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Toshiya Inferi‎
Toshiya Daisuke Inferi

This article is devoted to the character Toshiya.
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Brief Introduction

Toshiya's stay within Ravenblack City began in April 1st 2007. His turning, however, did not take place until April 7th when he was confronted and attacked by an unknown man [later to be identified as Abasi] covered in wounds after having been attacked by hunters. Left to die just outside of the city limits, his body was happened upon by a wondering vampire by the name of †Seppuku.

Vampiric Introduction

Sire: †Seppuku
Grandsire: None
Siblings: †Sororiel, †Vulture
Close Siblings: †Vulture
Partner: None
Former Childer: †ChloeFlannigan, †Lixue
Current Childer: None
Clan: None
Former Clans: Republic of Ravenblack, Yggdrasil
Former Family: Kirin von Mana
Favored Weapons: Holy Water [grid], Dagger, Shadow Manipulation [RP]
Powers: Second-Sight, Suction, Surprise, Perception, Celerity(3), Stamina(3), Shadows(3), Thievery(3), Locate(3), Telepathy(3), Charisma(3)
Highest Blood Rank: Ruler of the Night [+17k]
--- Shadow Illusion: He has slowly honed his ability to manipulate shadows over the years through self teaching. However his ability has greatly improved since the possession and progressively merging of his being with an unknown demon, his shadow capabilities have greatly increased thus making the illusions palpable as well as visible for a brief period. Unfortunately his control of such an ability varies dependent upon his energy and mental state.
--- Shadow Feeding: Because of his periodic bouts with insanity, he has often gone through periods of time where he overlooked his need to feed in favor of mutilation and gore. Rather than waste blood, his shadow is now capable of absorbing spilled blood from any surface in turn keeping nthe male's hunger satiated until his mental stability returns.
--- Vessel: Within Toshiya's petite frame are five living, 'breathing' spiders. Their species are unknown along with their purpose. These spiders often surface from the various wounds he tends to obtain through rough 'play' however do not last long outside of the body.
--- Mutation: First thought to be a form of shadow illusion, Toshiya is capable of mutating his features into various grotesque states. This ability is used very seldom when he is of sound mind due to the loss of blood that occurs.
Involvements: Kill Shot [2] | War [1] | Zeroing [0]

Anatomy and Physiology

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