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City dimensions

The city is made up of 40,000 squares (200x200), with 100 streets crossed by 100 streets. The streets are vertically numbered and horizontally named (in two sets of A-Z) in numerical and alphabetical order; the first half are trees and animals, the second half are minerals and malaise. This, for obvious reasons, makes navigation quite easy.

The actual dimensions of the city, for example measured in miles, are ambiguous because there is no official definition for the city's black squares, i.e. buildings: they might be single structures or even blocks of buildings, meaning in the latter case that, for example, a bank square would simply mean the block in which the bank is located and not excluding different buildings also on the same block. The visualisation of the city is potentially different to each and every player or player community.


The city has an extremely even structure. It is bordered by impassable "limits" (indicated as blue squares). Beginning from the northwest corner of the city, every other square from west to east (left to right) and from north to south (up to down) is a building square (black by default), and every other square is a street square (grey). Street intersections (green), which function as coordinate points on the game's map, are named by the crossing streets. Virtual map.


(Excerpted from Hapax's text)[citation needed]

In The Beginning There Were Zombies

Sometime in the middle of 2002, meme addicts on LiveJournal acquired a new way to measure their popularity, and which had the added bonus of involving legions of flesh-eating zombies.

Kevan Davis had created a tiny game -- it scarcely qualifies as a game, really -- which basically involved persuading one's friends to click on a referral link. If they did, they would find themselves at a site announcing that they had just had their brain eaten. The original zombie could check back and see how many brains she had managed to eat since signing up. Of course, the person thus bitten could go on to get other friends to have their brains eaten.

What Happens When Zombies Get Sentient

Raven Black, a friend of Kevan's, picked up on the idea and created a vampire game that was very similar to the original zombie version. At first, there was no more to it than getting your friends to be "bitten" by you, and then to "bite" their friends in turn. It's the sort of thing that sells like hotcakes in Livejournal, since LJers love coming up with artificial ways to count the number of people who read their posts and click on random links.

By the end of 2002, RavenBlack had, uh, revamped his game completely. Rather than a simple biter-link followed by an equally simple bitten-link, he created a grid that your vampire could move around in.

Timeline of events


  • January 19th - The Thieves Guild is implemented.
  • January 24th - Celerity and Stamina become levelled powers.
  • February 12th - Suction now gives an extra blood when drinking humans, as well as when drinking vampires.
  • February 15th - Surprise power now exists - it enables one to enter an overcrowded square (so long as it's not *too* overcrowded).
  • February 21st - Immolators Guilds is implemented, making the Stamina power available.
  • March 24th - Empaths Guilds is implemented, making Surprise and Locate powers available. They're another mobile secret guild, what with their lessons only working for people who can afford to spill the entire blood-content of a mortal in one go. Humans don't look too kindly on this sort of 'cult'.
  • April 12th - Extra Stamina effect: Stamina now has the additional effect of offering some protection from Scrolls of Turning. Chance of resisting the effect increases with each level of Stamina (never to 100%). It has no effect on Holy Water.
  • May 1st - The Immolators Guilds are now able to teach vampires how to get the power of Suction.
  • May 27th - Travellers Guilds are implemented, making it possible to get Celerity in the city.
  • August 3rd - Peacekeepers Missions are introduced.


  • February 16th - Travellers Guilds are able to teach the 3 levels of Telepathy.
  • October 25th - The power of Charisma is available at the newly introduced Allurists Guilds.


  • April 2nd - Perception becomes available from the Allurists Guilds.


  • January 24th - Peacekeepers Missions now offer BattleCloaks.
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