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†CT Serafini
└─ †Ace
├─ †Jacomo Varis
├─ †Draconis Novek
├─ †Tarquin
├─ †Lannair Cuan
├─ †Labyrinth
├─ †Krimzen
├─ †DresdenDoll
├─ †Hwknight
├─ †Syne
├─ †Kiara
├─ †Master Dracula
├─ †Icsis of Tiger
└─ Wyeth

The vampire Wyeth has drunk 4000+ pints of blood.
Powers: Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
Partner-bound with †Voltanis
Wyeth is sire to no other vampires.
Wyeth's lineage runs as follows: †Ace and the master vampire †CT Serafini.

B A S I C S:
Mortal Name: Wyeth Clementine Archer Dumont
Species: Vampire
Lineage: Dumont
Place of Birth: Bristol, UK
Nationality/Race: Caucasian, English
Birthdate: December 22nd, 1989
Zodiac: Capricorn

'S H I P S:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Sire: †Ace
Partner: †Voltanis Falchor Dumont.

P R O S: Optimist, studious, hardworking, a strong listener, calm, practical, clever.
C O N S: Quiet, shy, introverted, stubborn and judgemental, often considered stuck up, perfectionist, cautious.
P O L I T I C S: Conservative Unionist
R E L I G I O N: Roman Catholic
B I R T H: Only child

A P P E A R A N C E S: Wye appears to be young for her age, looking more like a teen than her 23 years. She has long mahogany hair that curls in the humidity of the UK, and her eyes, a deep, soulful brown, are surrounded by long dark lashes and thick, prominent brows. She often wears little makeup beyond some mascara and blush to brighten her naturally pale complexion. She has often struggled with her weight and has recently plateaued to a healthy, natural size, neither too slender nor too voluptuous, and maintains her physique with Pilates and yoga. Her lips are full and she shies away from accentuating them with lipstick, instead hiding behind the sheer sheen of chapstick or clear gloss. Wye has no piercings. She has one tattoo across her collarbone which reads "To die will be an awfully big adventure," and another on her opposing collarbone, a permanent scar that reads 'Falchor' in her husband's script. She also has an infinity symbol tattooed on the nape of her neck with 'Magne' written within the line. Wye keeps her nails cut short, in a trimmed, square French manicure.

C L A I M: Lily Collins\Audray de Macedo

C L O T H I N G: Wye dresses in clothing that could easily be described as mature for her age, or even “preppy”. Fond of cardigans, dresses, scarves and boots, Wye tends to be both subtle and demure. She often frequents small boutiques for signature pieces and gathers her main wardrobe from stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, and the Gap, when she visits the malls.

I N T E R A C T I O N S: Ambitious, most of her interactions with others are often meant to further an agenda, but she is compassionate and genuine with each person she speaks to. Wye can often seem self-absorbed and even self-righteous, somehow managing to be both humble and bossy. However, in sentimental conversation, Wye can be both sensitive and insightful, and is a wonderful friend and comrade when she feels comfortable.

P R I Z E D: Wye wears a ring that belonged to her grandmother on the fourth finger of her right hand. A family heirloom, it is a garnet flanked by diamonds, on a gold band. She also has two rings, a 2 carot diamoned engagement ring from Voltanis, and a matching diamond-encrusted wedding band. Both are white gold and she wears them daily.

H O B B I E S: Wye enjoys reading, watching movies, and shopping. She plays tennis, as well as bowled for a league in her youth. She does Pilates and yoga daily as her main form of exercise, and loves to cook and experiment with new tastes and bold flavors. She often entertains colleagues from school with dinner parties and wine, following which there is usually dancing and conversation. Wye plays the piano and cello casually after years of lessons at the behest of her parents.

S C H O O L I N G: Wye was a perfectly adequate student throughout primary and secondary education, receiving positive grademarks for her studious habits and perfectionist traits. She attended a private faith school in England, of the Roman Catholic faith. Upon graduating to a tertiary education, Wye received her three year Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bristol in Theology and Sociology.

C A R E E R: At the time of her turning, Wye was working at the British Museum of London in the department of Greece and Rome as an intern of Collections and Research. This is how she met Ace.

W Y E' S G A R D E N: Wyeth nurtures a greenhouse and garden full of herbs and flowers. She studies botany as a hobby and though her greenhouse contains mostly lilies and orchids, Wye experiments with cross-breeding and the creation of floral hybrids. A small part of her greenhouse is dedicated to growing herbs for holistic and homeopathic remedies and rituals. Namely within her garden, Wye grows Basil (for use in the home to ward off and exorcise negativity), Bergamot Mint (for attraction of wealth), Catnip (for fierceness in battle), Cypress (for use in the home to attract happiness, harmony, and peace), Hawthorn (as a purely selfish use for her wedding ceremony), Jasmine (for offerings to the moon), Lemon (for attunement with the moon during offering), Pennyroyal (for strength, protection, and peace), Rosemary (for use in the home to assert a woman's dominance), Sage (for use in the home to absorb negativity and misfortune and to drive away tension), and Violet (to calm anger). As Wye's knowledge of herb uses grows, it is likely so will her garden.

T I M E L I N E: tbd

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