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Blood measured in pints (also referred to as Blood Pints, Blood Points or simply BP) is the figurative life-force of a vampire. The more blood drunk, the stronger the vampire and the higher is his or her status.



BP is always a positive number, or zero. If brought down to zero BP, nothing can hurt you further. Besides being a source of player prestige, the current BP of a vampire has the following effects:


Blood directly determines the rank of a vampire, from Fresh Corpse to Blood Deity. This is always visible below the game screen.

Maximum Action Points (AP)

Blood affects the maximum Action Points the vampire can accumulate (together with Stamina).

Ability to use items

Items require a certain minimum BP to use them.[1] A vampire with lower BP is either too unexperienced or too weakened to do so. Reducing armed opponents' BP below these thresholds is what can incapacitate them in a fight.


For vampires wearing a Battle Cloak, BP determine when he or she is in Torpor.

Gaining and losing blood

Blood can be gained from biting Humans, vampire hunters and vampires. One can also buy blood to drink at pubs.

Blood can be lost due to weapon attacks, vampire hunter encounters, and other vampires biting you.

Blood is also used (lost) in certain quests, especially the Stamina Quests.

Re-gaining blood

Loss of blood can be healed by visiting a Necromancer. A Blood Potion can be used to similar effect.

Roleplaying concept

Some players consider BP to equal Health Points, meaning if a vampire is "zeroed" they are considered "dead". However, vampire characters can "die" only by being Deleted For Inactivity, Deleted For Cheating, or going Dead and Buried. It is up to the player's playing philosophy whether or not they will stop playing the character if they reach zero BP.


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