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Raphael Vander-de Lioncourt

The vampire Raph Vander has drunk 7958 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Kiara.
Raph Vander is sire to no other vampires.
Raph Vander is a second-generation vampire, sired by †Jocelyn (31822).

Raph Vander's close siblings include: †Keru (25443), †Amberlin (17199), †Rayne-Tahlya (5444) and †Tangent (1208).



A grungy, youthful character once seen lurking around the Ghettos of RavenBlack city, his overtures into classy suits and grooming don’t do much to raise his cheeky, plebian upbringing, and just as often he can be found wearing simple denims jeans and T-shirts. Browns eyes and sandy blonde hair, with a chiseled face, Raph stands at an impressive six feet of height, with broad shoulders and a muscular physique. Quite a fine specimen in his own right, the rigors of undeath have not yet reaped him of his complexion or sense of humour.

Mortal Life

Comparatively young by city standards, Raph was only embraced in 2006, dyeing at the mortal age of 23. Born in Australia, and christened Raphael Caspar Vander by an obsessively religious mother, he was one of four boys and a sister that grew up on the family farm land outside of Yass, New South Wales. Never really recovering from the death of his father in bushfire when he was twelve, Raph descended into a lifestyle of teenage delinquency and casual drinking that eventually led to drug use and disenfranchisement. He turned his back on his heritage and his family hen he was 15 for the promise of vice and amusement offered by the city, initially dealing his drug-of-choice marijuana to survive, and maintain his own habit. The hedonistic promise of the red light district lured him into Kings Cross, where he dabbled in prostitution as well as dealing harder drugs like Coke and Ecstasy, and by and large got by on his Charisma alone; by the time he was 18 he stylized himself a club-hopping star of the sybarite scene. His glory days waned quickly however, when Raph first tried heroin at age 20. Committing himself to the drug, Raph gave up prostitution when it became clear he was abhorrent to his ‘clients’, he took up dealing and smuggling full time, and made a number of successful trips overseas, both delivering and receiving. One such trip ended with an ill fated deal that went bad down an Alleyway of RavenBlack city…

Turning and Beyond

The embrace was, quite frankly, the best thing that could have happened to Raph Vander; mortal death cleansed his body and mind of the physical need for drugs, and the act of feeding itself would (eventually) become the most potent rush he would ever experience. Vampirism however, did not come without its drawbacks… For the first year of his embrace, Raph was kept as a slave; at best a thrall and servant, at worst a toy and object of torture, for his sadistic ‘Maker’. Liberty and indeed the beginning of his own un-life in the city only came with the death of his Maker in obscure circumstances in early 2008. For the first few month, Raph survived as little more than Ghetto-Spawn, remaining below the notice of the ‘Blood-Gods’ he lived in constant dread of, and like in his life, relied on his charisma and good looks to get by. A chance meeting and the subsequent friendship with the Vampiress †Lyric late in 2007 lead him to begin his quest for powers, under her mentorship.

Personal History

A self-proclaimed ghetto-Spawn; Raph spent most of 2007 and the early part of 2008 variously questing in the city or lurking around the ghettos. He courted the Vampiress Anuk Su Namun for a time, but let the relationship go, feeling himself unworthy of such a magnificent creature; preferring instead a capricious if not sleazy lifestyle whilst he concentrated on his powers. In an effort to finance his Quests as well as extending his notoriety and social circle, Raph entered the RavenBlack City Auction and slaved himself on the block in the spring of 2008. Purchased by the Vampiress †Velvet Kiss, his servitude to her sparked an ill-fated love affair that flared and dwindled within six months. In August the same year, Raph was sired under the Vampire †Jocelyn, but when it became apparent the Vampiress was slipping further and further into Torpor, he opted to pay for his own severance, rather then endure the heartache of watching her slip away. He entered the Halls of Severance in November. As a means of recuperating both his monetary and emotional loss, he slaved himself again during the Winter Auctions, during which time he met the Vampiress †Gylliyan, a prospective bidder. Whilst †Gylliyan never bid on Raph, they maintained a close and flirtatious friendship afterwards. Introduced and vouched for by †Lyric, Raph was taken into the confidence of the Vampire †King Lestat and Sired by him in on the 22nd of December, 2008. Three days later, on Christmas day, he formally ended his relationship with †Velvet Kiss so he could pursue a Playboy lifestyle… one that barely lasted a month. The opening throws of 2009 saw good things come for the Vampire Raph Vander. Inexorably drawn to the mysterious oriental Vampiress, Raph Vander realized his infatuation with †Gylliyan and successfully pursued a relationship with her through out January. He dutifully followed †King Lestat and †Lyric into their clan, L’Inconnu, joining in February, and attained full power a week after joining. His relationship with †Gylliyan also gained strides, as she had joined the Clan a week before him.

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