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..he found me with you, and he cut his wrist and fed you from it and you were a vampire.


As a new vampire in RavenBlack city the only way to get started is by biting; most commonly known as drinking blood. You can drink from both vampires and humans by simply landing on the space they occupy and clicking 'drink'.

Biting Vampires

Drinking from a vampire will give you one pint of blood and two pints once you've acquired the power of suction. No matter how many action points you have; vampires can only be drunk from once, until they move. Other vampires can also drink from the same victim once and those with less then three pints of blood cannot be drunk from.

Example drink Messages:
You drained 2 pints of blood from 'vampire name'
You can't attack 'vampire name' again until they have moved.

Biting Humans

Humans will give you one to three pints of blood and up to four pints to a vampire with suction. Unlike vampires, you can acquire a random amount of coin from humans and once bitten they will disappear; thus killing them.

Example drink message:
You drink the human's blood. You extracted 3 pints of blood. You also found 2 coins.
You drink the human's blood. You extracted 4 pints of blood.

Biting Habits

Vampires can acquire a significant amount of blood by drinking daily. Some clans or families have rules regarding biting habits or techniques. For example, they may shun biting fellow clan members, while other clans see it as a means of saying "hello!"

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