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Biter link refers to the internet link that brings new players into the game, while making the new vampire a childe of an existing player's vampire.


The basic game link

It is fully possible to get into the game via a basic link to it:

An already registered vampire is prompted to log in.

A fresh player gets the opportunity to start the game as a Master Vampire.

The biter link

However, often you are brought to the game by another player, via his or her biter link (notice the trailing biter argument):

An already registered vampire gets a bite message (without in-game effects), and is prompted to log in.

A fresh player gets the opportunity to start as a childe, with the biter (in this case †cliffburton) as sire. If a new player creates a vampire, the biter gains +10 pints of blood. This gain is sometimes referred to as black blood. There are anti-cheating mechanisms in place that may cancel the black blood bonus, for example if the childe and sire share the same IP address.


For roleplaying purposes, the biter link provides the new vampire with a family tree, while the biter gains prestige with every new childe. The black blood bonus can be seen as both a token of rising influence and as an incentive to recruit new players.

Opting out

It is important to note that actual use of the biter link is optional. A new player can easily choose to cut out the biter argument from the browser address field, and become a Master Vampire instead.

Players who do not desire any more childer for their vampire can choose to disable their biter link at any time. This is done on the My Vampire page.


  • The biter link dates back to the earliest versions of the game, before the street grid existed.
  • The option to disable one's biter link was introduced 10 November 2007.
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