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Rank is an in-game title that each vampire has. It is based entirely on how many pints of blood he or she has currently drunk. Rank in itself has no in-game effects, but it is important in roleplaying and is potentially prestigous for the player.

You can always see your vampire's current rank below the game view, as well as the BP needed to reach the next rank.


Rank levels

Rank name pints of blood
Fresh Corpse 0
Mosquito 1—4
Leech 5—9
Bloodsucker 10—19
Creature of the Night 20—49
Demon of Starlight 50—99
Aspirant Elder 100—499
Local Legend 500—999
Elder 1000—2499
Ancient 2500—4999
Legendary 5000—9999
Supreme Vampire 10000—16999
Ruler of the Night 17000—24999
Blood Royal 25000—39999
Blood Daemon 40000—99999
Blood Deity 100000+



Rank is based on the current BP (not historical maximum), meaning rank can change both upwards and downwards. Blood points can increase from biting and drinking blood, and decrease from certain quests, weapon attacks, and other's biting.



September, 2003: Raven Black changes the title (10th Blood Rank) of "Count" to Ancient, in order to keep the titles androgynous.

Blood God

Until August 2006, the highest rank was "Blood God" with 40,000 blood pints. It is now Blood Deity with 100,000 pints.


BloodDrop.jpgRank I: Fresh Corpse
This vampire has drunk
at least 0 pints of blood.

The vampbox {{Blood Rank}} (example shown to the right) can be used on your character page to show his or her current rank.


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