickers, the fun non existent, and the love hurts. Its time to move forward and not look back.

• Do not brag of blood, bank account balance or weapon stock. Keep them guessing.

• Never give warning to your foe. The element of surprise is far more pleasurable.

• You don’t owe the city a reason for your actions, you don’t owe your foe a reason. If they are smart enough they will know. Tell them only if it amuses you.

• All is not what it seems, do not be fooled.


Words that will not pass Miranda’s Lips in regard to relationships whether it be partner, sire or childe

“Forever”, “Eternity”, “Eternally” and “Never”

She is not negative in relationships, she is just a realist and enjoys her relationships while they last.


Quotes Miranda Lives By

• "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

• "You have been weighed...you have been measured...and you have been found wanting."

• “No one holds command over me. What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? Call your damnable hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming to hell with me.”


Clan of the White Dragon (Class of 2004)


Sanguine Draconis (Warrior, January 2005-September 2005)

Temple of the Dark Lords (Co-Leader / Warrior, September 2005-January 2006)

Virtus Sodalitas (Warrior, January 2006-November 2006)

The Towers of the Crossed Swords~ A New Dawn (Leader of the Pack~Warrior, January 2006-current)

• Honorary Member of Virtus Sodalitas (Warrior, February 2007- March 2007)

• The Alliance of Fire (Warrior, February 2007- March 2007)

Hell's Angels (Warrior, March 2009-current - 2iC (2nd in Command) February 2010-current)

Wars - Zeros and an Affair

Miranda Dawn

• December 19, 2006 - EoE { Killshot by Miranda's childe †Parthinia per her request }

• March 20, 2007 - TiC- HoH War { Killshot by Miranda's childe †shaarinya per her request }

• June 16, 2008 - Ygg { Killshot by †Valens }

• April 5, 2009 to May 16, 2009 - Hells Angels vs. The Ferrymen { Miranda was a warrior with Hells Angels- was not zeroed }

• July 20, 2010 - Due to a contract via The Splinters of Dusk- { Last 600 Pints taken by Miranda's Partner †DarkWarrior per her request }

{ This was the only zero that warranted no rest for the vampiress as the means was via many failed contract attempts and not actually attained via warfare }

((details of zeros to be added later))

Past Connections


†Nytshaed - October 2003 (entrance into the city sire) – Severed from her November 18, 2006

†NiFlhEiM - Sired Feburary 25, 2007 – Was severed by him January 30, 2008

†blackdragon - Sired October 13, 2008 – Severed from him December 23, 2008

Past Partners & Honorable Mentions

Miranda before binding to MacManus
Miranda after her and MacManus were bound


†Mord_Pendragon - Bound August 20, 2005 - Severed from him January 13, 2006

†MacManus - Bound May 15, 2007 - Severed from him March 13, 2008

†DarkWarrior - Bound June 13, 2010

Honorable Mention:

†Ryan January 2006 - Feb 2006

†The Hegemon August 2009 - March 2010

((info to be added later))

Past Childers

†Splitter Dawn - Sired sometime in November 2009 - Severed April 14, 2011

†Fronk - Sired January 10, 2010 - Was Severed by Fronk on April 4, 2010 after his two requests for severance were denied + Re-sired October 13, 2010 - Fronk re-severed January 2, 2011

†Lord Galamushi - Sired April 9, 2007 - Severed June 10, 2008 + Re-Sired September 28, 2008 - Re-Severed October 3, 2009

†Samantha Dawn - Sired June 13, 2008 - Severed January 26, 2009 + Re-sired March 31, 2009 - Re-severed October 3, 2009

†Scarlet Dawn - Embraced September 13, 2005 - Was Severed by Scarlet on October 5, 2008 after her request for severance was denied

†shaarinya - Sired February 9, 2007 - Severed July 1, 2008

†doncey - Sired July 1, 2007 - Severed May 1, 2008

†Max Harpster - Embraced January 24, 2006 - Severed January 10, 2008

†VanRick - Embraced January 23, 2006 - Severed January 10, 2008

†Torlogh Obrien - Sired July 9, 2007 - Severed October 5, 2007

†Venus Fire - Sired November 13, 2005 - Severed January 13, 2006


• Founder of: The Towers of the Crossed Swords {Founded January 13, 2006- Erected in the city June 5th, 2007}

• Proprietor of: The Crossed Swords Tavern {Established June 4th, 2007} - The Swords at Dawn {Established May 13th, 2008} - Ye Olde Gallows Ale House {Established October 31, 2009} and Ratskeller {Established October 31, 2009}

• Co-Proprietor of: The Axeman and Guillotine w/ †Fronk {Established January 4, 2010} - Sole Proprietorship as of April, 5th 2010 due to family severance between the two.

Bounties and Contracts

Miranda Dawn was one of the original subjects of RavenBlack Bounty List.

She had the 5th highest bounty on her head of the original 12 vampires that appeared on the list. The bounty price on Miranda's head was for 202,000 coins.

Her name was removed from the list on April 9th, 2009. No reason given but most likely because Miranda recently joined Hell's Angels. At that time Hell’s Angels and Clan Capadocious were allies. (NOTE: The Bounty was paid on your behalf by one of the Hell's Angels.-Archangel)

In the four months that Miranda’s name was on the bounty list she was never attacked.

Wake Up Article


The Bounty Hunter Program

January 2010 - March 2010

Miranda Dawn had a 100k "Official Bounty" on her head plus an additional group reward of 500,000 coins for additional attacks on her and other members of Hell's Angels.

Miranda was hit by thrall(s) due to †Lord Galamushi's "thrall" Bounty Hunter Program. 10k in blood was taken from Miranda due to the thrall †Galamushi Dawn and a single Holy Water hit from the (at that time thrall) †Lord Chaos. Many did not take this program serious as Lord Galamushi at the time was wearing Neutrality.

Both contracts were left incomplete as the program was abandoned for non interest and participation.


Descending Angels Contract

April 2010 - June 2010

Miranda and the members of Hell's Angels found a contract on their heads. Miranda was heard saying "At least this time I am being hit by "real" vampires and not thralls."



Splinters of Dusk Contract

July 2010

Miranda once again found she was subject of yet another contract.

She decided after getting the contract message to change her perfume to Calvin Klein's Obsession. It seemed perfectly fitting to her that after 6 months of constant attacks, someone clearly had an unhealthy obsession with her.

Awards - Nominations and for the Win


Miranda Dawn "The Most Eligible Piress Trophy"

Miranda was nominated for 3 awards via The RavenBlack Bite News Source

• Richest Pire


• Worst Sire


• Most Annoying


She lost in all three categories despite pimping for votes for all.


Miranda was then nominated for the award of "The Most Eligible Piress" via the RavenBlack City Awards Show

Eligible Piress

She won the award.


2010 brought 3 1/2 more nominations at The RavenBlack Bite for the piress {the 1/2 wasn't exactly her nomination but she was mentioned so that gets her 1/2 a point}

• Hermit of the Year

• Biggest Bitch

• Shadow Master

• {and the 1/2 point goes to "If I could turn back time"}


Miranda did walk away a winner of one award given to her by Clan Capadocious.

The award was for "Clan Role Model"

Slave Auction Participation

Miranda Dawn The Mistress

June 2006 ~ Live Auction


†Rykoth for 56,000

†ARCHAS for 75,000 (after his original owner wanted out of the deal at the auction end. ARCHAS came to Miranda privately and asked if she could pick up his contract)

December 2006 ~ Live Auction

Miranda put herself on the slave list to be purchased. But due to the current war she was in, she removed herself from the auction before it began. She felt she would not be able to serve a master fully as her time was devoted to the current war.

She was hoping to bid on †Lesion but luck would not be with her as the auction hall was over crowded and many could not gain access into the room. Of the vampires lucky enough to enter the auction hall, many were being tossed outside and then denied entrance to return or being tossed out of the room over and over. This is what happened to Miranda. She entered the hall 3 times only to be thrown out three times. She then gave up and decided to save her coins for other toys.

{Side Note}After this auction and its problems it was decided by the organizers that future auctions would be silent auctions. These silent auctions lasted for days with a starting date and ending date announced before hand. There was one later attempt at a live auction as the silent auctions did not fair as well and slaves were going for far less coins as in the live setting. The later attempt rented two rooms, the old standard room ((Y!M)). When the old room failed to accommodate yet again the new back up room was used ((chats)). This room did not work either and that auction ended up silent as well.

August 2007 ~ Silent Auction


†VAMP (Now known in the city as †Victor) for 48,000

†Demonic_Diati for 121,000

December 2007 ~ Silent Auction


†DarknessReaver for 15,000

Miranda entered the slave auction to be purchased. She sold for 50,000 to †Victor (formally known as †VAMP)

May 2008 ~ Silent Auction


†Nesmuth for 50,000

†Angelo for 50,000

Miranda sold to †Lesion for the female top price of 135,000

October 2008 ~ Silent Auction

Miranda found out about this auction too late to enter in the auction as a slave… so she put herself on the waiting list. The auction started and she bid on two slaves. When she entered the hall again later, she noticed she was now no longer on the waiting list but indeed on the current slave list to be auctioned off. She never bothered to take her name off the waiting list after the auction started as she figured everything was in place as the auction already started. This time though, the auction handlers decided to put up a poll and have the top five on the waiting list added to the auction. As reported in the Wake Up and other papers, Miranda came in 4th in the poll. At that point she had to discontinue bidding as the new rules for this auction were slaves could not purchase other slaves.

She sold to †Lord Galamushi for the female top price of 80,000

December 2008 ~ Silent Auction

She sold to †Lord Galamushi for 151,000

Rumours in the Air (or more specifically the Bars, Pubs and Taverns)

June 2007 –

The barman says “I hear Miranda Dawn has a thing for rope, and that she and Parthinia are sporting new tattoos. Also, apparently, Scarlet and shaarinya have taken a liking to gummie unmentionables.

August 2007-

The barman says "I heard Lord Galamushi is back in town and his brothers doncey and Torlogh are going to surprise him with a strip-o-gram - and their sire Miranda has been overheard in strange conversations with a few of her grandsons.”

September 2007-

The barman says "I hear that Lord Galamushi and Torlgh Obrien took Miranda's rope and shaarinya's gummies and locked them in their Dungeons. Whatever that means."

April 2009-

The barman says "I've heard some bloodsucker named Miranda Dawn is one of the richest in town."

The barman says “Samantha Dawn was in here the other day and she said that Miranda Dawn tucks her and Lord Galamushi into bed after they put on their Wonder Twins pajamas. That is incredible.”

September 2009-

The barman says "I've heard some bloodsucker named Miranda Dawn is one of the richest in town."

August 2010-

The barman says "I've heard some bloodsucker named Miranda Dawn is one of the richest in town."

June 2011-

The barman says “I heard Miranda Dawn and DarkWarrior celebrated their one year anniversary as partners on June 13th. Strange it works considering how different they are – he’s easy going and she’s short tempered. Well, they do say opposites attract.”

Tid Bits

Miranda at Dawn

Favorite number ~ 13

Favorite day ~ Friday the 13th

Has a thing for rope (this goes back to her relationship with her past partner †MacManus)

Blood type is O Negative

Favorite Band ~ HIM

Favorite Songs by HIM ~ Kiss of Dawn, Passion's Killing Floor, Bleed Well, Drunk On Shadows

Other Bands Worth Mention ~

Whitesnake, Buckcherry, Nickelback, Thunder, Jeff Scott Soto, Talisman, Evanescence, Within Temptation and Blackmores Night

Goes by - Miranda, Mir, M, Randi, Randy and Electric Randy (last two are courtesy of †Vermathrax-rex)

Also known as

• Sovereign of The Towers

• Miranda "The" Dawn

• Priestess of the Black Dress

• Cold Ass Bitch

• Card Shark of Hell's Angels

• The Red Queen

The Chosen Boxes

Miranda Dawn stalked the city streets before 2004.
Throne Vampbox.jpgThe Sovereign
Miranda Dawn is the Sovereign of the Dawn Family Line.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Miranda Dawn owns The Crossed Swords Tavern at Sorrow and 70th.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Miranda Dawn is fully powered.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Miranda Dawn owns The Towers of the Crossed Swords at Torment and 66th.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Miranda Dawn owns The Swords at Dawn at Torquoise and 71st.
Miranda Dawn is a master vampire.
Swords 03.gifCrossed Swords
Miranda Dawn is a member of The Crossed Swords Family House.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Miranda Dawn owns Ye Olde Gallows Ale House at Pyrites and 70th.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XVI: Blood Deity
Miranda Dawn has drunk
at least 100,000 pints of blood.
Hellsangels.pngHell's Angels
Miranda Dawn is a member of Hell's Angels.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Miranda Dawn owns Ratskeller at Qualms and 61st.
This vampire is bound to
Miranda Dawn enjoys the blood of virgins.
Stein.jpgPub Owner
Miranda Dawn owns The Axeman and Guillotine at Oppression and 70th.

Out of Character

The Vampiress Miranda Dawn has been played by the human Sharon since Miranda's entrance into the city.

The main model for the likeness of Miranda since mid 2004 is the lovely Lady Morgana, some of her works can be found here ladymorgana DA

Also used for Miranda's likeness since mid 2008 is Kat Von D.

On rare occasions others have been used for a banner or cover photo for a RP story if the photo/model/background/etc./etc./etc. struck my fancy.

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