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The vampire Sartori is an aging, and slightly neurotic creature. This is his view of his history, which I, †Naimira Forsythe, his former baby Hatchling, have discovered to be nothing more than the imaginative drivel coming from a mind that is passed its prime.



It all started before Sartori was turned, D'dary the Maestro had an affair with a human peasant, Sartori was the result, and soon, was banished from the 5th into RavenBlack city, where he was expected to perish... instead, †Capadocious sired Sartori in what he refers to now as "the old days." Sartori then sired †MiaRaeLyn not too long after departing Capadocious's direct service. Since then, the father and his daughter have come a long way, their family has grown, the love between them has grown outwards and enveloped others, brought other people into their life, their line, their family.

Shortly thereafter, Sartori also sired Rena, a.k.a. †Elvenbane. About six months into their joining as family, their relationship blossomed into more. They bound as partners and friends in June of 2006, and were married in a closed ceremony by †On-da-g in the Ferrymen halls on October 3rd, 2006. A month later, along with †MiaRaeLyn, they left the Ferrymen and founded the House of D'dary, where they still reside to this day.


Sartori in duck form.

As I have said, this is complete and utter fiction. In reality, he hatched from an egg, like any ordinary duck would. He had two loving duck parents, and a handful of siblings that all hatched within days of him. Soon after he fledged, his mother was killed by a hunter for the evening meal. I later heard from this hunter that she made an excellent stew. A few years into his ordinary duck life, he had managed to avoid the fate of his late mother, and he set off to start his own flock. It was only a relatively short time before this poor, lost, confused duck wandered across the path of a hungry 'pyre, and Sartori was accidentally changed from mortal duck to something... more. It was soon after this that †Capadocious sired Sartori, in his quest for citywide domination. Sartori, being a middle-age duck at heart, soon wished to start his own flock, instead of merely being a part of Capadocious's flock. Soon after leaving his sire to start his own family, he sired his first daughter, †MiaRaeLyn, the M in M'n'R. However, by siring such a will full girl as his first, Sartori has been doomed to only siring girls and gay-pyres into his flock (Except King Lestat). His flock has expanded through the years, to include †Andre, †MiaRaeLyn, †Elvenbane, †sarty farty, †Icsis of Exuma, †Elektra, †Rodargo and †King Lestat.

Most Recent

Sartori has been smote by †RavenBlack. He was unsmote, and traversed the city for a short period of time to sever from †On-da-g before burying himself into the ground.
He came back from the dead in early February 2010.

OOC Life

The 'pyre Sartori is played by John T, more commonly known as merely T. Or T. Diddy.

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