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CharacterMarionette.jpg Player-written
Smuggling in Florida 1988.
Feeling peckish in 2062.
Behind the English throne in 1199.
The grandsire paradox in 1994.
London 1889.

The vampire played by deCarnacT·C.

The vampire deCarnac has drunk 100059 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3)
deCarnac is sire to one other vampire, including: †Finn_The_Vamp
deCarnac is a master vampire, with no sire.


Brief description

Roger de Carnac is referred to as deCarnac by the few who know him. In addition to being a vampire, he is a researching time traveller.


deCarnac is 6' 3" tall, slim built. He has blue eyes, a very chiseled jawline and a receding blonde hairline. deCarnac appears to be thirty-something.


Mostly keeps to himself while exploring the city. While most vampires have experienced the distant past, deCarnac has also peeked into the future. Or rather, he will, as his future self (who has much more time-travelling experience) shares some information with him. As a result of this, deCarnac often appears and acts very excentric. He is obsessed with time. Totally uninterested in clan warfare, deCarnac is neutral in all but name. That said, he did run contraband in Florida 1988. Or should we say, he will...

BloodDrop.jpgRank XVI: Blood Deity
deCarnac has drunk
at least 100,000 pints of blood.
deCarnac is a master vampire.
Fangs.jpgFully Powered Vampire
deCarnac is fully powered.
deCarnac stalked the city streets before 2007.
deCarnac thirsts for knowledge.
BigBen.jpgTemplar of Time
deCarnac is a Once and Future Agent of the Templars of Time
deCarnac sometimes enjoys the blood of virgins.
deCarnac always enjoys the blood of non-virgins.
Some think deCarnac is crazy. Others know.
RitualGown.jpgPosh Innocence
On victims, he likes the delicate elegance of white dresses.
Latex.jpgSecond Skin
...but sometimes prefers the look and feel of black latex.
deCarnac resists the urge to chase vampire hunters.
deCarnac owns a cat.

2004—2006: First sighting (second mission)

This vampire's earliest sighting in city is forgotten. It might have pre-dated 2004, but that cannot be confirmed. Either way, his stay back then was under another name, as a childe to the now long-lost vampire †Isidor.

The vampire deCarnac's most notable presence in RavenBlack City (at least so far) was during 2005—2006, after his earliest appearance as a Master Vampire. A tireless completionist, he methodologically scoured each of the ten thousand addresses in the city and made careful note of any interesting buildings. Going through the whole city obviously took several months. Back then he had a little help from a fellow templar known as ††deBracy, cutting the time needed in half. It was a secret at the time that deCarnac was (and is) a Once and Future Agent of the Templars of Time.

The first deCarnac's Map for Vampires!

With his background as a Clockworker deCarnac was a tech-head by nature, and in 2006 he used his budding insights in SVG design to turn the collected data about the city into an interactive map. The map was made available online. Remember, this was back in the ancient past, when blogs had not quite yet managed to turn homepages into a totally extinct species.


In parallel with his observatory mission, deCarnac himself grew in power and wealth. In 2006, deCarnac collected enough coins to buy a Diamond Ring — only to realize he had no-one to give it to. He got depressed, was bereaved of his appetite for blood and ultimately disappeared into the shadows forever. Never again seen, deCarnac was eventually purged from the city records. Or so people thought. In reality, this was his second mission to RavenBlack City. He was finished with the observations and left, heading for his next assignment in England 1199.

1199: Earliest records (third mission)

English historical records from the period indicate that deCarnac (again in parallel with his templar mission) was to reach an elevated position in the service of King John Lackland. A passage in a letter from a discontented nobleman reads:

— "Roger de Carnac... The carnage would be a better name for him!"

Meanwhile in 2006, the Telia web page service that hosted deCarnac's map vanished some time after his own disappearance. But knowledge never dies, it merely bides its time — hidden away in a seldom opened folder on an innocent-looking hard drive...

2012: Second sighting (first mission)

In February 2012, deCarnac was again seen in the city. He was awoken and broke out from a brand new coffin, a Fresh Corpse guided by strange, ancient whispers of purpose. Yes, this was indeed a younger deCarnac than the one seen in 2005 — this was his actual birth as a vampire!

His destiny was to find and join the Templars of Time. As a born talent, he excelled as a Clockworker serving in the Temple of Time and was appointed Once and Future Agent in record time. Given access to some of the data his future self was to aqcuire in 2006, he began his first mission in the city.

Power acquisition

After a few weeks of being a popular Hunter pin-cushion, he methodically gained the powers to aid him in his work. First Suction, to get enough blood for Stamina, which in turn allowed the acquisition of Celerity. Thus boosted, he was prepared to make the neccessary observations and look for promising Templars of Tomorrow. In July, deCarnac learned Locate in parallel with his travels. To turn the tables on those vampire hunters, he quickly picked up Perception as well. From †RavenBlack he learned Second-sight and basic Telepathy. By August, three visits at the Thieves Guild had given him both Thievery and Shadows. He also learned Surprise. In early September deCarnac improved his Charisma with the invaluable help of some new-found friends, making him fully powered.

Further ascention

In late October 2012, deCarnac became a Supreme Vampire. He celebrated the day in his brand new comfy Onyx Coffin. For Christmas he got himself a kitten. Who knows what terrors it will witness?

In February 2013 he sired his first childe, and became a Ruler of the Night. In June 2013 he ascended to the rank of Blood Royal.

January 2014, deCarnac became a Blood Daemon. In October that year he reached 60000 blood pints.

In June 2015 he reached 80000 blood pints.

In April 2016, deCarnac finally became a Blood Deity.

Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City

He published the Vampire deCarnac's Map of RavenBlack City as a way of getting the attention of fellow knowledge-seekers. Once enough novices could be found, they together would make initial preparations for the coming arrival of the Temple of Time.

Time was of the essence. Soon he would have to be ready to go back to 2005 for his second mission...

1994: The Grandsire Paradox

In 1994, deCarnac materialized in order to conduct a period study. There he encountered ††Isidor, the human who would eventually become his own original sire. Through an almost ridiculous chain of events, deCarnac accidentally turned Isidor, thereby becoming his own grandsire. This bizarre change in history created a causality loop. The paradox caused the space-time continuum to crumble and collapse. A black hole formed and began to devour the world.

The Templars of Time weren't happy about this, nor was anybody else. With a lot of help from his superiors, deCarnac was able to undo his auto-grandsiring and prevent the world's imminent end. The additional meddling in history that was needed unfortuneately made deCarnac's own history extra confusing — deCarnac reappeared multiple times to tell himself not to do this or that. It is unclear if this contributed to deCarnac's excentricity, or if he would have turned out that way anyhow.

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