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This character article is written by the player
Vex de Draak

The vampire Vex has drunk 17917 pints of blood.
Maximum blood: 54000+ pints
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)

Vex is sire to 8 other vampires, including: †Lyn, †Anders, †Seb, †Gypsy, †Aida, †Eli Hartley, †Deylin, †Mingyu.
Vex's lineage runs as follows: †Tifereth and the master vampire †Sheyrena.

Vex's close siblings include: †Jacomo Varis, †Gallagher, †Magwayen and †Orgasmerilla.


General Characteristics

└─ †Tifereth
└─ †Jacomo Varis
├─ Vex
│ ├─ †Lyn
│ ├─ †Anders ─♥─ †Ezra
│ ├─ †Seb
│ ├─ †Gypsy
│ ├─ †Aida
│ ├─ †Mingyu
│ ├─ †Eli Hartley
│ └─ †Jenny
├─ †Gallagher
├─ †Magwayen
└─ †Orgasmerilla

Full name: Vexian de Draak
Human name: Ian D. Warren
Home: Wyvernhall (Ivy & 38th)
Romantic inclinations: Polyamorous
Marital status: Single
Lineage: House de Draak
Work: Owner/Editor, Ab Antiquo; NightWatch CLA Chancellor
Title: Priest of Lies and Artifice (former)
Languages: English, French
Speech: Typically sounds bored/disinterested


Eyes: Reptilian green
Hair: Dark brown/black, medium length
Date of Birth: June 8th, 1923
Date of Death: June 6th, 1944
Apparent age: late 20s/early 30s
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 160lbs
Tattoos: Zombie wyvern and unicorn rampant in front of an all seeing eye (right shoulder blade)
Brands: RoR logo on left shoulder, mark of Michael the Archangel on the back of his neck

Attire: Generally suits or black dress pants coupled with a black or white button-down shirt. Due to his colorblindness, he tends to avoid wearing anything of color
Special Powers: Slight clairvoyance, the ability to 'taste' color, necromancy
Missing: Left hand ring finger

Family History

Mortal Life & Turning

Ian Demetrius Warren, now known as Vex, was born in a small town in the east of Ontario, Canada. Son of the town's blacksmith, Ian spent the most of his youth helping his father in the workshop. With a both a younger (Leonard) and an older brother (Paul), Ian had always been the outwardly calm, level-headed of the three siblings; he was always the one who mediated arguments between the other two - arguments which he usually caused. Eager to prove himself, Ian voluntarily joined the Canadian military on his 18th birthday. After a brief period of training, Ian was sent overseas along with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. Three years spent in garrison and training in the United Kingdom before the division was assigned to Operation Overlord - the Battle of Normandy.

Late afternoon, after the taking of Juno beach, Pte. Warren was wounded - shot twice, the first puncturing a lung and the second through the abdomen and grazing his spine. While not immediately fatal, Ian lost consciousness. He survived until nightfall and awoke amid the dead and dying. There was movement amid the field of corpses - a member of the kindred feeding on the blood of the fallen. As the creature reached him, Ian managed to free his knife and, with his last vestiges of strength, drove the knife into the creature's neck. His last living memory is the taste of blood washing over his lips.

Subsequent Years

After coming to terms with his new identity, Ian changed his name to Vex, a childhood nickname given to him by his elder brother. Vex spent the his first 49 years as a vampire wandering the European countryside in solitude, spending very little time in one place. Despite having spent the better part of his life overseas, he never felt at home on the Eurasian continent. One day in early 1993, he boarded a cargo ship headed for North America, where he traveled across Canada and the United States in search of a place to call home. After years of searching, he happened upon RavenBlack City in late October of 2005.

Other Tidbits

Prized Possessions

  • Diamond Ring given to him by †CT Serafini
  • Locket given to him by †Majica
  • One of †Vespertine's eyeballs (dried)
  • Storm, his horse
  • Woollen coat and watch from †Shina
  • Dragon-hilted dagger
  • Lawnchair with golden armrests from †Seyda
  • Legatum/Military MVP medals from †nitenurse
  • Star of David necklace from †Ezra; used to belong to Ezra's father
  • Black tungsten wedding ring from †Ezra

History in Point Form


  • OCT - Enters RavenBlack City






  • JAN 01 - †Vespertine severs Vex as his partner
  • JAN - Severs †Crystabel
  • FEB - Wins Mr. Raincloud 2009 at the RB&W awards
  • MAR - Caelestis severs
  • MAR - Wins Mr. Raincloud 2009 at the RBC Awards
  • MAR - 20 HW contract taken out on Vex with the Splinters of Dusk
  • MAR - Duels †Malkavian for fun during the contract and 'wins'.
  • May - Sires †Drayden
  • JUN - Takes a leave from the city, spending three months in Tibet
  • SEP - Vex returns to the city, personality much improved
  • SEP - Zeros †Fable twice
  • SEP - †nitenurse begins the Gauntlet, Vex participates
  • OCT - Severs †Resureyu
  • NOV - Sires Erzsebet-Abend and Xander James
  • NOV 21 - Sires †Lyn
  • NOV - Promoted to Tribune, Recreation
  • DEC - Fighter in the Ygg/RoR vs. Legacy war
  • DEC - A contract to zero is taken out on Vex with Descending Angels
  • DEC - Goes up against †Ebony Moon live and wins [6-5]
  • DEC - Necros twice


  • JAN - Takes on †Rawnie, †Brom Narum and †Penny live
  • JAN - Gets kill shot on †Penny Pussycat
  • JAN - Discovers the DA contract was only to 60HW; contract completed
  • JAN - War against The Legacy ends
  • JAN - Wins Most Eligible Bachelor award at Ravenblack and White Awards
  • JAN - Wins Most Eligible Vampire award at the Bitey Awards
  • FEB - Joins the Temple of Lies
  • FEB - Childe Erzsebet-Abend vanishes
  • MAR - Severs Xander James
  • MAR - Resires †Rile
  • APR - †nitenurse announces the winners of the Gauntlet - Vex wins third place and earns a position within the Legatum
  • APR - †Malone hits him for a perceived insult. Vex retaliates. Dispute subsequently resolved
  • AUG - Vex severs †Drayden and †Rile at their request


  • Presumably, some things happened here.


  • JUN ?? - Promoted to Tribune, War
  • SEP - Start of Ferrymont war, Vex fights for the Republic of Ravenblack
  • SEP - †Seyda gives Vex a lawnchair with golden armrests for his spying on Ferrymont
  • SEP 20 - Binds to †Deylin
  • OCT ?? - Promoted to Ducere, War & Defence mid-war





  • JAN 1 - Vex and †Aziza Laredo formally announce the joint events initiative, Krylo i Kosti
  • Jan 13 - After†Drusilla claims Vex physically abused her, House de Draak officially has had enough of her shit and uses her for target practice
  • JAN 14 - Wins Egomaniac, Firecracker, Kill Yourself, Drama King, WTF Binding [Vex/Gypsy] at the 2016 Necropolis Awards
  • JAN 15 - Wins best couple [EVA], Best sire/childe [Vex/Anders], Funniest Person, Egomaniac, Sire of the Year, Master of Wit at the 2016 Ab Antiquo Awards
  • JAN 26 - House de Draak participates in the zeroing of †blackdragon
  • FEB 10 - Vex sires †Jenny
  • FEB 20 - Vex is assigned †Xedanis and †Novusthelost as childer during the Sire Swap
  • OCT 05 - †Yurina severs Vex
  • OCT 11 - Severs †Jenny at her request



Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
Vex is fully powered.
Vex is a Warrior.
Bt.pngBattle Tested
Vex has experienced a live fight.
Torpor.jpgScrew Torpor
Vex says "HELL NO" to torpor.
Vex instinctively chases every vampire hunter.
Vex has Attacked 100 or more other Vampires.
Bwaward.pngRBC Award Winner
Vex has won the Mr. Raincloud 2009 Award.
Bwaward.pngRBC Award Winner
Vex has won the Most Eligible Vampire 2010 Award.
Vex is partner-bound to Ezra.
glows in the
Vex loves sharp objects.
This user owns a horse.
Vex is Clairvoyant.
France1.pngFrench Speaker
Vex speaks French.
Vex is Canadian.
12-17-08blood.jpgBlood Daemon
Vex has reached 40,000 pints of blood.


Writer: Lyssa
Contact: Vex#2657 [Discord]

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