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Rodargo aka -RoD- (in demonic form)



Statistical Information

The vampire Rodargo has drunk 18230 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction(2) Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Liz Summers.
Rodargo is sire to 4 other vampires, including: †Persephony, †Daphne, †Ember Argent and †Xedanis
Rodargo is a master vampire, with no Sire.


"City IG Name" : Rodargo

Nicknames: RoD, HawT RoD, The Silver-Tongued Devil, Mallow Man (for his insatiable thirst for marshamallow fluff via 55-gallon drums)

Family Name: Rodargo Alexis


The Rundown

Name: Rodargo Alexis aka –RoD-

Date of Birth: Exact Date Unknown, approx. early 1680’s
Place of Birth: Approximately in the area of Würzburg, Germany
Ethnicity: Mother is of Germanian descent
Father’s human entity of Scottish descent
Father’s vampiric entity of Greek descent
Father’s demonic entity of unknown origin
Age at Turning: Was born hybrid of human, vampire and demonic entity.
Languages Spoken: English, German, and Russian proficiently. Familiar with portions of Czech, Polish, and Greek. RoD also speaks the language of Death, having acquired this skill while serving as an Apprentice to Hades.
Height from enhancement by Icarus: 8'7” / 103 inches / 2.61 meters tall.
Weight from enhancement by Icarus: Approximately 820 lbs. / 372 kg
Height without Icarus: 6'6" / 78 inches / 1.98 meters tall
Weight without Icarus: Approximately 265 lbs. / 120 kg
Hair: Darkest Brown
Eyes: Ocean blue when calm. The rage of Icarus burns a deep crimson within his eyes when RoD is agitated.

• Large size and great strength due to the release of Icarus, a demonic Entity he was born with. In his normal form, Rodargo can lift approximately 12 tons when calm. However, in the Icarus state, it is currently unknown of his entire potential of brute strength when enraged.
• Very strong science proficiency within the fields of biochemistry, botany, genetics, and viral pathogenesis. This stems from his undying interest with studying how the energy of life works and can be manipulated. His work these nights is highly involved in genetic engineering of various blooms and botanical oils to serve various purposes. However, Rodargo is usually reserved with this side of himself as the size, strength, and eating habits are commonly what garners the attention from his peers.
• Immune to sunlight. His über metabolism is able to repair the damaging effects of UV light at a highly-efficient rate. (e.g. Rodargo is a human/vampire/demon hybrid)
• Cool, calm, and soft-spoken even during times of high stress and duress. Manners are imperative.
• Shadow walking. During his early years, Rodargo gradually gained the ability to transfer his entire physical form into the absence of light. A trick which he gained over many years of strengthening his mind and concentration. Now his preferred method of travel, Rodargo can transfer himself vast distances in very short periods of time.

• Liz Summers. Rodargo is madly, crazy in love with his wife. He is also "slightly" over-protective of her. The mere thought of his wife being harmed, even in the slightest way, sends his calm demeanor into a balistic rage. Something he has struggled with controlling, although he has made gradual progress over the years.
• Blood and food. Rodargo, in his demonic state, is a voracious eater and must consume massive portions of both blood and human food to maintain his über metabolism. Even actual humanoid figures are no exception. Now that he has been able to control his appetite against Icarus, in his normal form Rodargo prefers only liquid diets of various energy; primarily blood and blended smoothies containing various botanicals and supplements which help keep him in peak physical condition.
• Holy water and garlic materials do exhibit painful effects over Rodargo, regardless of what form he is in.
• Rodargo is unconditionally polite to women…to a fault. Even during moments Rodargo would like to be blunt and stand up for himself against the female variety, Rodargo is overtaken with mannerisms for what he refers to as "lady Creatures".

Weapon of Choice: His bare hands

Fighting Proficiencies: Straight hand-to-hand combat. RoD enjoys using his bare hands to smash vials of Holy Water or shots of Garlic Spray upon his victims of the vampiric variety. Although he himself suffers bloodloss from this style of combat, he ultimately savors the feel of raw pain. This reminds him of being more alive than dead.

  • Due to his large size, Rodargo has never required any need for learning many of the more intricate forms of hand-to-hand combat (i.e., martial arts) His brute strength with Icarus has, on most occasions, allowed him free reign upon his victims, both human and vampire.

Hand-held power weapons; primarily dual sawed-off shotguns or high-caliber handguns. When the mood strikes him to be pleasantly violent, RoD prefers using a custom-made Model 500 set of revolvers using 0.500 Magnum caliber rounds.

City Life

Rodargo entered the City in October 03, 2003.

Liz Summers and Rodargo have been bound as eternal companions since the 5th of December, 2008.

Personal life

Previous Sires: †helios3001 (Oct 2003 - Oct 2004), †Lucius (Nov 2005 - July 2007), †Majica (Aug 2007 - Aug 2008) †Count Tuna (Febrauary 2012 - October 2013) †Sartori (November 2013 - February 2018)

Previous childer: †melanctha, †Jocelyn, †Sireen

Clan Life

The Ferrymen (Leader of the Ferrymen, July 2005 - April 2007)

Republic of Ravenblack (Tribune of War, November 2007 - April 2012)

As a childe of †Count Tuna, Rodargo did provide advice and tactical assistance to the Dumont family. However, Rodargo never accepted or took the Dumont family name as his own.

On a dark, crisp evening in November 2013, Rodargo was suddenly assaulted via a 20-ton wrecking ball, courtesy of the D'dary family. While unconscious, he was bound to †Sartori as his Sire. To this very night, Rodargo really had no idea what hit him. Unfortunately, as of February 2018, the bond between Sartori and Rodargo was lost for reasons only they can elaborate on.

Out of Character

  • Rodargo is available via e-mail at rodmallow9000@googlemail.com and RoD#1264 on Discord


Bt.pngBattle Tested
Rodargo has experienced a live fight.
Rodargo likes to duel.
Rodargo instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
Rodargo has Attacked 100 or more other Vampires.
This vampire is bound to
†Liz Summers
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
†Rodargo has been bound to †Liz Summers for 9+ years.
Rodargo stalked the city streets before 2007.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Rodargo is fully powered.
Rodargo honors torpor.
glows in the
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Rodargo reads the Bite.
Rodargo is a Pyrokinetic.
Fightclub4.jpgFight Club
Rodargo knows the first two rules of Fight Club.
Voodoo.jpgVoodoo User
Rodargo uses voodoo.
Rodargo has Attacked 100 or more other Vampires.
Music.pngMusic Lover
Rodargo loves to listen to music.
Rodargo drinks wine.
Vampembrace400.jpgPlays with Humans
Rodargo loves to play with food.
Classical.gifClassical Music
Rodargo loves classical music.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Rodargo loves to read.
Rodargo loves to write.
Rodargo drinks liquors.
Rodargo enjoys the blood of virgins.
Rodargo loves sharp objects.
Demonface2.jpgHybrid Demon
Rodargo is part demon.
Rodargo is a Warrior.
BloodDrop.jpgRank XIV: Blood Royal
Rodargo has drunk
at least 25,000 pints of blood.
Rodargo loves to watch movies.
Deutsch.jpgGerman Speaker
Rodargo speaks German.
Spooky.jpgIs spooky
Rodargo might be waiting in your closet for you to fall asleep.
RexKramer.pngDanger Seeker
Rodargo is a danger seeker.
Rodargo knows exactly what to do with a banana.
Rodargo strolls in sunlight.
Shadowweave.jpgShadow Weaver
Rodargo is a
Weaver of Shadows.
The Creatures Avatar.jpgCreatures
Rodargo keeps exotic creatures.
Coins.jpgCoin Collecting
Rodargo likes to collect coins.
Rodargo loves to dance.
Rodargo stalked the city streets before 2004.
Rodargo has successfully completed the D'dary Diet.
Golem.jpgGolem Master
Rodargo is the Master of
a Golem
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