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Portrait hanging in †Sartori's Domicile.
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Founders.jpgCity Founder
She stalked the city streets before there were any.
Torpor.jpgScrew Torpor
Rena says "HELL NO" to torpor.
Sheyrena is a Warrior.
This vampire is bound to
Anniversary.pngWedding Anniversary
Rena has been bound to Sartori for 9 years.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Rena reads the Bite.


General Details

  • Elvenbane, better known as †Sheyrena or †Rena
  • Born in August of what she approximates to be the year 1894 (albeit on a different plane of existance, so exact dates are difficult to estimate)
  • Arrived in RavenBlack City in spring of 2002
  • Co-founder of the House of D'dary
  • Former member of Clan Capadocious, Sangre Oscura House
  • Former member of The Ferrymen, Oracle
  • Former member of the Church of Blood
  • Narcoleptic
  • Known as "the Warmonger" to her family
  • Cryomancer (can freeze water into ice in seconds)
  • Pyrophobic
  • Winner of the 2003 and 2004 Sig Wars

The vampire Sheyrena has drunk 22700± pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Sartori.

Sheyrena is sire to 4 other vampires, including: †Vella, †Tifereth, †Andre and †Aeryn DuSang.
Sheyrena's lineage runs as follows: †Sartori and the master vampire †evilive_inc.

Sheyrena's close siblings include: †MiaRaeLyn, †Elektra, †Deylin, †Rodargo, †Icsis of Exuma, †King Lestat, †Annabelle, †Irk, †Naimira-sama, †gregorious, †Kriminel, †Brigitte, †sarty farty and †John Duckman.

Past childer:

†Louvain and †persephone

Former siblings:

†Andre, †Louvain, †Narcisssa, †Xaxxa, †Serena Moon, †MORPHYUS, †ladypeacek, †Grex4d, †MoNeY, †Ace, †EvilBill, †Deylin and †Alexdoh.

Former grandsires:

†Capadocious, †On-da-g and †Shikon.

More commonly known as †Sheyrena or †Rena. One of the founding members of the House of D'dary. Just look at the D'dary page, everything epic she's ever done is on there.


Sheyrena does not put much stock in dressing nicely, a habit held over from her early years as a warrior and her later years living ferally in a cave (some things never change). Almost without fail, she can be found in tattered, blood-stained jeans and a simple black tank top, no matter how cold it is outside.

Rena is petite. She originally stood at 5'2", though her new body, acquired after her ressurection (see Rebirth below for more details), is slightly taller. She probably stands around 5'4" or 5'5" now, but she would never allow anyone to measure and determine for sure. Her hair is dark red, about shoulder length and stringy from lack of care. Rena's eyes are her best features, a strange navy blue color with an overlay of silver, so they seem to flash when the light hits them. She has several battle scars, though not nearly as many in this new body as in her original human form, which was destroyed when she committed suicide in 2007.

Pre-RavenBlack City History

Born Sheyrena Treves, a prophetess dubbed Sheyrena the "Elvenbane" on the hour of her birth. The humans in her village had lived under Elven slavery for decades, and Rena was supposed to be the key to saving them. She was raised by her father, the village chieftan, as a warrior. Aside from her father, Rena's only close family member was an older brother. Her mother died in childbirth a few years after she was born.

Until she was seventeen, Rena lived as normally as possible, accompanying her father on raids into neighboring territory and performing what acts of terrorism against their overlords they could get away with. The year she turned seventeen, all-out war was planned against an Elven stronghold to the north. She went with her family on the attack, but while on watch duty late one night, she witnessed something exceedingly strange. A soft glow in the forest, and a dark-haired man appearing from nowhere, moving silently across the snow.

He attacked her, and though Rena was strong, she was no match for his preternatural strength. He left her for dead in the snow, unaware that in their struggle, she had clawed open his cheek, and his blood had dripped onto her lips. Rena awoke the next night, buried in snow, cold as death, and starving. She fought her urge to hunt, unable to process what she had become. She knew her urges were inhuman, but she needed to help her family fight. Already, she suspected she could never go home again. Her father would slay her instantly for becoming what they hated - something "other," something not human.

Rena followed the trail of her old brigade through the forest all the way to the battleground, where they were laying siege to a key enemy stronghold.

Here, Rena fulfilled the prophecy of her birth, slipping past the Elven sentries in the dead of night and slaying dozens in their sleep, drinking the blood of the Elven lords she had been trained all her life to kill. When the alarm sounded, Rena raised the portcullis to admit her bretheren, and helped them win victory over their foes. She tried to escape unseen, but her brother caught a glimpse and stopped her. She explained her predicament to him, and he agreed that she should leave. Before Rena departed, however, she noticed the strange effect that drinking Elven blood immediately after her turning in the snow seemed to have. Any time she touched water, it froze instantly under her skin.

Rena escaped the village just after her father spotted her, and, grief-stricken, attempted to kill her himself. She did not harm him, merely fled.

For nearly a century, Rena lived in a cave on the outskirts of a remote town, feeding on those residents and travelers who crossed her territory. Eventually the townspeople hunted her down, burning her from her cave with fire. They bound and gagged her, dozens of men overwhelming even her strength. She was tied to a stake, a fire lit beneath her, consuming her. Rena's skin began to freeze in panic, her ability doing no good against the hot flames ready to melt her flesh. Her phobia of fire was born that night.

In what she believed would be her final moments, Rena shut her eyes and thought of the man in the woods. The man with the dark hair who carelessly turned her and left her like this. She hated him, and she wanted to see him one more time, to express her hate.

There was a flash of light, a churn in her stomach, and the next thing she knew, Rena awoke in RavenBlack City. As far as she can guess, this was the only documented record of a vampire succouring to their sire, in this case Rena's sire †RavenBlack, without the aid of a scroll.

Clan Capadocious

Rena joined Clan Capadocious shortly after arriving to the city in mid-2002, having been recruited during one of †Capadocious's famous "spamming random people with speeches about how awesome he is" campaigns. She spent 3 months in the Dojo, then lapsed into inactivity until someone approached her with an offer. Continue with her studies, report to them any Capadocian movements, and they would fund the rest of her powers. Rena agreed, as she was low on options at the time.

Rejoining the Dojo, she studied under †MavericksChild and †What The shortly before †What The split from †Capadocious. After graduation, Rena joined Sangre Oscura under the leadership of †BubbleKnight. There she met Bub's daughter †Thalialeu, who would come to be one of Rena's close friends. She also met †Sartori, and helped him pull some pranks on the other Sangre Oscura members of the time. Though Rena was drawn to Sartori, he was dating †Bellina at the time, and she felt it would be wrong to interfere.

Several months later, Bellina and MavericksChild left Clan Capadocious to join the Church of Blood. Sartori went with them, promising to Rena he would explain why soon. She did not stick around to find out, but instead went to sleep, guilt-ridden over how deeply she had deceived Bub, Thalia, and others she had come to care for.

When Rena awoke almost a year later, she learned that Sartori had not truly left the clan, but had only followed Bellina and Mav on Capadocious's orders. He'd soon been outed as a spy and zeroed, before he returned to his sire's halls to lead one of the warrior houses. Sartori was dating †Persephony now, having recently parted ways with his ex-wife †spookie. He had planned to propose to Persephony soon, but when Rena appeared, he told Rena his true feelings for her.

Still feeling ashamed of herself, Rena confessed the true reason she had joined Clan Capadocious years ago. Furious, Sartori demanded that she confess to BubbleKnight as well, and told her to stay away from him. Rena told BubbleKnight everything, and he forgave her, even offering her a spot in the clan if she wished to remain. Rena, however, felt she could not in good conscience continue to live in the castle. She retreated to the outskirts of the city, where she found a cave similar to the one she'd lived in for so many years before her life in RavenBlack.

The Ferrymen

Rena slept for nearly two years this time. When she rose once more, she found the whole city changed. Sartori was married to Persephony, and had sired †Grex4d, †MoNeY and †MiaRaeLyn, the latter of whom was his pride and joy. Upon their reunion, Sartori offered to sire her as well. Rena severed the bond with †RavenBlack and took Sartori as her sire in February 2006, nearly three years since they first met.

Rena and Mia immediately bonded as sisters. They spent much of their time harrassing newcomers in the taverns, attacking random vampires on a whim, and performing various pranks on unsuspecting bystanders, all while chanting their signature cry of "M'n'R!"

Soon after Rena and Mia's introduction to one another, Sartori and Persephony announced their plan to join Mia in The Ferrymen. Rena followed her new family into the clan, where she was accepted into the newly-developed warrior house led by Sartori. While training for battle and reading up on Ferrymen history in her free time, Rena caught †On-da-g's eye. On-da-g was the Head Oracle at the time, and made the decision about who would be admitted to their ranks. She came forward to offer Rena a spot, and Rena accepted immediately. She trained with On-da-g for two months before going through the ceremony marking her an Oracle of the Ferrymen.

Rena enjoyed the history of the Ferrymen immensely, and spent much of her time in the clan stalking †Lucius, his wife at the time †Damari, and †ophelia, who was no longer a Ferrymen member but had been present for the clan's founding, and peppering all three with questions. She and Mia also continued their tradition of harrassing newcomers in the ghettos and taverns of the city. To annoy Sartori, the two of them eloped in a joke binding in March, 2006. They remained bound as war partners.

Here, Rena, Mia and Sartori also grew close to †Annabelle and her childe †Inu. This friendship founded the beginnings of their later alliance with the Adaire bloodline under On-da-g. It is here that the lineage also began heavily training in dandelion wars, simulated and real battles. Already a war-master and author of the only known dueling handbook in the city, Sartori taught his family the live-fighting skills for which they would become legendary.

In June of 2006, Sartori severed his partner Persephony. Less than a week later, he asked Rena to bind to him as a friend, because he knew he could never sever from her, and he did not want to go through the pain of severence again. Rena severed her sister Mia, and she and Sartori bound in friendship. Sartori made a detour to the Hall of Severence, paying a large armed contingent of dwarves to stand guard and attack Sartori or Rena if either of them ever attempted to enter the partner severence department of the hall. Around this time, Rena also took Sartori's surname, abandoning Treves in favor of D'dary.

By August, their relationship had evolved from friendship to true romance, rekindling their feelings from years earlier in the Capadocian Rowdy Pub. Sartori asked Rena to marry him, and they both asked On-da-g to officiate the ceremony.

On September 26th, 2006, Sartori opened the House of D'dary for members of his lineage. Rena disagreed with some of those allowed into the house, specifically †kaio999, her sister †ladypeacek's childe, and all of kaio's childer, including †Tifereth. A few days later, on October 3rd, On-da-g bound Rena and Sartori's hands in marriage.

As much as Rena loved the Ferrymen, and having most of her favorite family members under the same clan roof, things did not feel completely right in those halls. The rules of clan life were restrictive -- they were only permitted to attack people who the clan sanctioned, and not permitted to retaliate against any personal attacks without approval. Rena discussed this with Sartori several times, and he expressed his desire to leave. Rena agreed, and in November, the D'darys officially left the Ferrymen halls. Two weeks later, war erupted as the Warriors of Eternity, Noches Oscuras, The Crossed Swords and the Tower of Blood jointly attack kaio of the D'dary.

Despite her personal dislike for him, Rena feels defending family is a matter of honor. The House of D'dary retaliates, and the live-fighting skills they had been drilled on for nearly a year finally became widely recognized in the city. For the first time in RavenBlack City history, a clan of 13 was taking on a clan of 29 active, heavily-blooded members and winning. Outnumbered more than 2-to-1, the D'dary regularly caught their opponents live, doling out massive amounts of damage while taking relatively few Holy Waters themselves. Rena's bloodthirst reached a peak in this battle, and to this day she considers the brief weeks of that war to be the best in her life.

A couple of weeks into the war, kaio, still convinced that his enemies were not dying quickly enough and concerned that he might be brought to zero himself after his childe †Tifereth fell in the war, begged his clan, the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment led by †Hesu, to aid them. He did this without Sartori's permission and behind the D'dary's backs. Hesu joined the fight, but spent most of it sneering at the D'dary lineage for "needing" her help. Rena still hates kaio for this infraction, along with dozens of others, but not as much as she detests Hesu for this interference in her otherwise favorite war to date.

Shortly after the war ends, Sartori, Rena and Mia decide to try a new path, after Sartori becomes enamored with a certain city elder and his "Wheel of Freaks" game...

The Church of Blood

Rena joined the church with Sartori and Mia after her sister wed †EvilBill in a surprise elopment. Shortly after they joined, Sartori sired EvilBill, uniting them in blood ties as well. While Rena enjoyed the greater freedom they were afforded in this clan, and enjoyed joining in on EvilBill's "Wheel of Freaks" game (since it meant zeroing more people), it quickly became apparent that this clan did not work perfectly for them either.

In short, the House of D'dary had already become something of a clique. The war with WoE and co. bonded the family together tightly. They became wary of outsiders, and even untrusting of new members to the lineage. Mia was normally the most outspoken opponent of new family, but Rena shared her elitist values. In Rena's eyes, no one should be allowed to join who was not worthy of their loyalty.

Around this time, too, Sartori's childe †Andre began to take a bigger role in the lineage. Rena distrusted him when Sartori originally sired him, but Mia's affections for their brother softened Rena toward him. They still fought, but the three of them and †Elektra, another of Sartori's new childer, began to take on the role of "elders" in the D'dary, training the new members and chastising them when they stepped out of line.

Early in 2007, the Church, along with their allies Clan Capadocious and the House of Heorot attacked The Inner Circle. TIC targeted the D'dary members early on, who were still depleted in blood and coins from their recent personal battle with WoE and co. Sartori was among the first to fall, and the rest of their lineage was not far behind.


Up until this point in her life, Rena had observed the practice of torpor anytime she was zeroed. Her husband, coming from a Splinters of Dusk background, had rejected torpor long ago, but despite his training, Rena never quite wrapped her head around the ability to stay awake with no blood in her system. Until now.

Several days into her torpor, she awoke to a telepathic message from Sartori telling her he'd come to say goodbye. She followed him, and tried to talk him out of this path, but he was already decided. With a heavy heart, she waited as he bade farewell to their other friends and family members. Then, on February 26th, 2007, she sprayed the garlic across his chest that would bring him back to zero. Unable to watch him leave, she closed her eyes until he departed to meet the necromancer who would turn him human once more, before killing him.

When Sartori died, the light in Rena's half of the heart-shaped pendant they shared vanished. She attempted to succour to him, only to find herself thrown to Aardvark and 1st, the location of the D'dary Manor, then jolted back to her previous location the moment she moved. Andre later built a monument to Sartori at this location, which still stands to this day.

Rena spent two weeks in preparations. Before her own death, she and Mia ran together around the city, Holy Watering those people Rena still held a grudge against, including Hesu, †Majica and others. Rena then passed her possessions to Mia for safekeeping, and kissed her sister farewell before standing alone outside to face the dawn. At the moment of daybreak, Rena read a scroll of succour. Her body was halfway to Aardvark and 1st when the sunlight hit her, scattering her into ashes.


Working together, †MiaRaeLyn and †Andre tracked down the necromancer who had turned †Sartori human - Herman, of Herman's Scrolls. Together, they tortured Herman until he revealed the location of Sartori's body, and then killed him. Mia delved into the Ferrymen underworld to retrieve his soul, while Andre fed Sartori a vial of blood saved from his vampiric body. Mia revived him with a final kiss, and Sartori returned to the city.

For weeks, the duo refused to answer his questions about Rena. When Sartori finally discovered that his wife had killed herself shortly after him, and that her body had been destroyed, he was grief-stricken. He attempted to succour to Rena, just as she once had to him, repeatedly. It was on one of these trips that, unbeknownst to him, his soul brushed past hers. When she succoured to Sartori with her last breath, Rena's body vanished, but she herself had become trapped in the in-between space, neither here nor there, where all vampires go when they teleport, displace, succour or move across the city in a split second. Since the magic of Sartori's scroll was trying to bring him to her, Sartori's body traveled closer than any other vampire had come to her in months.

Rena was not conscious at this point, though after a year or so she regained fuzzy memories of the location. It was only after long discussions with her later-grandsire On-da-g that Rena pieced together what must have happened.

Once Rena's detached soul returned to RavenBlack City, it appeared to latch onto the nearest human who most resembled its old bodily form. In this case, the unlucky passerby was Marissa Beckland, a petite redhead with pale blue eyes and a similar build to Rena. Rena's soul possessed the woman, and Rena awoke to consciousness in her human form.

Over the next several days, Rena battled with Marissa's mind. The human would sometimes retake possession of herself, and Rena would awaken in her apartment, dressed in fancy going-out clothes, or on the phone to a psychiatric ward. Rena had planned to gain more control over herself before she approached the family again, but clearly that was out of the question, if this girl was plotting to remove herself from RavenBlack City.

Panicked, Rena asked Sartori to meet her outside the mansion. She took care to avoid the rest of her family, as she could not think of a way to explain her very existance. Luckily, Sartori recognized her. He offered Rena the choice of remaining human and returning to a normal life, which she of course declined. There was no life without her family, or without him, she realized.

Sartori turned her once more, siring her in truth now. After draining her this time, he left Marissa's body dead far longer than is normally recommended. As a result, when Sartori did finally offer his own blood to change her, Rena's mind was the only one inhabiting the form, as Marissa's had faded into the underworld.

Over time, Marissa's body came to look more and more like the one Rena used to inhabit - her eyes darkening to Rena's old navy blue with a faint sheen of silver, and her hair growing out a darker red, more dark cherry than tomato-red. Additionally, Rena's icy skin temperature and ability to freeze liquids at a touch remained.

House of D'dary

After their reawakening, Sartori and Rena agreed that their lineage had no need of clans any longer. Just as they had in their war against WoE and their allies, the House of D'dary was more than strong enough to stand alone. Around this time, too, they decided to restrict the family name to only those members who had earned the right to bear it. If any of them sired a new person, he or she would have to pass rigorous tests of loyalty and fortitude before being allowed to call themselves a D'dary.

Before long, Sartori bound under †On-da-g, just before On severed her then-sire †Lucius and grandsire †Hesu. At her severence party, On-da-g also sired †Annabelle, thus solidifying the Adaire/D'dary alliance. The same night, Rena sired †Vella, a close friend from their days in the Ferrymen. Overjoyed to be reunited with so many old friends, Rena, Mia, †Inu, Anna and others went on various killing sprees over the next several months, attacking any who insulted their lineage. It was in these sprees that Rena developed her signature attack - freezing vials of Holy Water into icicle-like blade with which to stab her enemy, thus distributing the poison faster and deeper into their systems.

Shortly after one such spree, on October 1st, Rena sired †Tifereth back into their family. This was a controversial decision, as Tifereth had many disagreements with one of Mia's then-childer. However, Sartori and Rena both admired Tifereth's live-fighting skills, and respected her as a talented vampiress who had come a long way since she first stepped into their home under †kaio999's line. Since Rena was so picky about anyone who joined their family, even through remote connections, she was extremely choosy about who she sired. Between Tifereth and Vella, however, Rena felt she finally had promising childer she trusted completely.

Over the next few months and well into 2008, the family continued to have fun attacking lone idiots and small groups. In February of 2008, they discovered a member of their lineage, †BladeofRayne, had been spying on them for †Daly. They severed her from the line and zeroed her and Daly both. However, this incident solidified Rena's distrust of anyone new in the line.

Much fun was had throughout the rest of that spring, with the D'darys declaring war on †Archangel "for the lulz," and zeroing kaio on April Fool's Day in recognition of fools everywhere. Jesus was zeroed for Easter, and then more fun was had when kaio, his sire †ladypeacek (a former D'dary) and the Mysts returned for revenge in late April. Less than a month after the conflict with peacek and the Mysts ended, in late May, the D'dary discovered another spy within their ranks. †RemipunX was discovered passing info to †King Lestat of the Scions of the Phoenix. The D'dary zeroed her and then attacked the Scions preemptively, since they learned the Scions' leader †Murrz Ramirez was plotting to attack their family.

Halfway through the war, †Ace, another member of D'dary, also gave information to the Scions. The D'dary zeroed him as well, a couple weeks after King Lestat surrenders on behalf of Scions.

The summer was a relatively quiet one for Rena, as the family made plans for their next conquest. Despite their high from the victory over the Scions, tensions ran high in the lineage. With so many betrayals all in a row, the elder members were suspicious of anyone younger than they were. The younger members of the line, in turn, were concerned that the elders were growing paranoid, seeing shadows where there were none, and falsely accusing people in lieu of anyone external to fight.

This time period took an especially big toll on On-da-g. Rena loved and respected the woman, but it was growing obvious that outside of the Ferrymen halls, On was out of her element. The woman tried to maintain balance between the Adaire line and the D'dary, too, which resulted in much strife between the two factions. The Adaire fought well when required of them, but they were by nature a gentler sort than the bloodthirsty D'dary. Rena couldn't blame her siblings when they began to revolt against On-da-g's tireless reprimands and support of younger members. On one hand, Rena agreed that some members were being perhaps too paranoid. On the other, they had every right to be, when so many young and promising members turned out to be spies or scavengers, willing to turn their coats for the right price.

Rena pressed Sartori to find them a new target, because battle had always united their family in the past. However, before a proper enemy could be settled upon, Sartori was jailed by the gods of RavenBlack for coin-laundering. He paid his bail, severed from On-da-g, and buried himself in the ground once more. Her brother Andre and sister Elektra were slated to take the reigns in Sartori's absence, but Andre left the lineage less than a month later. At the time, Rena blamed him for sundering the family. Rena could not bring herself to follow Sartori to the grave once more, but nor could she bring herself to remain in the city without him, especially with her family divided as it was. When her sister Elektra chose to slumber as well, Rena followed suit and retreated to her and Sartori's joint room in the House of D'dary, sealed their door from the inside, and slept.

D'dary Mach II

In January 2010, Rena reopened the House of D'dary. Sartori stirs from his sleep soon after, rising from their basement abode, the Domicile, to join her in restarting their house. Predictably, they begin the new year right by spilling blood - in this case, that of Sartori's ex-wife †spookie, who insulted their lineage on the RavenBlack Bite.

A few days later, to Rena's delight, Sartori sires †Annabelle, reuniting D'dary and Adaire. Rena in turn sires †Louvain, once her brother under Sartori, back to the family. A month later, she also sires †persephone, a former D'dary member under †Andre, who left the line over disputes. With persephone comes an alliance to the woman's own brood, led mostly by †Ikunnaprinsess. To help house their rapidly expanding family, Rena, †Xaxxa, †Irk and Sartori reopen the D'dary Manor proper. This is a connected building to the House of D'dary where they had resided until this point. The House itself remained open only to D'dary who had earned the name, while the Manor was available for anyone in the bloodline who wanted to join them.

The family's rebirth was fun but rocky. Immediately, Rena sensed unease between persephone's lineage and the rest of them. While Rena had the utmost respect for persephone, some of her childer did not respect the D'dary legacy or properties. Tensions came to a head one night when †virgo_shelly, pers's childe, set fire to the Manor with †KIIA, one of Tifereth's childer. Most of the family were up in arms, Tifereth among them, and ready to zero the pair for the infraction. persephone took a more lenient approach with her childer, and did not see why physical property, which was so easily reparable, should be worth harming your own family over.

Rena was torn between her new childe and the rest of her line, in addition to feeling guilty for not stopping KIIA and virgo earlier, when she caught wind of them plotting and instead chose to ignore their fun. This was a new and confusing position for Rena to be placed in. Since she had always been extremely picky with her childer, she had never faced an internal family conflict on this scale, within her own line. Other tensions cropped up between Rena and Andre, who resented persephone's severence from him a year earlier. Then Kunna's childe †Daman was caught declaring himself a D'dary in the taverns. Rena zeroed him herself for that infraction. She might be ambiguous about the value of the Manor, but disrespect like that would not be tolerated.

All in all, it was a trying time for Rena, but she learned a lot. Although she respected persephone, and did not regret giving pers the D'dary name for a second time, Rena came to understand that sometimes two families simply do not mix well, no matter how much you might like one another.

This was a lesson that came to repeat itself when, later that year, Sartori bound to †Shikon as his sire. Almost as soon as they'd bound, Shikon sired under †Vermathrax-rex, thus relating the D'dary lineage, via V-rex, to some of the very vampires they disliked the most.

Family troubles aside, there was fun to be had that year in the form of playing with the Descending Angels, the new contract killers in town. As a former Splinter of Dusk, Sartori took their ineptitude personally, and the D'dary set about attacking them multiple times throughout the year for various insults and contracts. Later in the year, Rena settles down for another nap, where Sartori soon joins her, leaving †Icsis of Exuma and †Tifereth to lead the troops in their absence.

Around Christmas, Sartori is awoken by his former sire, Capadocious. Perhaps it was all the family interior disputes that year, perhaps it was being distantly related to some unsavory characters that addled their brains... Whatever the reason, when Capadocious proposed retaking his throne in the city, Rena and Sartori figured this sounded like an amusing idea. They met with various leaders throughout the city who were willing to join, and began formulating plans.

Unfortunately, Capadocious was never known for being subtle, least of all when secrecy was called for. After he accidentally let slip to the very group they were plotting to attack - the Yggdrasil/Republic of RavenBlack alliance, all hell broke loose. Yggdrasil attacked the known members of Capadocious's "Legacy" alliance. Rena and Sartori, on the other hand, had already nodded back off to sleep, utterly disappointed in Capadocious's failness. In their absence, Capadocious attempted to appoint the newly-sired †King Lestat to leadership of the House of D'dary, despite the fact that Lestat did not even bear the family name.

Awoken by the outraged shouts, Sartori climbed out of the Domicile long enough to withdraw their family from the Legacy officially, before he curled back up beside Rena to slumber some more. During this period of sleep, the only thing she remembers is waking up long enough to honor her childe Louvain's request to be severed so that he could bind to ophelia. Rena did not blame him, since she knew ophelia would be a much more active and attentive sire than she could at the time. However, though Rena cared deeply for ophelia and respected the woman's leadership in many areas, Rena did slightly resent the other redhead for taking another family member, since after leaving D'dary, Rena's former brother Andre had wound up sired under ophelia.

Two years pass, before a stray scroll tossed by †Gypsy awoke Rena in the middle of the night. She asked Tifereth about it, and was informed that †black_dragonet and the de Boullion lineage had begun attacking her childe over a mouthy nub who was zeroed. Naturally, Rena takes the field in her family's defense, alongside her husband, who was also roused by the scroll.

As soon as Rena joins the frey, she realizes that the family has been carrying on in her and Sartori's absence, led unofficially by Tifereth. Both she and Sartori are deeply impressed and moved by this. In the past, any time Sartori fell to shadows (and Rena always followed him sooner rather than later), the lineage had gone silent as well. Most of the active family members do not even bear the D'dary name, since Rena and Sartori were not awake to pass the title on to them, yet they were still fighting for the lineage.

Over the course of the next month, the D'dary continued to wipe the floor with the de Boullion, a much richer and higher-blooded force, in what would come to be known as the Chicken Broth battle. Numerous other groups jump on an off the "kill D'dary" bandwagon, most notably †Inu in defense of her husband †Liander's family, †Majica in annoyance at her childe being severed by †KIIA (for insulting the D'dary), and †AstaTheScourge because she was still pissed at Sartori over the Legacy war. 2 years later. Seriously.

The "war" (if you could call it that) was eventually won when †Lannair Cuan and some of his lineage joined the D'dary in finishing off the remaining Chicken Broths. As soon as the war ended, Rena and Sartori officially passed leadership of the House of D'dary on to their childe Tifereth, along with the rights to name new members. Tifereth, in turn, named 7 new members, in a ceremony conducted in the River Passage of the Ferrymen. Rena extracted special permission from †Occamrazor of the Ferrymen to hold the ceremony there, in honor of the special part that clan had in bringing their bloodline together originally.

Unfortunately, this newly somewhat calm relationship with the Ferrymen didn't last long, since Rena was supposed to take pictures of the event and pass them to Occam afterwards. She did take pictures? She just forgot to mail them. And instead of reminding her politely, Occam sent her a nasty note several months later demanding she hand over the photos, and insulting Rena's honor in the process. Later, Rena passed the photos to her brother Lestat to hand along to †ophelia, since there weren't any other true Ferrymen leaders still around to pass them to anyway.

Rena spent most of the next few months being antisocial. She was still awake, as was Sartori, but she spent most of her time in the Domicile with her husband or chatting to Tifereth. In April, Lestat teamed up with Andre to open a new newspaper, which made her peek her head out of her shell slightly more often. She was still pretty wary of Andre, after his desertion of the bloodline years earlier, but the fact that he'd managed to convince Tifereth to forgive him was a mark in his favor.

Finally, after months of rumors about it, the long-awaited Dumont/Ferrymen vs. Yggdrasil/Republic of Ravenblack war rolled around. Literally rolled, since between the opening threat and the first volley and then the second return volley, another month passed. The D'dary wait a few days to join, but once it becomes clear that the Dumont lineage are backing their allies, the Ferrymen, the House of D'dary officially take the field. Rena could not have been happier with this turn of events, since it had been years since her last real war.

She's a bit rusty on the field again at first, but it doesn't take her long to get back into the swing of things. Highlights of the war for her included dancing with the lovely Inu and her family again, the night she went 6-1 solo against a crowd of Fairymonts, throwing house-crashing parties with her husband and the rest of the family (although she didn't particularly enjoy the time Sartori pissed on a Dumont family portrait), and the night †Vermathrax-rex broke his torpor. Because that night led to their family meeting two nights later, where Rena suggested that the D'dary capitalize on their full potential. Sartori had drilled into her head for years the fact that blood was not an aspect of power, and that resting was a crutch the rest of the city used because they had not embraced their full potential as vampires. The D'dary had never rested in the traditional sense, and Rena personally hadn't rested since the first time she took torpor, which she broke halfway through upon receiving news that her husband was going dead and buried. Naturally, the idea of torpor never held much appeal for her after that.

However, the House of D'dary members had always in the past stepped away from the battlefield for two weeks after being zeroed, out of respect for their enemies, as they had always fought resting groups. This time, however, the resters had broken torpor first. Rena took this as an even bigger offense than if non-resters had broken the rule. The Dumont and Ferrymen expected their enemies to follow their own resting rules, rules that they invented and believed in, but when it suited them they'd allow their ally to break those same rules?

Rena knew if the D'dary continued to observe resting rules in this war, while letting Vermathrax (who she still considered an old friend, though she didn't know what he was thinking in this) break them, they could no longer rightfully call themselves a non-resting House. The rest of the bloodline was in agreement, so the next night, when Rena's blood dipped below 1,000 pints, rather than playing limbo or visiting a necromancer, she went out swinging. About 10 hours later, with the help of a hunter †Valens found and a summon from her husband, Rena was back on the battlefield, kicking more ass and enjoying the bitchfest that the Fairymont were throwing behind closed doors.

When her former brother Andre followed her to zero later that evening, he and Rena began a contest to see which one of them could collect the most stakes by the end of the war. The official war saw them ending in a tie, when Lestat and a number of Yggdrasil and Republic members shadow-scrolled Liski to death in the wee hours of the morning. Funnily enough, Rena was supposed to be in attendance, but she'd decided it would be a good idea to stay up until the scrolling while drinking, and instead passed out about an hour before roll-call. Whoops.

Luckily for Rena and the stake contest though, Ace decided to pop his head into the taverns a couple of nights later, apparently believing that now that his allies and bloodline had died for him, it was safe to pop out of shadows. Other sources indicate he was allegedly being held there by a giant tarantula, but Rena didn't believe a word of that. She and the other D'dary attacked Ace at home, and sat nearby to taunt him into moving. He staked her, thus giving her the fifth stake in their contest. Also during all this, Tifereth stuffed Inu into a bag and dragged her to the Halls of Binding, thus giving Rena another grandchilde, and a whole ton of distant relatives, so far down the lineage that she didn't really want to think about it too much. On the bright side, Inu had always been a favorite of Rena's, and she'd missed fighting alongside the woman ever since Inu had belonged to D'dary as Annabelle's childe. Inu's family, the Ailios, joined the D'dary in attacking Ace, who occasionally tried to live-fight them, with hilarious results. He eventually just rolled over and died, which Rena felt really rounded out her family's complete pwning in the war nicely.

During the second half of the war and the attacks on Ace, Rena had been spending more and more time talking to her former brother, Andre. She still didn't agree with the way he left their family, or the horrible timing which had led to D'dary nearly collapsing (or at least going dormant for far too long). But after hearing his side of it, she at least understood why he'd felt compelled to leave. They also talked about his wanting to return home. Rena had to admit that between this last war, and certain older members of their House awakening, things were starting to feel more like the old days than they had in years. Welcoming her brother back into the family would only increase that feeling.

Rena assumed that Andre would want to re-bind to Sartori. One night Andre did mention that his childe †Dahlia- thought Rena would make a good grandsire, but he and Rena both agreed that would be pretty strange. After all, in Rena's mind, Andre was her brother - one of her first brothers, in fact, and part of the braT pack back when it had just been her, Mia, Elektra and him. But although Sartori was more awake at the moment than he'd been since long before the Legacy war, Rena was, for once, more active than her husband. And she couldn't deny that if she sired Andre, it would make an odd sort of sense.

About a week later, Rena was at the Halls to celebrate her husband's binding to Deylin, another former lineage member whom Rena was glad to see rejoining the fold. While she was busy tossing loving holy waters in Dey's direction, Andre appeared in the Halls glowing yellow. A moment later, she felt the dizzying sensation of a new blood connection, and she couldn't help grinning. After hitting him with garlic spray too, of course.

Not much happened for a few months after that, until †Ephiny, formerly a member of Yggdrasil, who fought alongside the D'dary in the Fairymont war (and proved herself to be one of the only capable people in that dying clan) bound to Rena as her childe.

Not much happened again for about a year, until the Republic of Ravenblack, the D'dary's allies in Fairymont as well, accused †Deylin of spying on them, because he was Sartori's childe and also a member of RoR (and, okay, snuck into a conference or something). This would've been all well and good if the Republic handled it like adults, but they did not. They threatened to zero him, after Tifereth negotiated his punishment at a few HWs. The D'dary did not take kindly to this, and declared war.

This was very exciting for about 6 days, before the Republic rolled over like bitches and screamed uncle. At least there were minor lulz to be had, like the time Tifereth's new childe †Vex summoned his partner †melanctha of the Republic repeatedly while D'dary grenaded her to zero. And the time that the D'dary zeroed †nitenurse as part of her surrender. And the way the D'dary repeatedly ambushed the Republic's live waves. Those were all amusing times.

But the city fell quiet again after that, for far longer than Rena liked. Until, finally, the D'dary began their newest project: the Supreme Court.

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