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Flowers are a category of items. Unlike other items, flowers are perishable, meaning they can only be kept a few weeks after purchase. Some flowers are available as non-specialties, while others are rarities. Flowers can be given as gifts to other vampires, or be placed on a grave.


Shops sell the flowers in their most fresh condition, usually "Perfect". With time, a flower's quality gradually turns worse. The name, description and pawn shop price will deteriorate one step at each weekend (Sunday 00:00 UTC). Eventually the flower disappears from your inventory.

The name of a flower shows its current quality, for example Perfect Dandelion. The general format is:

<quality> <flower name>

Age Name adjectives
0 weeks Perfect/Gold <flower name>
1 week (nothing)/Peach <flower name>
2 weeks Wilted/Wilting/Fading/Violet <flower name>
3 weeks Dead/(colourless)/Wilted/Black <flower name>

By the fourth weekend, the item disappears from your inventory.

Cold storage

While stored in a Safety Deposit Box, a flower's quality will be frozen.


All flowers can be given to other vampires as a gift, or placed on a tombstone at a grave.

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