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Events of 2003


Towards the end of January, the first Guilds arrived. Yes, before then, there were no guilds of powers available to Kindred. The first to arrive were the ones to offer Celerity Travellers Guild, Locate Empaths Guilds, Stamina Immolators Guilds, Thievery and Shadows Thieves Guild. Also, the power of Second-Sight was made available, but it couldn’t be learned at any Guild(donation of real money to RavenBlack).

  • January 6 - The City doubled in size. (ooc: The game grid increased from 50x50 to 100x100)
  • January 9 - ((OOC: Raven Black made an update where you could now tell which vampires had bitten you, and vampires could communicate with other vampires in the same square - using the "Speak" option - which could be found via the "More Commands" link beneath the city display.))
  • January 13 - Vampires now became invisible and untouchable after four days of inactivity (Lost In Shadow). Shadowed vampires still occupied space in the square they were in, meaning even an apparently empty square could be full to capacity.
  • January 14 - Second Sight no longer afforded a vampire the ability to locate another vampire; there was now a separate Locate power that would do this. The power of Shadows was also added that day. At that point it was not possible to get powers within the city - one had to go through †RavenBlack.
  • January 19 - The Thievery power was now implemented, enabling vampires to steal coins from other vampires, if they had the power. To counterbalance that, 200 banks rose up, in which your money could be kept safe. It was also now possible to get the powers of Thievery and Shadows within the city, and the guild location could be found by drinking at pubs.
  • January 29 - The Sun Clan was founded by †The Sun. Members of the clan called themselves Solars. It was a neutral Clan, whose members did not engage in unneeded violence, and were open minded towards all Kindred.
  • January 31 - Forty new pubs arrived in the city, a chain designed to segregate the working classes; each of the new pubs was named for a job type - Chandler's Tavern, Butler's Tavern, and so on. Also, twenty magic shops had appeared - they moved every twelve hours or so. The bartenders seemed to have a handle on the nearby shops, but their directions could be inaccurate. By February 8th, their information became more reliable.
  • The Clone Wars began in order to protect buildings and take territory. The most notable Clone masters were †Capadocious and †Mooncalf. Whilst †Capadocious used clones with warring reasons and attacked Blackhaven with them, †Mooncalf used them for protection. clans all over the city began raising clones; walking corpses under the control of the vampire who raised them. Whilst †Capadocious used clones to flush out Blackhaveners and to trap humans, Blackhaven used them to protect their own. Either way, it was wrong to raise and use them and RavenBlack destroyed all the clones, thus putting an end to the war.
  • †JezabelMoonsHo and †Mooncalf developed the power of "Wall-jumping", which is now known as Surprise. In doing so, they were able to take the blood of †Capadocious and his Queen †Battilion. (ooc: David exploited a bug in the programming which allowed one to enter a square even when it was full.)
  • House of VcorinneV (now called Messidor) was founded.


RavenBlack-Alleyway was formed by †Archangel, a hall simply for roleplay only. It became an alternative to the RBB which became cluttered to the point where †Mooncalf decided to hand it over to †Capadocious. †Capadocious started his now famous “Join or Die” campaign. He would threaten members of the City to join his clan, or they would be attacked with the new weapons that were being sold around the City. Clan Cap then simply crushed Blackhaven, attacking their Fortress with the newly introduced SoT and dispersed the clan into the city; it was a very important battle, called the War of Gloom. It was named as such because it took place mainly on that street. Blackhaven retaliated and Battilion was greatly wounded. †Mooncalf himself fought wonderfully, gaining a vast collection of trophy fangs from the enemies he defeated, but he was later on apparently killed; there was ultimately a ceasefire issued.

†BloodSpawn joined Clan †Capadocious, and soon afterwards, Beljeferon tried to unite all clans that were non-Cap/Blackhaven/Sun under his banner to become larger than Cap clan, but they were put down without much effort, the victory in the War of Gloom having made Cap Clan more feared than ever. The Join or Die offer was made to much of the defeated and Cap Clan grew even more. They ended up signing a ceasefire though, and the month ended peacefully, with the siring of †Cerridwen and the forming of the Clan of the Rose.



It isn't often that a vampire would die, or die forever – if they're cautious to stay away from the sun – but one Kindred was forever taken away from us that otherwise lovely month. His name was †Pazuzu. Lord RavenBlack was petitioned to create a graveyard to place his remains. It is located at Larch and 50th, right next to Euterpe Station. It is guarded by the NightWatch City police, and it is considered a great offense to attack any Kindred there. Be it through biting, scrolling, showering, or even verbal offense. It is, however, considered an act of cowardice to go there seeking safety if you're fighting someone.

The other unhappy event in the City – presumably having taken place even before the building of the Graveyard, yet still in early April – was the fact that †Battilion left Clan Capadocious. A dire separation for the Prince of the City, I would expect.



Around that time, it is rumored that †Sodakk became one of the first vampires in the city to gain all the available powers. †Capadocious, †Archangel and others made the same claim.


  • The first vampire slave auction was held at RBB.
  • †Capadocious summoned the houses of his former clan, seeking to unite them under the banner of The Dynasty. Many of them flocked to his call; some clan heads resisted, †BloodSpawn from the CoB in particular. Even after their questionable and arguable victory over †RavenBlack, it seemed that the extent of †Capadocius' reach was far greater than †BloodSpawn expected and the CoB members abandoned their leader and returned to †Capadocius' embrace. †BloodSpawn, for his insolence, was denied membership.
  • Some in the vampiric population rejected the notion of a "Prince of the City", and claimed that †Capadocious was left with only a self-imposed title, rather than one backed by democratic process, citing polling results showed that just 27 percent of voters wanted to see Cap as their new leader, and over 50 percent said that nobody should be Prince of the City at all. Those polls were taken after the election was over and after Capadocous all but disbanded his clan.
  • †Dirktou betrayed †Pandemona and stole her clan from her. The majority of Clan Ellende was taken and brought to join the newly-formed superalliance known as The Dynasty.
  • †Capadocious strengthened his new regime with the now-legendary phrase "Join or Die." Many clans did just that, as if they did not join to the banner of The Dynasty, they were destroyed. Many of the old Clan Capadocious members returned to the powerful leader and also joined The Dynasty.
  • Blackhaven and The Ferrymen declared war on each other.
  • †Capadocious laid down a challenge to the clans within the hall of RBB: if he was not wanted as Prince of the City, who then would have the title in his place? A poll was opened, and eventually won (once again) by †Capadocious, who remained the dubiously titled "Prince of The City."
  • †Mooncalf returned, resurrected from what was thought to be death by his arch enemy (and Brother) †Capadocious. He visited the grave of Mooncalf at Gloom and 30th and poured his blood on the bones of his nemesis. It was said that an agreement was made between †Capadocious and the shade of †Mooncalf, that if †Capadocius returned him to life, †Mooncalf would join The Dynasty. †Mooncalf was promised his own clan within The Dynasty, and in return offered an inventive new way of enforcing the "Join or Die" regime. The idea was to attack and hound the friends and family of non-members until they agreed to join The Dynasty.
  • Clan Archangel was formed. Note that the founder of Clan Archangel was not †Archangel himself; The founder of the clan was a vampire named †Tartufo. †Archangel saw Tartufo's ad in the VNN one night and saw an ad for a clan with his name. Appalled to find that it was being run into the ground, he joined, and †Archangel began building the clan, and eventually overthrew †Tartufo. At that time †Archangel was not yet a member.
  • †Archangel creates the ClanAA-ThieveryMap
  • With the Scions less active, the City Watch (aka, The languishing NightWatch) finally swings into full gear, its primary job to guard the neutral-zoned graveyard from disrespectful acts. Because the Scions of Thanatos stopped getting involved in City dealings, was a major factor in the growth and permanent establishment the NightWatch - almost nobody was left to be a group of "protectors" of honor. Several Scions in fact joined the NightWatch, giving it the manpower it needed to be effective. Prior to this, the Nightwatch nearly disbanded several times.
  • †Capadocious asked his political attackers who they would have as prince, if not him. A poll was opened once more at the RBB and †Capadocious was voted prince, again.
  • Clan Archangel was quietly running a massive recruitment campaign. †Tartufo wanted to brag to the city about their size, but †Archangel urged stealth, lest they be crushed as a threat. Clan Archangel was growing quickly, but the warriors were almost completely untrained.
  • The Dynasty attacked The Empire and crippled it heavily, and the 100th issue of the old VNN was there to cover the story.
  • †Archangel, backed unanymously by the other officers in Clan Archangel, overthrew †Tartufo who was taking all of the glory and doing none of the work. †Archangel's coronation produced the most massive display of posting ever on the RBB. Clan Archangel arrived on the scene as an unknown clan, already 100 members strong, the third largest clan of the day.






  • December 7 - †Archangel created the remaining nine NightWatch Transit Guards. Their function was to help those in need and to educate newcomers to the city.
  • December 11 - There were now four pawn shops in the city. They behaved the same as other shops, but they didn't sell things. Instead you could sell them your old objects that you no longer wanted - at a loss, of course.
  • †Vukodlac arrived in RavenBlack City.


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