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Character pages directly in this category will eventually be moved to subcategories based on content and author. This will become a meta-category.

Character can refer to any person within a game or story, but in roleplaying parlance it often refers specifically to a Player Character (PC). The character is the player's game-piece, and in Vampires! The Dark Alleyway your character is a vampire.


Character distinctions

There are other types of characters than Player Characters. The following distinctions can be made:

Player Character (PC)

Player Character is what Character refers to if not specified otherwise. Technically every game character is considered a vampire, but many players choose to roleplay their character as being a demon, werewolf or even a human instead.

In this wiki, all Player Characters' names and pages get a dagger prefix, for example †cliffburton. The purposes of this are:

  • to signify that cliffburton is the name of an in-game Player Character
  • to let the †cliffburton page title be spelled correctly (the wiki otherwise forces the title's initial letter to uppercase)

Adding depth

Players are free to add character to their character, in the sense of describing them beyond the limits of the game. The character is given life by story-telling, and in this way your vampire character is much the same as a character in any novel.

When a player starts a new vampire character, the creative process sits somewhere on a spectrum between designing a fleshed-out background and creating a skeleton to ‘discover’ the character over time.

Even if a player lets his character develop, usually he has some sort of concept in mind, be it nebulous or detailed. Sometimes that comes from some other famous character or person, or what seems to fit the style that the player wants to use, or from the player himself.

Much like in writing, the overall process likely varies tremendously from player to player (and even from character to character). Sharing our approaches can lead to more interesting, deeper characters and greater immersion.

Player Supporting Character (PSC)

Some players enjoy playing more than one character. These may each be independent PC:s of the own, but sometimes an additional character is less independent and primarily exists to enhance the main character in one way or the other. Using multiple vampires as a team in-game is called cloning and is prohibited, but extra vampires for purely roleplaying purposes are ok. It may be referred to as a sidekick, partner, pet, assistant, slave or servant to the main character. In drama these are called "supporting characters". The term Player Supporting Character is used here to be clear about who plays them.

In this wiki, all Player Supporting Characters' names and pages get a double dagger prefix, for example ††Fuzzybug.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

A Non-Player Character is, as the term suggests, a character that isn't controlled by a player. Instead it is run by the game system (or game master in the case of pen-and-paper games). From the definition follows that every person in the game world, apart from the player-controlled characters, are NPC:s.

Adding a character to this list

Use the subcategory templates listed below.

Include {{catc}} on your character page, preferably at the bottom. {{ccat}} works too.

The benefit of using {{catc}} instead of [[Category:Characters]] is that your page will be sorted (case-insensitive) by your vampire name (rather than by †).

See Example Character Page how to create your own Character Page.

Character subcategories

Place character pages in one of the following subcategories, based on content and author. Just use one of the templates listed below.

The following table helps you categorize a character page.

Subcategory More than basic info Exists in-game Written by the player
Second-sighted characters No Yes (No)
Portrayed characters Yes Yes No
Player-written characters Yes Yes Yes
Deleted characters Yes No longer Maybe
Imaginary characters Yes Never did (Yes)

More than basic info: Basic info is second-sightable. More means in-game history (like past relationships), clan activity, personality, and/or an image.

Exists in-game: Can be second-sighted.

Written by the player: The player behind the character has provided some or all non-basic info (creative control).

Second-sighted characters

Template to use: {{CharacterSecondsighted}}

Character pages in this category contain only information that can be obtained in-game using second-sight. This means it is objective and verifiable.

Drawbacks from a wiki point of view are the limited scope and the total lack of historic info. Second-sighted is the least-effort level, and can be treated as a form of stub.

"Second-sighted" articles are by no means ideal. When creating a new character page, try to provide it with more interesting info right from the start.

Portrayed characters

Template to use: {{CharacterPortrayal}}

Character pages in this category contain more information than what can be second-sighted. Typically this include mentions and links to any clan or lair. Historic information like time of creation, former relationships et cetera are valuable. This information is still objective, but not always verifiable. Sources can be the actual player, your own or other players' recollections, or online forum posts.

Character portrayals may contain more subjective, character-centric accounts of historic interaction (fights for example) that borders roleplaying. Respect towards the player is key. Don't edit the description of another player's character merely to make your own vampire a star.

Player-written characters

Template to use: {{CharacterPlayerwritten}} or {{CharacterPlayerwrittenSmall}}

Character pages written by the player are subject to special guidelines. Apart from the "hard facts" (second-sight info), most things about a character is for the player to decide on and create. A consequence is that player-written character pages can become personal pieces of art more than wiki articles per se.

The character description is from the primary source and thus cannot be wrong. Other users should refrain from making any major changes to the content. However, player respect is key when including mentions of other players' characters. Seek player agreement in the description of roleplayed events.

Imaginary characters

Waxing moon.png This section is missing a chunk of information.
Please help us to improve it by filling in the gaps.

Imaginary characters do not exist in-game, but are described on the wiki as part of a "real" character's story.

Supporting characters

This definition becomes highly subjective; to be made a vampbox-driven Crowd-category instead ("Sidekicks").

Supporting characters exist in-game, but like imaginary characters they only serve as a part of some main character's story.

Deleted characters

Template to use: {{CharacterDeleted}}

Character pages in this category contain historic information about vampires that no longer exist in-game.

Non-player characters

Non-player characters are merely game components — "people" presented and controlled by the game itself.


These numbers measure current progress in the ongoing categorization project.

Subcategory Pages
Second-sighted characters 403
Portrayed characters 288
Player-written characters 146
Imaginary characters 2
Supporting characters 2
Deleted characters 40
Non-player characters 5
Character Stubs * 535
Characters * 746

*) to be re-categorized

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Pages in category "Characters"

The following 193 pages are in this category, out of 739 total.



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