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A Barman or bartender is a friendly Non-Player Character. They each run one of the pubs in RavenBlack City. A Barman is by far the most talkative of all NPC:s. He provides information, gossip and small talk to each vampire who comes and buys a drink at his pub.


Getting information

The way of interacting with the Barman is to buy a drink at his pub. Each time you do, the Barman will tell you something. It may be:

  • small talk
  • a rumour
  • current location of the closest shop
  • current location of a random guild

The more expensive drink you buy, the more inclined the Barman is to give you a useful piece of information (i.e. a guild or shop location). Consequently, Beer (1 coin) practically only leads to small talk, while buying Blood (100 coins) has a good chance of giving you a location.

Vampires listening to the Barman provide most of the information you find at

Role in quests

The Barman plays an important part in several quests:

These quests both have restrictions, and if those are not followed the Barman sometimes points out the mistake.

Barman phrases


The Barman has quite a wide repertoire of phrases. The message always starts with (assuming Blood is your drink of choice):

You drink the Blood.

Small talk

  • The barman says "Do you want another?"
  • The barman says "Don't tell anyone you found a secret door - otherwise it isn't secret any more."
  • The barman says "Horrible what the government is doing, isn't it?"
  • The barman says "I ate loads of garlic last night, from fear of vampires... and my wife ran away."
  • The barman says "I read this great book the other day."
  • The barman says "I wish I had something interesting to tell you."
  • The barman says "I've heard tell there are vampires at large in the city."
  • The barman says "It's said that cheap drinks do little to loosen tongues."
  • The barman says "Nice night, isn't it?"
  • The barman says "That bloody magic shop was next door the other day."
  • The barman says "That's a lovely cape you have."
  • The barman says "You're awfully pale. Are you feeling alright?"
  • The barman says "I hear that book I like is now available much more cheaply as an ebook."


A rumour can be this (the name is determined by the game itself):

  • The barman says "I've heard some bloodsucker named (vampire name) is one of the richest in town."

There are also rumours that indivudual players have paid Raven Black to include in the game, for example:

  • The barman says "Did you know that torch gave Boomerangele 100 Gold Dawn to Dusk Tulips when she became a Blood Deity?"

See more below.

Shop location

For example:

  • The barman says "The closest shop to here is Sparks, right by Ferret and 59th. I do wish those damn magic shops would stay still for a while."

Guild location

For example:

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Past and Current Paid Rumors

  • The barman says "I hear you can now place memorial items like flowers and candles on tombstones in the Graveyard. I think the candles can be purchased from Larch and 51st, just south of the Graveyard."
  • The barman says "Did you hear †Jauk is back? She's like half vampire, half zombie now. Meh, You probably didn't hear. Nobody actually cares, she just pays me to ask people and build interest."
  • The barman says "Pssst.... Pssst! Did you hear? No?! †Lass Drake has been taken, held and tortured by the Legacy. Was it the war? Was it misguided love? If you find out - do let me know!"
  • The barman says "Pssst. Rumor has it †Liz Summers and †Seyda have been plotting to overthrow †nitenurse and make Liz the leader of RoR. Man, nitenurse must be losing the plot...and after all that time, too..."
  • The barman says "So did you hear about that fox, †Seth Lomax? I heard he has this new stalker-girl. the one with the batty tattoo on her belly? I heard that she dropped a fork at dinner, bent over, and no one saw her again for like days."
  • The barman says "Did you know, †Brom Narum is celebrating his third year here in the city? I wonder what madness he and his family are up to inside Insanity to celebrate."
  • The barman says "I hear they have live DJs at the Dragon's Lair Club - maybe you should check it out!"
  • The barman says "I just overheard that the great warrior †Lord Galamushi is building something besides his ego. This time it will bring bloodshed and new growth to the city unlike anything that has been seen before. Remember that you did not hear this from me."
  • The barman says "I was walking home from the pub last night and just happened to peek into †Lord Galamushi Mansion. Inside he had his wife, †Samantha Dawn bound and gagged. Either they're still really kinky after 3 years or she talks too much and he's punishing her."
  • The barman says "Have you heard? February marks the 8th year of †Serena Moon's arrival in the city. It seems just like yesterday that the fledgling vampire threw her first holy water at †road_wytch."
  • The barman says "Love is a crazy thing. It's for crazy people. I guess that's why †Damacus and †-Tatyn- are doing it so well. I heard they're celebrating one year on the ninth of February."
  • The barman says "Have you heard that †Cliff Burton took over the pub "The Moon over Orion" and now puts on a show where he strips and plays the bass guitar? You should see his site, There you can learn everything about the city.
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