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The vampire Nemesis has drunk 68519 pints of blood.
Your rank is Blood Daemon - next rank at 100000 pints.

Partner-bound with Archontohs

Powers: Second-sight Suction 2 Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

Nemesis lineage runs as follows: Lannair Cuan (12408) and the master vampire Damacus (4217)

Nemesis close siblings include: Lass (46303), melanctha (26355), Elysia (14300), Benji_Kaipo (10225) and Grin (3295)..

Name change

Nemesis is the vampire formerly known as nemesis_wings. Name was officially changed to Nemesis when it became available.

Blood Levels

Nemesis blood level varies erratically, as she actively participates in wars, fighting, etc.

Brief Summary

Red blood.JPG

Time in RavenBlack City:

  • since April 2003

Full name:

  • Nemesis Inferi


  • Nems, Nemsy, Frootloop, bitch,

Previous Sires:

  • Heimdag af Gyllenstierna. (suffers from Narcolepsy)
  • Gothic- Rose (Fell into Eternal Shadows years ago)

Current Sire:

  • Lannair Cuan

Marital status:

  • Married (Archontohs)


  • None


  • Nemesis' Asyl - SE of Zinc and 85th

Current Clan:

  • Retired

Previous Clans (In order of entry to the City)

  • Clan: The Shadow Court:

Position at the time of departure: Chancellor. Nemesis' first command position in the Shadow Court came as the Dojo’s Magistrate a task for which she trained with Kenosha_Vamp. She assisted Heimdag in his thievery house until his departure from the Shadow Court, as well as assisting EvilBill and Vampire B with reopening the Shadow Guard until EvilBills departure. She and evilive_inc kept the Shadow Guard running, even after Vampire B departed. She helped Will der Bauer restructure the thieves into the Hall of Rogues, keeping the house running long after his death. It’s still the last ‘house’ from SC that hasn’t closed. She became a Chancellor, governing the Dojo, The Shadow Guard, and the Hall of Rogues.

  • Clan: Church of Blood.

Position at time of departure: None Nemesis spent a brief time within the Church of Blood, but just felt it was not for her.

  • Clan: Yggdrasil. She was there in the beginning, when there were only 3 members, as the Clan grew, there were some hitches and clashes, as with any clan. Nemesis left Yggdrasil for personal reasons so that she didn’t cause strife within the clan.

Employment/Hobbies/Entertainment: It wasn’t really a job…it was an adventure. In insanity; Co-owner of the RavenBlack City NittyGritty Newspaper, now NG Museum. She was the ‘Bad Cop’ as opposed to Jauks ‘Good Cop’, meaning everyone hated her and loved Jauk. ~wails~ http://rbcnews.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi

  • Tormenting Marus
  • Stalking Joshua
  • Placing spells and hexes on others with her voodoo dolls
  • Stealing stuff
  • Doing inappropriate things to others
  • Running with scissors
  • Eating glue
  • Does not play well with others

Appearance and personal stuff:

  • Date of Birth: July 13, 1600
  • Age at Turning: 19
  • Birthplace: Alabama, USA
  • Height: 5’
  • Weight: 105lbs
  • Hair: Natural >Dark red hair, near waist in length, straight
  • Eyes: Pale green eyes

Special Powers:

  • All RavenBlack Powers minus pink panties or cloaks of any kind.

Nemesis is a skilled voodoo practitioner. She can make dolls out of just about anything. Nemesis is also done very well at concocting potions and poisons. Eat or drink anything she offers you at your own risk.

Attire: Nemesis has no fashion sense whatsoever. Her usual attire consists of black pants, boots, and a vest or tank top of some sort, large shirts and any sort of jacket or coat she happens to grab on her way out of the house. Though at times, she can shock and amaze with a pretty slip dress or gown. She just doesn’t like ‘girly’ things.

Personality: Nemesis is fairly quiet most times. Somewhat anti-social. She is very quirky in behavior. She can be eloquent one moment and be trying to staple your ears the next. Her temper is rather short as well. Her emotions shift radically at times. One of her larger personal flaws is that she either likes someone or she doesn’t, there is little ‘in-between’. She gives everyone a chance, however, but one chance only. Nemesis has a sort of split personality, though she can control it rather well unless under heavy stress. The alter personality rarely has control of the body, doing most of its damage to Nemesis herself with its seething attitude. The alter personality is more like a conscience…though sadistic and hateful. (Jiminy Cricket on Crack ;p) It’s believed her mind split to help her cope with so many brutal realizations in both her human life, and then her immortal life, giving her demon nature a thought process, and on rare occasions, a voice of its own. Nemesis is versed well in the use of voodoo dolls; however, she plays with them more than using them to cause any real harm. She is also knowledgeable in poisons; it’s a hobby of sorts. Another hobby is stalking serial killers. She is obsessed with them. She’s known to prattle at length on the histories of some. She has been a spy-mistress and expert thief almost her entire time within RavenBlack, however, among those who are with her on a nightly basis, she is a renowned klutz for the most part; the style and grace of the typical vampire escape her. If you have priceless works of art in your home, don’t invite Nemesis over, or be sure to have your valuables insured. Nemesis is fiercely protective of those she allows close. She will fight and die, and has, to support her loved ones.


  • Various horses in the stables at the Manor
  • Blubbers the Goat
  • Homer the donkey

Happy Times:

  • Telling Lucius ‘No’ and not allowing him back into the Shadow Court after one of many of his disappearing acts.
  • Moving up into Will der Bauers Chancellor Seat
  • Graduating Classes in the Shadow Guard (we killed stuff)
  • Learning from ophelia, Heimdag, Will der Bauer and EvilBill
  • Watching her students flourish
  • Finding Seppuku once again

Sad Times

  • Standing at Will der Bauers side as he drifted into the land of the Dead and Buried
  • Watching Heimdag and EvilBill leave the SC
  • Saying Good-Bye to the Shadow Court
  • There’s more…but man…lets not get depressing :P

    • Full personal history will be coming: **

NPC’s used the most:


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  • nemesis_wings is lured by the vampiress †Gothic-Rose to RavenBlack, where she wanders the streets aimlessly.
  • Watches the wars from the sidelines (RBB), listening and watching as each vampire speaks.
  • nemesis_wings starts looking for a clan to call home.
  • nemesis_wings wanders around the city before finding the newspaper VNN, with a path to the Shadow Courts Dojo, the old Capadocian dojo. She enters and is accepted.
  • She begins her training under the tutelage of †Kenosha_Vamp and †Bugsy.
  • She soon rises through the ranks and is made a Sage, or teacher, at the Dojo.
  • nemesis_wings starts a romance with the vampire †Ghost_en that was ill-fated.
  • She also caught the fancy of a young pyre named †Lushen.
  • Ghost_en leaves the Shadow Courts Dojo vowing to kill Lushen at a later date.
  • Lushen officially proposes to nemesis_wings and she accepts.
  • Ghost_en and his new lover †Aurora zero Lushen nights before he and nemesis_wings are to be married.
  • nemesis_wings is made a full member of the Shadow Court.
  • nemesis_wings and †ophelia kill Ghost_en in vengeance.


  • 1st: Kenosha_Vamp announces she is stepping down from the Magistrate position in the dojo to devote her time to her duties in Valhalla. She appoints nemesis_wings as the Dojo’s new Magistrate.
  • Lushen leaves nemesis_wings and the Shadow Court unexpectedly with no word, nemesis is heartbroken.
  • nemesis_wings grows very close to Will Der Bauer, looking to him as a father figure.
  • †Will der Bauer severs his entire line and goes Dead and Buried, breaking nemesis_wings' heart.
  • 16th: Lushen makes the mistake of insulting †evilive_inc, nemesis_wings, and the Shadow Court publicly. For his words nemesis_wings and evilive allow their warrior students to hunt Lushen down, nemesis_wings takes the killing shots.
  • 15: nemesis_wings is made one of three Chancellors of the Shadow Court, joining †ophelia and †Reach in command of the clan. She governs over the Dojo, The Shadow Guard, and the Hall of Rogues.
  • 20th: nemesis_wings finally severs from her sleeping Sire, †Gothic-Rose.


  • 5th: Nemesis is adopted by long time friend Heimdag.
  • †AdaMaS proposes to nemesis_wings.
  • nemesis_wings adopts †Elektra.
  • AdaMaS leaves nemesis_wings practically at the altar to fight against Lucius - nemesis makes plans to steal the killing of AdaMaS to take out her anger out on him. He leaves the city before that can come to pass.


  • 28th : Nemesis and ophelia both step down as Chancellors of the Shadow Court.
  • nemesis_wings is zeroed in the ‘af Gyllenstierna family war’. It is the first and only time in torpor so far.
  • nemesis_wings and ophelia join the Church of Blood. Nemesis leaves after just a few weeks, finding it didn’t suit her as she thought it would.
  • The Shadow Court closes and locks its door, seven keys being given to seven vampires to protect and keep its halls. The keys are distributed to former SC Chancellors †ophelia, nemesis_wings and †evilive_inc, as well as long standing clan members †Lesion, †Phoenixxe, †thorn, and †Em.
  • nemesis_wings becomes co-owner of the Nitty Gritty with †Jauk.
  • The Vampiress †Persephony asks nemesis_wings to aid her in her suicide. nemesis kills her and sends her to torpor to allow her to rise again.
  • †AdaMaS secretly returns to the city and makes amends with nemesis_wings, trying once again to win her heart
  • Yggdrasil opens their doors lead by ophelia. nemesis_wings is the first to enter Yggdrasil.
  • 13th: nemesis_wings and AdaMaS are bound as partners.
  • nemesis_wings leaves Yggdrasil for personal reasons and to keep harmony within the clan halls.


  • nemesis_wings remodels the Nitty Gritty into a museum and library, in memorial of Jauk's passing.
  • 20th: nemesis_wings officially changes her name to simply Nemesis.
  • Nemesis re-enters Yggdrasil in secret.
  • Nemesis enters the Hall of Rogues for ‘sh*ts and giggles.’


  • Nemesis severs from †Heimdag due to his narcolepsy.


Bored with the politics and rules of clan life, Nemesis steps out on her own.


  • Nemesis announces she will retire from all political and clan related issues and simply seeks to enjoy her friends and family within the city.
  • 17th: Nemesis adopts Seppuku
  • 13th: Nemesis and AdaMaS celebrate three years as Partner-Bound soulmates.


August 27. Just two months shy of their fourth anniversary, Nemesis severs her Bond with AdaMaS, who she has not heard from in three years.

October 16. Seppuku asks Nemesis to be his Companion.

October 29. Seppuku and Nemesis elope.


April. Nemesis her many years in RavenBlack

October 29th. Nemesis and Seppuku celebrate their 1 year Anniversary.

November 1. Seppuku sires Dahlia-, giving Nemesis a baby girl to torment and play with >.>


Feb. 3 Nemesis forces Dahlia- from the bloodline for sharing family information and causing undo drama.

Feb. 24. Sires Carpathia Dragosee into the bloodline.

Nemesis sleeps


Aug. 5. Releases Carpathia from the lineage on mutual terms.

Sept. 6. Nemesis severs Seppuku as both partner-bound and child for private reasons. She wishes him all the best in his future.


January. Nemesis ventures into the world of journalism once again, joining with Malkavian and Listelle to run The Necropolis newspaper.

Feb. 1st. Wanting to make some changes, she decides to start with her appearance, dying her trademark red hair to a bright purple, suiting to her personality.


Sequesters herself away in her Asylum to ponder life and stuff. Speaks only to a few select old friends.


Returns to the public, albeit quietly.

August: Begins dating Syzygy


February: Bored once again with the city, falls back into Shadows for hibernation, Syzygy moves on.

March: Nemesis returns again, easily bored on her own.

April: Is an honorary member of the Agrippa Family, offering loyalty to their line.

May: Fidelis ad Agrippa

July 23: Sired under Lannair Cuan for tactical reasons (benefits of succour line)

October 9, 2017: Archontohs and Nemesis Bind mid-attacks against 'The Void' without telling anyone in their family.


April - Celebrates 15 years in RavenBlack City


Nemesis stalked the city streets before 2004.
Nemesis owns a cat.
Mansion.jpgProperty Owner
Nemesis owns Nemesis' Asyl at Zinc and 85th.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Nemesis is fully powered.
Nemesis owns rabbits.
Nemesis owns a horse.
Nemesis is a Warrior.
Nemesis is an Alabamian.
Voodoo.jpgVoodoo User
Nemesis uses voodoo.
Paper.jpgNewspaper Owner
Nemesis owns a newspaper.
Spellbook.jpgSpell Caster
Nemesis casts spells.
Nemesis is partner-bound to †Archontohs.
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