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Weapons are items that vampires may use against other vampires, primarily in order to harm them. The harm done consists of a BP loss for the attacked victim.

Weapons are generally one-use-only, meaning the weapon disappears when used.


Weapon types

Damage of weapons often depends on target blood pints, making different weapon choices optimal.

There are several weapons, and all have their optimal niche:

Also, there is:

Optimal choice?

This table gives a brief illustration of how the battle economics of different weapons can depend on target strength:

Weapon Regular cost Target strength Damage coins/damage
Scroll of Turning 500 coins any 10 BP* 50*
Garlic Spray 1,000 coins any 25—50 BP 20—40
UV Grenade 5,000 coins any 100—150 BP 33—50
Vial of Holy Water 2,000 coins 500 BP 42 BP 48
Vial of Holy Water 2,000 coins 1,000 BP 63 BP 32
Vial of Holy Water 2,000 coins 2,000 BP 96 BP 21
Vial of Holy Water 2,000 coins 4,000 BP 145 BP 14
Wooden Stake 4,000 coins 50 BP 50 BP 80
Wooden Stake 4,000 coins 100 BP 100 BP 40
Wooden Stake 4,000 coins 200 BP 200 BP 20

*: May affect multiple targets, may be resisted

Where to get

Weapons are available in different shops depending on type, but Magic Shops offer them all.

Weapons and Neutrality

A vampire with the power of Neutrality cannot use weapons, and any weapon attacks harm him or her less. Scroll of Turning may be used, but will not cause BP loss.

Weapons and Battle Cloak

A vampire wearing a Battle Cloak may use weapons on other cloaked vampires only.

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