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Birth Name: Adrina de Luca
City Name: Starwind Solera Amandine
Nicknames: Starry, Starry Night, Starlight Starbright, Starface, Star, Starz, Starmie, Starreh, Star-e, Starrie
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Age: 525
Age at Turning: 20
Ethnicity: European
Orientation: Homosexual
Status: Taken


Sire: †Mandolin
Lineage: Lokason
Former Lineage(s): Wilde
Highest Blood Rank: Supreme Vampire (10000)
Childer: †Jes, †Pickett
Former Childer: †WindandSea, †Shiloh-Tennace
Times Zeroed: None
Current Clan: None
Previous Clan(s): None


Height: Five-foot-seven
Weight: 118lbs.
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Red, in loose waves down past her shoulders.
Skin: Pale
Body Type: Slim
Scent: Faint traces of wine mixed with violet and pomegranate.


Human Life and Turning

The year 1485 was rather unremarkable, historically speaking. The English king Richard III died while Catherine of Aragon was born. Leonardo Da Vinci invented his ariel screw. It was also the year that the small infant Adrina De Luca was born into the waiting arms of a wealthy aristocrat in Rome, Italy. Her mother, Chiara De Luca, died in childbirth, leaving the redheaded infant in the hands of four men: Her father, Enrico De Luca and three brothers. Drago, the oldest at 5, was learning to become a jewel merchant like their father. The twins, Matteo and Massimo, were next at 3. Massimo wanted to be a soldier while Matteo was more interested in studying.

Enrico was very protective of his only girl that reminded him so much of his wife. He gave her everything she asked for, but did not spoil her. She had to do her lessons just like her brothers. She was punished for bad behavior. She was taught compassion and manners and poise, as any young lady should. But she was also taught to read and write both in Latin and Italian. She memorized the epigrams of Martial and, much to her father’s dismay and her brothers’ delight, recite them at dinner parties.

She adamantly demanded that she be allowed to go to Carnevale every year and in her fifteenth year, her father took her to the Carnevale in Venice. Her birthday corresponded with the last day of Carnevale, what the French call Mardi Gras. So every year, accompanied by her father and brothers, she would go to Carnevale dressed in a pretty taffeta gown and slippers with a beautiful porcelain mask.

The day before the start of Carnevale and two weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she was sitting in the center of the Santa Costanza reading the Histories by Tacitus. She heard a commotion, even all the way inside the old church. When she peered outside she saw a dark plume of smoke coming from the city. Unable to contain her curiosity, and feeling a morbid strain of fear, she rushed back. The source of the fire was her father’s villa.

Thieves had broken in and stolen everything of value, killed her father and her brothers, then burned the beautiful villa to the ground. She dropped to her knees at the sight, sobbing and wailing, cursing the men who had done this to her. The only thing she had left of her family were the early birthday presents Drago had secretly given her to wear to Carnivale: three slender bracelets made of white gold and set with clear cut emeralds, two for her left wrist and one for her right, and a carefully tooled onyx pendant with the saying Mors ultima linea rerum est or “Death is everything’s final limit” carved on the back which hung from a thin silver chain.

She took these and the money she knew her father had kept hidden under the stone of the entry way and made her way to Venice to stay with her father’s sister, Paola De Luca, a small, petite woman with a fiery temper. Adrina was put to work translating texts from Latin to Italian for Paola’s wealthy friends. During this time, Adrina met a strange woman. The woman’s eyes seemed to glow with an unearthly light and she walked with the grace of angels. Adrina and the woman began a slow friendship of sorts, though Adrina thought it strange that she only saw the woman after dusk.

On Adrina’s twentieth birthday, after the masks were removed and everyone went home to rest for Mass the next day, the woman asked her if Adrina would like to exact revenge on the men who took her family away. Stunned, but inflamed by the desire for vengeance, Adrina accepted. Thus, Adrina De Luca, a slender Italian aristocrat of twenty years became the slender, deadly vampire Starwind.


The woman offered no training or talks about the mysteries of vampirism but the simple suggestions that she not go near holy water or garlic or sunlight before vanishing. Starwind never saw the vampiress again. She traveled to Rome and viciously interrogated the police and several of her father’s old friends. They each gave her vital information to piece together who had done it. She stole into each home of each thief and drained them dry, taking with her the treasure that belonged to her family.

Afterwards, she traveled across Europe, though she stayed the longest in Burgundy, France where she got her taste for pinot noir, which she adamantly refers to as pinot nero. She stayed there for over a century, running a vineyard before returning to Rome. She found Italy to be a very different place. The Austrians had taken over, all but destroying the rule of the Papacy and outlawing Carnevale. She stayed, however, biding her time until the rule changed again. As her brother Drago was fond of saying, “death is everything’s final limit.” How she wished he could see how wrong he was.

She would never experience aging again. She would stay the slender girl of twenty she had been in 1505. She would never get taller or thinner or fatter. She would never tan. Never see the sun again. She didn’t mind, though. She had her books and an endless lifetime of things to look forward to.

She watched as Napoleon had his ten years as emperor of Italy. She stood by and watched for thirty years the revolutions of Rome, Venice, and Tuscany to become Republics, only to be beaten down once again by Austrian rule. She cringed and became disgusted with humans as the fascist Mussolini was elected as “Prime Minister” and led them to war with the rest of the West.

Her unlife was an endless chronicle of events of history. Even when Italy was named a republic proper, Starwind wasn’t content. She waited and slumbered for 60 years before the trickle of information about a city for vampires reached her ears. RavenBlack City it was called. So she packed up her things, historical texts and paintings and sculpture and other such necessities and moved to the City.


  • 2005 - Enters the City
  • June, 2009 - †WindandSea severs
  • October 18, 2009 - Severs †Gir
  • December 16 - Severs †Moon_Shadow
  • December 27, 2010 - Starwind and †Silence bind as partners.
  • February 5, 2010 - †Silence severs
  • April 4, 2010 - Starwind and †Moodlady bind as partners.
  • December 28, 2010 - Starwind returns from Dead and Buried and severs her partner, Moodlady.


Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Starwind is fully powered.
Music.pngMusic Lover
Starwind loves to listen to music.
Musclearm.gifNever Zeroed
Starwind has never been zeroed.
Starwind plays the piano.
Books.jpgAvid Reader
Starwind loves to read.
Book1.jpgBook Collecting
Starwind likes to collect books.
Bitelogo.pngBite Reader
Starwind reads the Bite.
Starwind is Italian.


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