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└─ †Sheyrena
└─ †Drella
├─ †Ezra
├─ †KIIA
├─ †Liz Summers
├─ †Dahlia-
├─ †Ildiko
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└─ Sitrence
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“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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In City Stats

The vampire Sitrence has drunk 905 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Sitrence is sire to one other vampire, including: †Hurricane
Sitrence's lineage runs as follows: †Drella, †Sheyrena, †Sartori and the master vampire †evilive_inc.

Sitrence's close siblings include: †Ezra, †KIIA, †Liz Summers, †Dahlia-, †Ildiko, †Eyezac and †Liander.

Basic Info

Full Name: Sitrence Semitareperio Peachseed
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Ren, Renny, Jerk, Lemon, Mufasa, Citrus
Race: Vampyre/Charter Mage
Age: 23
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 131 LBS
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Short, Ice Blonde
Eyes: Olive
Handedness: Left
Relationship Status: Single
Religion: Agnostic
Likes: Jelly beans, philosophy, bonfires, adrenaline, Jager, properly aged blood-wine.
Dislikes: Mushrooms, rudeness, being proper, liars, humidity, arrogance.


Aries: Ariens are great organizers, full of flair and originality, although usually lacking discipline and the capacity for prolonged effort. They are intuitive and articulate, with the capacity to inspire others, especially in projects which have a clear outcome and do not require a long lead-time. They have masses of energy and courage and will rush in where angels fear to tread, for the Arien ego can be rather overbearing. Undue optimism, or impatience and desire for self-aggrandizement can result in wasted effort or even severe setbacks and disappointment. However, although they can be highly-strung, their great fund of energy enables them to survive where other less exuberant folks might succumb.

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Earth): Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, zealous, eccentric, intellectual, fiery, passionate, decisive, pioneering, ambitious, artistic, generous, loyal. Can be tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous, brash.


BloodDrop.jpgRank XI: Legendary
Sitrence has drunk
at least 5,000 pints of blood.
Sitrence stalked the city streets before 2007.
Ren is a D'dary.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Ren is fully powered.
Ren is a Warrior.
Ren has childer.
Ren loves sharp objects.
Ren strolls in sunlight.
Dna 1.jpgHybrid
Sitrence is a Hybrid of Vampire and Charter Mage
Ren has multiple tattoos.
Ren is a Charter magic user.
Spellbook.jpgSpell Caster
Ren casts spells.
Sitrence instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
Sitrence thirsts for knowledge.
SnowDay.jpgSnow Lover
Ren loves snow.
Ren rarely drinks vodka.
Crownroyal.jpgWhiskey Drinker
Ren occasionally drinks Whiskey.
Ren heavily drinks Jägermeister.
Ren enjoys playing chess.
Ren enjoys making robots.
Homemadeputer.pngHome Made Computer
Ren has built a computer.
Tavern.pngTavern Visitor
Ren frequents the taverns.
Bt.pngBattle Tested
Ren has experienced a live fight.
Shoes.jpgShoe Thief
Ren likes to steal shoes.



July - She joins the ranks of the un-dead and becomes a hybrid vampire within the city streets to a suspected, but still unknown sire.

October - She gains enough coins to sever her black blood sire although she is still not fully powered.

December - She starts gaining her powers on her own though she is a bit lost and is found wandering the city by †Harlet. She is led to the clan named The Unforgiven. It was small, only about twenty vamps resided at their castle, though despite its size had multiple resources and shortly after her arrival she starts gaining her powers more quickly.


February - She becomes half powered, and starts training for the thieves of the Unforgiven.

April - She becomes 3/4ths powered, and changes her mind to become a warrior in the ranks. Though in the same month, †Vulcan Mulciber stages a Coup and overthrows the absent †Xaxxa from her throne of leadership. Many are not happy and leave.

May - The Unforgiven becomes dormant under Vulcan and she is forced to leave to find a better more active home. Harlet and the newly returned Xaxxa talk her into joining their new clan The Mortuary.

June - She becomes fully powered. She also takes Xaxxa as her sire in the same month. The Mortuary throws a party and inducts her into the warriors of their ranks.

October - Xaxxa goes dormant again, and forces her to sever, and make the decision to leave The Mortuary. She roams the city aimlessly for the next few months.


January - She takes to a slumber in the shadows.

March - She wakes up to get into contact with a previous member of The Mortuary, †Solanea. She sires to Solanea and joins the de Venois lineage.

June - She begins her stock.

July - She begins starting to take on larger roles within the family line, throwing parties and making sure the family knows that she is there for them. Her level of loyalty spawns at this point.


May - Meets †AutemRavyn.

June - Binds to AutemRavyn.


January - Throws her first vial in the name of the de Venois lineage. Receives no hits in retaliation.

April - Severs Solanea. Sires under Xaxxa the next day, again, and becomes a peon in the D'dary lineage, not yet taking the name.

July - Severs AutemRavyn.

November - She attacks †Lord Galamushi and †Samantha Dawn with the D'dary to show good faith. Xaxxa then slips into shadows and never returns. As does a portion of the D'dary lineage in which Ren severs Xaxxa again.


Feb - Becomes the 2IC at the clan Halls of Astarte.

March - Sires under Solanea again.

May - Attacks her sibling †Samja for his slander while in the Wilde lineage of the de Venois name. A successful zeroing takes place days later with the help of her sibling †Alluvial, in which Ren claims her first zeroing.


Mar 28th - Binds to †Ada.

June - The Halls of Astarte grows to 30 members due to incessant recruiting and a recruitment drive held by Ren.

August - She and a few members of the de Venois / Halls of Astarte hit and stalk †Azeara and her child †erik von kohln into deep shadows for their slander of Solanea in the papers and to her face.


January - Severs Solanea after †Penny severs Solanea; effectively removing her from the ranks of the Dumonts. She also steps away from her position in HoA and leaves her sister Alluvial in charge.

Feb 28 - Sires under Penny, claims the Cuan name, and re-joins the ranks of the Dumonts. Claims L'Instinct de Mort.

Feb 28 - Officially introduces herself to the Dumont lineage.

Mar 08 - Joins the ranks of the Dumont Elite Fighters in Athanatoi, becoming a Contubernales Athanatoi.

Mar 29 - Asks for a severance of Penny after a month of struggling to integrate into the Dumont lineage, while Penny remained ostracized from it. Renounces L'Instinct de Mort.

Mar 30 - Sires under †Scotlyn Cuan to take her fourth sire. Keeps the Cuan name.

Apr 01 - Participates in her first Dumont Week.

Aug 8 - Holds and orchestrates a complete Dumont Family Meeting.

Aug 15 - Joins the ranks of the Ferrymen in support of the Dumont/Ferrymen alliance.

Aug 16 - Gets promoted to Prime Contubernales in the ranks of the Athanatoi.

Sep 1 - Hits several members of the Ygg and RoR as a member of the Ferrymen.

Sep 2 - Continues attacks on Ygg and RoR as a member of the Ferrymen.

Sep 3 - Continues attacks on Ygg and RoR as a member of the Ferrymen. Pledges an oath and takes the Dumont name officially becoming "Sitrence Semitareperio Peachseed Chevalier Reaves Dunwald Cuan Dumont".

Sep 4-8 - Continues attacks on Ygg and RoR as a member of the Ferrymen.

Sep 10 - Severs †Ada.

Sep 11-26 - Continues attacks on Ygg and RoR as a member of the Ferrymen.

Sep 20th - Binds to †Rile for the war effort.

Sep 26 - Is dubbed an honorary Ailios for her efforts in sighting and routing.

Sep 28th - Renounces The Ferrymen and gets zeroed on her own terms for the first time in the city. At the hands of members of the D'dary, as well as help from some of the members of Ygg and RoR. †Andre claims the killshot. †Amarande, her sibling, claims her body. Does not take torpor. Severs Rile in the process and no longer takes part in the war.

Sep 29 - Renounces the Dumont and Cuan name and titles.

November - Slips into shadows.


Mar 14th - Gives †Inu one of her signature Peach Dawn to Dusk Tulips for a belated birthday present.

Apr 13th - Appears in the taverns and drinks all day to celebrate her return from the shadows.

May 23rd - Updates stocks.

Jun 17th - Garlic sprays and scrolls †Paisley so that †Saressa can stake her for her grievances against her.

Jun 25th - Helps zero †Jessie_Love for her attacks on the Ailios Matriarch Inu.

Jul 28th - Holy waters †Cosima for an unprovoked attack against her great friend †xxsacrificexx.

Aug 5th - Sires †Hurricane.

Aug 23rd - Holy waters †Jauk with the D'dary for attacks against †Magwayen and †Tifereth. Jauk falls into shadows the following day.

Sep 2nd - Holy waters †Count Jeffrola for displacing D'dary member †Sheyrena.

Sep 5th - Holy waters Count Jeffrola a second time, only for the coward to later that night don a battle cloak with only one power above level 1. (Thievery 3).

Oct 25th - Takes a leave of absence from the city.


Jan 18th - Returns to the city once more.

Jan 20th - Holy waters †Malijirix for his ignorance towards the D'dary.

Mar 30th - Holy waters †spookie with members of the D'dary.

Apr 1st - Sprays †Capadocious with two shots, while a small party including members of the D'dary scroll him. Drella stakes and claims the killshot.

Apr 2nd - Holy waters †Kali with members of the D'dary.

Apr 5th - †Kali moves and gets holy watered again.

Apr 12th - Asks for a severance that Scotlyn grants.

May 18th - Sires under †Drella.

May 26th - Duels †Damacus due to clear difference of opinion. Loses, 11 - 2.

May 31st - Helps zero †Hunter Zero with Liander and Max, due to Hunter Zero binding to †AlecHale before either of them completed their powers.

Jun 29th - Holy waters †Gypsy with the D'dary. Also meets †Tori and †Eyezac in the taverns.

Jul 23rd - Waters members of the Republic of Ravenblack with the house of D'dary. Receives hits in retaliation.

Jul 24th - Holy waters members of the Republic of Ravenblack with the house of D'dary. Goes live with multiple members, and lands more hits than taken during the fray of the live fighting.

Nov 13th - Falls into shadows but remains active, nonetheless.

Dec 25th Leaves the city for an undisclosed amount of time.


Sep 23rd - Makes her re-appearance known publicly.


Oct 7th - Emerges from her lab to re-enter the city.

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